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Lil Wayne, The Game, And The Overrated Rappers In The Game

Updated on August 11, 2009

The Game

I don't understand the love this guy gets at all. He claims to be a blood but just about every rapper from Cali including his own brother says he never was one, he claims to have been in a coma and again his brother says he wasn't. He can't deny that he was on change of heart and got punked on live television, also he has been accused of being a stripper which the girl even talks about on change of heart. There's actually more because I've seen a picture of him online with blonde hair and a tongue ring but could not find it for this hub. Then there was the butterfly he had tattooed on his face which he had covered up with his new LA tattoo because everybody was making fun of him. Last but not least there was the interview where he was crying talking about "thats whay i don't even want to be in rap no more". If your going off of street cred and image this guy has none, if your going off music alone and this guy is anywhere near the top of your list, you must not listen to a lot of hip hop. Essentially I think this guy is nothing more than an attention whore who drops names more than any rapper in history.

Lil Wayne

Kind of like The Game in the sense that I don't see anybody thinking that he was ever a blood. Of the people on this list there are 3 guys I truly can't stand and that is The Game, Mike Jones, and Lil Wayne. However its Lil Wayne that gets on my nerves the most because people actually feed into his claims that hes the best rapper alive. Look I'll admit the beats he spits on are hot and some of the hooks he does are hot too but at least 80% of his punchlines are trash. Does he have some good ones, yes, but usually I can't even bring myself to enjoy the good ones because he spit so many bad ones that he made my IQ drop ten points. To me hes right there with Lloyd Banks, for every good line there are just as many bad ones and as a matter of fact......


"I play fair like roller coasters and clowns"

"I gets all in your head just like shampoo"

"I'll turn you on like my personal tv"

"i get in her mouth like poledent"

"i'm leanin like a three legged lion"

"it's going down like down goes frazier"

"like ranch i dip"

"I'm rare Like Mr.Clean with hair"

"Just like a refund, I make her bring that ass back, And she bring that ass back because I like that."

Any questions because trust me, THERE ARE MORE!

Who's Overrated? Mike Jones

The people that like Mike Jones just like the beats and hooks, that has to be what it is because other than that there really isn't anything else you can possibly like about him. I was introduced to Mike Jones and Chamillionaire at the same time because somebody told me they were both good. I listened to Mike Jones first and thought he was so garbage I almost didn't even give Chamillionaire's music a chance because I thought the person who told me about them was on crack. I did give Cham a chance though and hes now become on of my favorite artists while the more stuff I hear from Mike Jones the more garbage I think he is. If anything Mike Jones is probably the biggest hustler in the game, he takes 8 bars and replays it over and over again to make a whole song. He probably wrote his whole first album in a single day.

Banks Is A Sure Thing Ya'll Niggas Might Blow?

Yeah, not so much. Sure Lloyd Banks will hit you with some hot punchlines, hot verses, and even hot songs but he'll also hit you with some of the worst punchlines, verses, and songs you've ever heard. People bill him as one of the best lyricists in the game which is why he lands on this list because he isn't even a consistently good rapper.

Overrated Right Thurr

Nelly is another one of those pop rappers, he isn't lyrically amazing, and he can't really sing all that well. I'm willing to bet that 70% of his fan base are female and the other 30% I'm still not sure about, gay maybe? You really can't defend the guy because as soon as he put out Right Thurr he became a gimmick rapper. Then cemented how trash he is in my mind when he thought beefing with KRS-One was a good idea.

that was a nice try nelly, i dont mean to be bold
but that put that "hot in hurr" bullshit on hold
and lets get down to the facts of the matter
in a dictionary, under "wack rap" you the rapper
simply cause youre lackin the spectacular binocular
and hiphops character seems to be in back of ya
either that, or you're truly amateur, im askin ya
how does it feel to have the whole world laughin at ya
you just too stupid to see
i was made on the streets, you was made on M-T-V   - KRS-One


A less talented Nelly

Officer Ricky

Well he used to be a mediocre rapper who people thought was a dope dealer. Turns out he is a mediocre rapper who talks about drug dealing but actually used to be a cop. He isn't even a platinum selling artist but for people to say that this guy is running florida is an insult. I hope the Bawse keeps running his mouth because 50 cent murdered him so what does he think Eminem is going to do to him?

Overrated Crack!

Cuban Link says he beat up Fat Joe, Fat Joe denies it, Papoose says he beat up Fat Joe, Fat Joe denies it, you know sooner or later these things add up. Looking at Fat Joe, I seriously doubt he would move out of the way in time. I love how people try to justify his crappy lyrics by saying that he is one of the realest street dudes their are yet theres a new report every week about him getting punked. He can't rap, hes fat, and hes not street, get over it Big Pun isn't around for him to latch onto anymore.

Dats Right Your Overrated

I sell crack, I sell crack, I sell crack, and did I mention I sell crack. How is it that Young Jezzy has apparently sold the most crack in the United States in history but nobody noticed? What was that thing Jay-Z used to say oh yeah "We don't believe you, you need more people". If I were making a list of the top artists out of the south I can think of about five guys I'd put infront of Jeezy and thats just off the top of my head, if I made a top ten he probably wouldn't even make it.

The Future Of Overrated

Just like with Lil Wayne, way to many people are believing the hype around this guy. What everybody needs to do is take a step back and stop letting other people tell you who is hot and just listen for yourself. If you do that and you still think Plies is the future of hip hop then you probably should just go buy the albums of every artist on this list because you like overrated rappers. His lyrics are simple, he isn't deep like some people claim, and he can't even rhyme to the beat that well.

Back in then day Mobb Deep could hold their own but a long time has passed since Drop A Gem and Shook Ones. Even the newer Mobb Deep songs I do like are plagued with mediocre lyrics mostly from Prodigy but Havoc has his fair share. Anybody who is expecting anything hot out of Mobb Deep these days needs to look elsewhere and the infamous ones just need to hang it up.

Crank Dat Overrated

Can Soulja Boy even call himself a rapper? Honestly Soulja Boy doesn't even qualify to me, on behalf of hip hop I'm oficcially requesting that his albums be placed right in the center of the pop section and if he has a problem with that stick them in the techno section right beside Moby. The only reason anybody even knows who this guy is, is because the radio stations turned his garbage single into hot garbage by playing it every five minutes. Then he followed Crank Dat up with "Yaah Trick" which is funny but shouldn't even count as any kind of music at all, its just him screaming for a few minutes. If you like Soulja Boy then honestly you don't like hip hop.

Overrated Ballin

Not only is Jim Jones overrated but the whole label is. I honestly think the only person I even bother listening to is Hell Rell but I'm not saying that he is one of the best in the game either but I do think he's better than Jones.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Good list, i agree with fat joe and the Game. Fat joe has been here for a long time , and its time for his fatass to be evicted from the game for good and let up and coming rappers shine. As for Game, well when i was younger I use to think that the rappers with the best flows were or had to be the realest motherf---ers to ever step on earth, But now as a men Im starting to realize, that yeah some rappers can spit, but that doesnt take away from Game being a phoney, an attention hore, a stripper. Why every time I hear him on interviews or songs , he shouting out almost the whole rap industry, when probably most of them dont even think about Game or are just as lame and fake as he is. Then hes mad at the real dudes like a Jigga or 50 who have credentials and the paper to back it up. R.I.P HIPHOP..

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 

      7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Funny how most these rappers are no longer relevant. I changed my thoughts on the Game however. I don't care if he is or isn't a blood but I've been vibing with his more recent stuff.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I like game's music and all...about the crying you've got to learn one thing men do cry either you are a serial killer or just anyone.i only listen to games music bt don't like his lifestyle and did you know in the track history which features game,krs,big daddy kane and dougie e. Fresh...krs and the rest of the crew call game a legend!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm glad someone finally called out Fat Joe. He's been in the game for damn near 20yrs. but hasn't had a good song sinc "you gotta flow" and i personally didn't even like that song! He's garbage IMO.

    • mr. daydream profile image

      mr. daydream 

      8 years ago

      There are a lot of characters out there in the rap game today, and you've hit it dead on the nail. By the way, Right Thurr was put out by Chingy back in 03', not Nelly.

    • profile image

      lil wayne ring tones 

      8 years ago

      Well, well...people have different choices and tastes. That is why there are a variety of artists. Listen to what you like.. Those who enjoy Lil Wayne music have their reasons. They are entertaining and enjoying.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great list,just keep away from showing dudes getting punched and getting caught in life threatening situations.But this is a great list,Keep the wayne lines coming,i sing them out loud in his crazy voice and get a laugh everytime.

      Call mr.carte or mr.lawnmoawer?so many girls like iam mike lowery?lol

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is the most true thing i have seen this year.

    • AdamCairn profile image


      9 years ago from UK

      Yep, totally agree with your selection here

    • BSLIONS profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Richmond, Va

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 

      9 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      I can't stand these artists. Especially the game, the ball is in Hova's court and I hope he runs the clock out on games career. Lil Wayne has some good stuff but a majority of it is garbage lately. Once he releases rebirth, no one will think of him as the best rapper alive any longer.


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