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The Many Husbands of Erica Kane

Updated on June 10, 2011

Soap Opera's Queen

Erica Kane is a fictional character played by Susan Lucci on the soap opera “All My Children.” This soap opera has been on the air since 1970 and Erica is the only original cast member that has stood the test of time. Erica started her role as a young teenager and along the way she grew up, as she aged and developed so did her personal life, because she grew to developed a montage of husbands. To be precise Erica was married 11 times and had a total of 8 husbands, three of her husbands she married twice.

Erica is a man magnet, and she has slept her way through Pine Valley's wealthy and influential men. Erica is a force to be reckoned with, she’s considered a diva, she’s fond of making this comment “I am Erica Kane.” Erica is a very confident and strong will woman yet she’s very vulnerable and insecure at the same time, due to daddy abandonment issues. Erica’s life over the years has been very tumultuous to say the lease, and she has overcome every obstacles a long the way emerging victorious every time.

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Susan Lucci and her counterpart Erica Kane is considered to be the most popular TV soap opera star in the history of daytime TV. She was nominated for Daytime Emmy Nomination every year from 1978-1998 for outstanding lead actress in a drama series and never won, she finally won an Emmy in 1999. Susan winning the Emmy was a big production, and it will be forever remembered because she received one of the longest standing ovations which was over four minute long.

Susun Lucci has really made her character Erica Kane come alive and shine; she’s a beautiful temptress, sassy, sexy, alluring, confident, sophisticated, and fashionable. Erica has evolved over the years, she has played a diverse amount of roles and she’s the center of her own universe. She’s selfish and manipulative but men seem to dote on her, she has had multiple marriages, divorces, and affairs – lovers, the list is too extensive to list. Erica Kane is the opposite of her counter part Susan Lucci.

Susan is petite and beautiful as her character but apart from that she is the complete opposite of her counter part Erica Kane when it comes to relationships, commitments, and loyalty.


The real woman

Susan Lucci has been married in real life for 40years to the same man, his name is Helmut Huber an Austrian businessman. They were married on September 13, 1969 and they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Erica Kane on the other hand has commitment issues and cannot keep a relationship for long, she changes husband as one changes clothes.

Susan brought her knowledge and business expertise and incorporated it into her character Erica. Susan is very charismatic and very personable, with a big winning smile to match, and she attracts large audiences with her stage presence.

Susan is an entrepreneur, a savvy business woman who has several line of business such as her famous skin care collection known as Youthful Essence. Her own fragrance line call LaLucci, which is available in Wal-Mart stores at reasonable prices. She also have a line of jewelry which she sell on QVC, Home Shopping Network. All her business ventures are very successful and lucrative.

Erica & Jeff
Erica & Jeff
Erica & Tom
Erica & Tom
Adam & Erica
Adam & Erica
Mike Roy
Mike Roy
Travis & Erica
Travis & Erica
Dimitri & Erica
Dimitri & Erica
Jackson & Erica
Jackson & Erica
Nick Davis
Nick Davis
Erica & all her husbands on Ophra
Erica & all her husbands on Ophra

Erica's Husbands

Here is a list of Erica’s husbands on the show.

Jeff Martin

This was her first husband played by Charles Frank, they were married in 1971.

Phillip Brent

This is her second husband and they were married in 1976.

Tom Cudahy

This is her third husband, as of 1981.

Adam Chandler, fourth husband in 1984

Mike Roy, in 1987 briefly, their marriage was considered invalid.

Travis Montgomery, married twice in 1988 & again in 1991.

Adam Chandler, remarried in 1993.

Dimitri Marick, married twice in 1994 & 1996.

Jackson Montgomery, married in May 2005, and divorced in 2007, and currently engaged to remarry in 2011.

These are all Erica’s conquest and they are quite exquisite, if I do say so.

Of all the men Erica loved, married, and had affairs with, there was one particular man that she could not manipulate, and did not get her way with; this man was Nick Davis, played by Larry Keith (now deceased in real life.)

Nick was the only man that stood up to her and matched her toe to toe. Erica and Nick were lovers but he was more of a father figure to her than a husband figure, she had a love hate relationship going on with him.

Nick was an older man and a very good friend of Erica’s mother, whom she set her site on and turned to him for comfort. Erica and Nick were lovers but he was more of a father figure to her than a husband figure. She had a love hate relationship going on with him. Erica met her match in Nick Davis, he was the only man in her life that stood up to her and that made for a very volatile relationship.

Erica’s True Love

The one true love for Erica is Jackson Montgomery, because he accepted and loved her deeply for herself and never tried to change her. Jack is very physical, charming, romantic, sexy, funny, and he loves deeply and completely, this was what was endearing to Erica.

No other man compliments Erica like Jackson Montgomery; they are the super couple of AMC. Erica and Jack have so much chemistry between them that it erupts when they are in the room together. Jack is a very sensual, passionate, and fun loving man and he knows how to handle Erica, he tends to bring out her playful side.

This particular storyline with Erica playing a French maid is one of my all time favorite because it was very sexy, funny, and romantic.

Erica surprised Jack in Paris by going to his hotel room wearing this very, very, very short maid uniform exposing a part of her tiny but firm rear-end. When Jack realizes that the maid was Erica he was in shock but trilled, he could not contain himself, he was taken off guard and he found her really sexy and appealing.

Erica played the role of a French maid just meeting Jack for the first time, and she pulled out all the stops on the seduction wagon. She spoke with a French accent while acting in a seductive manner, needless to say they both enjoy that role play because it ended up in bed, and the rest as they say is history. This is a great way to spice up any relationship, wouldn’t you say?

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    • jagandelight profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida


      I agree with you. Jack is my favorite of all.

    • Trsmd profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Of ALL of Erica Kane's husbands, I like Jack the best. He's the only one who continues to love her unconditionally. He's her rock.


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