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The Mask - Film Review

Updated on November 22, 2015


The film was originally based of a series of action adventure, comedy, fantasy and superhero comics by Dark Horse Comics. The film was directed by Chuck Russell and produced by Dark Horse Entertainment and New Line Cinema.

Jim Carrey plays the main Character Stanley Ipkiss and this part made him renowned as one of the top comedians of the era.

The Mask was also turned into an animated series in 1995 and ran two seasons as another version of the comics with The Mask voiced by Rob Paulson.

The Film

This film never gets old for me. I was a massive fan of The Mask as a kid and of the cartoon series voiced by Rob Paulson. The idea that a normal human being, being able to find a mask and becoming early indestructible and able to do anything and anything your heart desired, no matter how wild it was.

The animation and effects on this film for the time period are amazing! It is so seamlessly put together so even though you knew what you were seeing wasn't real you couldn't see where the animation started and where the live action started. They over exaggerated the expressions and the movements but you could still tell he was human the whole time and he was always in proportion to the rest of his body. So even though his actions were pushed to the extreme the film wasn't scary. There are sequences in Who Framed Roger Rabbit which was animated but it really was scary, creepy almost. This film has exactly the same type of effects but you just laugh or you join in there is something about this film which you can't stop yourself from doing it.


This film actually has a very small cast list but for me that's what makes it good. Because there is such a small list you get to know all about each character. They are all unique and you learn so much about each of them. Stanley Ipkiss our main character wants to have courage to stand up to people he works with, people who walk over him as well as having the courage to speak to woman. Stanley's friend Charlie likes to think he is a ladies man even though woman really are not interested. Tina who is the main female role, who is more the damsel in distress character but we find that she has never been happy with who she is and what she does, she wants a man who will look after her. We even get to know about the personality of the dog who is protective, loyal and loves to play and show affection.

Stanley is able to become a completely different character when wearing the mask. He is flirty and free, able to give people cheeky remarks and do the complete impossible. There is a shot where he has to face a large group of police men and woman which want to shoot him. So what does he do? Dance. He gets everyone moving but you also join in along with everyone on screen.


Jim Carrey was made for this role! His acting can be tight an neat but suddenly so over exaggerated he is like a completely different person. So playing roles like this where he has to seem to be the average Jo but turns into a confident individual works wonders for him. He got well known for this part as The Mask.

Who ever trained the dog in this film was also a genius. He has to do some complicated things and pulls the most adorable faces. When Milo gets to try the mask on its just a typical dog type reactions but yet again over exaggerated so its insanely funny, specially the cheeky grins and the Muttley laugh.

There is so many things I never released as a child when watching the film what some of the content was. For instance when blowing up balloon animals and toys he actually pulls out a condom. Or that in his dancing sequence with the police there is two prostitutes on the street corner. I wouldn't suddenly stop children watching this film just because of that because and innocent mind of a child don't understand at a young age what like these things are actually about. Plus even though they are seen on screen its not pushed or in your face or made excess fun out of. If it had been prolonged I think I would have turned it off as it would have just become sexist and boring to be fair. Luckily its nothing like that. Its just all pure comedy.


The location they picked was based off the comics but places like the dance club they seem to have gone to town on. For example they planned the whole layout so it seemed like the whole dancing and shooting scene was some big comical play.

The sound is always bouncy or in some cases curious as it leads you up to the more will Stanley do it or will he not moments. There is some good drama moments and the music always fits them so well right up until the end.

What can I say I love this film and always have done. The animated series was just as wonderful and still a must watch.

My rating 9 out of 10.

The Mask and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

The Movie Trailer


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    • Anitator profile image

      Anitator 4 years ago from England

      I know they can't leave a good thing alone. Carrey made that film was never the same without him.

    • Richard Perazzo profile image

      Richard Perazzo 4 years ago from Shirley, NY

      Classic film. It's a shame the second Mask film was terrible. Carrey should have came back.