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The Mendocino Film Festival: For Film and Art Enthusiasts

Updated on May 31, 2011

If you live in the Northern California area near the coast and the arts and films are one of your life’s passions, this article is for you!


The Mendocino Film Festival has been touted on the local radio station KZYX&Z lately because they will be kicking off the 6th Annual Mendocino Film Festival Party on Friday, June 3rd, at the Hill House Inn from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online.


The link for events, opportunities to volunteer, sponsor, etc. is here:


The festival was established in 2006. Mendocino is known for its simpler, outdoorsy, laid-back lifestyle. The community is politically active, artsy and creative, thus an excellent environment to summon filmmakers to gather once a year to focus on their craft and kinship.


Filmmakers from all over the country, even worldwide, have come to the festival with their short films, documentaries, and creative ideas in hand (and mind, as it were!)


In 2008, The Mendocino Film Festival came up with a new category for films – “Films for Our Future: Changing the World”, one film at a time. This category mirrors the environmental and social activism that is found within the Northern California coast area.


The second category, created at the inception of the Mendocino Film Festival – “Films on the Arts.” Mendocino has more artists, per capita, than any other California county. This grouping showcases the life and work of outstanding dancers, musicians and artists. Their lives are highlighted through the lenses of highly-acclaimed filmmakers.


On the MFF link listed above, you can also get the radio schedule for interviews from some of these talented and influential filmmakers. You can sign up to get a newsletter, trailers of some of the films shown on YouTube, and you can choose to follow them on Facebook from the link on their site. If you choose to sponsor them, there is an email address you can respond to. If you want to “be a friend” of the MFF, there is a webpage there where you can sign up to commit to contributing different amounts of support. These contributions allow special privileges, from getting free tickets to the Opening Party, to getting advanced tickets for any film before they are even offered to the public.


The wide variety of film topics is sure to engage the interests of people from all walks of life. Take a moment and browse the site. There’s sure to be something that intrigues you! For those of you that don’t live near the Northern California coast, but love films and the arts, it is definitely worth a visit!


The link again is:


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      Lene Lynn 6 years ago

      Hi stargazer4305, Well, I heard an interview about a documentary called "Trust" which is a true story about a girl that was an immigrant and all the abuse she endured when she came to America. You better hurry though because it starts at 3 pm today! Just go to their website and check it out! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my hub! Take good care! :)

    • stargazer4305 profile image

      stargazer4305 6 years ago from California

      Any recommendations for this year?