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The Minions are back

Updated on July 12, 2015

Minions, Comedy movie, 2015, kids film, family movie

My Summary: The short yellow adorable clueless creatures from Despicable Me are back to give their story of finding their master to serve. They have apparently been around for millions of years and...they search throughout the world to find their master. Only three are sent to find the master as the others stay behind. The three main characters are Bob, Kevin and Stewart and they go searching for a villain named Scarlett Overkill. Once they prove to her that they can serve her she demands they first capture the Queen of England's crown first.

The Good: Like I've mentioned in previous posts these characters were the main attraction to Despicable Me just like Puss in Boots was the main attraction to Shrek 2 (okay that movie was good regardless but still). So I'm glad the studios realized that and are giving us a film completely centered around them. Just hearing them talk is hilarious because you simply have no idea what they are saying. There are many jokes in the film which work and luckily they keep throwing more at you each time. So if you didn't laugh at one joke you would be thrown another jokes right afterwards and likely some of them will hit. I loved the energy of the film and how fast paced it was with the jokes. They never just hold onto one for too long like how some may. They just keep lining them up one after one not caring if you laugh or not. I appreciate that because many kids films when they have a joke they usually try to hold onto it for a certain period of time just so you would know it was supposed to be funny but not here. The film knows the story is not the most important part and highlights everything else that is like the Minions talking, the references to the 60s, and the animation. It is likely the adults will get the 60s references and the kids will enjoy the absurd behavior of the Minions.

The Bad: For kids this movie will entertain but for adults it is a hit or miss. If you like cutesy creatures you might get something out of it. But if the trailers don't interest you at all it might be best to still this one out. The story is outlandish as expected and the characters are silly but that is exactly what it should be. If you walk out of the film hating it, it will probably be because it wasn't for you. There are no surprises to be seen and the trailers for once actually do the movie justice.

The Verdict: Fun

Like I said this could be a family entertainment film for the whole family or a fun kids movie with the parents just waiting for it to end. My advice is if you're just going to see it for the Minions and you liked the trailers you'll get your money's worth because that is exactly what you'll get. I for one liked it because I knew what to expect and I had a good time. All the kids in the theater were laughing hysterically so I'd recommend this for any kid. Just don't expect an original or exciting story because after all we can't even understand them most of the time. But I found them cute, funny, unpredictable at times, and enjoyable to watch. See for yourself.


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