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The Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival Takes Place In Russia’s Capital

Updated on March 6, 2018

Applications are still accepted

Moscow Spring A Cappella International Open Music Competition for a cappella singers will take place in Russia’s capital from April 27 to May 9, 2018 as a part of the Moscow Seasons festival. For two weeks, Moscow residents and visitors will be enjoying performances by best singers and vocal bands from 15 countries. So far, the competition organizers received applications from Russia, USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Korea and India.

This spring, the whole city will become one large concert venue. Contestants will sing not only in the regular spots of the Moscow Seasons festivals, such as central streets and squares, but even on rooftops and from balconies.

Other than live gigs, guests will be offered best meals and drinks from Moscow caterers, a wide range of souvenirs, and family fun such as theater shows, singing and music workshops, open rehearsals, and many other activities. You’re welcome to enjoy all of these events and activities completely free of charge.

The Moscow Spring A Cappella competition brings together performers of the a cappella genre (singing without instrumental accompaniment). Contestants must be 18 and over (by the time of the competition), and have at least one-year singing experience. Performers will get a chance to sing for large audiences, and compete for quite a significant prize fund of almost $300,000 USD. Applications (in Russian or English) are invited now at the official project website, The deadline is March 15, 2018.

The first Moscow Spring A Cappella festival took place in spring of 2017. Out of 250 applications from 12 countries, 168 solo performers and vocal bands were selected for the main round of the competition. Contestants performed at festival venues every day. In total, the public enjoyed over 1,200 hours of live singing and around 8,000 songs.

A competent jury that included different celebrities, performers, musicians and producers from Russia and other countries, assessed each performance. Also, public voting was available online.


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