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Chamillionaire, Jin, And The Underrated Rappers In The Game

Updated on March 24, 2010

When people tell me that Lil Wayne is the best rapper in the game all I can do is laugh and respond with "He isn't even the best in the south". One of the main reasons for that is the mixtape messiah, Chamillionaire. Yes he has his own label and is signed to a major label, he is even a platinum artist but in my opinion he is still underrated and would easily make my list of top ten rappers ever.


Chamillionaire - Sittin Back

Mixtape Messiah 1, don't act like you ain't hear that joint
I'm like Young Buck with a knife, niggaz gon get my point
So point the hater out, who say that I ain't about
Whatever I say I'm bout, and then doubt I'ma fade 'em out
It's class 1-0-1, number one less son
Never turn a one-on-one, to a one-on-guns
But if it's more than one, and you know that one more come
Make him shut his mouth like a nun, that don't want no tongue
Now he's done (uhh), I run from home to home
To hell with phone sex, I ain't trying to bone the phone
Trying to get inside her X, and Y chromosome
Turn a empty garage in her home, to a chromin zone
Yeah parked up in it, I just got a minute
When I spot the kitten, mayne I'm bout to hit it yeah
I told 'em I had it locked, they didn't believe me
Now they yelling (Dats right), like Young Jeezy
Ha-ha, you better say it to a nigga face
Get up in a nigga place, with a mother's dinner plates
They ain't eating like we eating, that's why niggaz gotta hate
Delegate a weapon, that'll leave him with the Nelly face
(what you mean) Band-Aid on it, (first day pass it)
Telling you they sending you a medical, (that's it)
Forget a Throwback, Hardwood Classic
Lay you on your back on the hardwood, ass kicked
Looking for Koopa, don't look for me by your lonely
Cause homie I keep it on me, that's only to keep the phonies
Laying off in they place not my face, cause niggaz don't want me
To make the kay slay like the homie that's up at Sony
Bishop Don with the funds nigga, fix your grind
I show the green, like his pimping outfits was mine
And Slim Thugger that's my boy, so I can't switch his lines
Forget cars, tell MTV to pimp your rhymes

Maybe its his voice, maybe its because he just get thrown in with Cypress Hill and all people see is the group. Whatever it is people need top realize that B-Real is for real. Before my cd case was stolen I had every Cypress Hill cd there was and what people need to realize about a Cypress Hill cd is that its just like a D12 cd. In D12 you've got Eminem then you got everybody else, in Cypress Hill you've got B-Real and then theres everybody else. I mean come on the guy went head to head with Ice Cube and had the better diss track agaisnt one of the most brutal artists of his time when it comes to diss tracks.


B-Real (Cypress Hill) - Certified Bomb

Call me imperial beatslayer
All prayers try to be advisory to rivalry in the battle player
Bitches who lie to me and cry to me use bribery
I'm taking the torch and burn Puffy-music for canivalry
That'll teach you I beat you on every plain
Ain't no other way to reach you, I greet you with pain
Shred you into pieces using the tigerclaw
I'm a cold nigga you need more than a lighter to thaw
Me and my lyrical Iceberg make suckers panic
Fuck what you head I brought down the Titanic
So can it and shut it, I wrote it and bust it
because it never gonna be safe for wack niggas I don't trust 'em

B-Real (Cypress Hill) - Stank Ass Ho

Now all these new niggas tryin to bust grapes
Keep tryin, I'm shittin all over yo tapes
And yo CDs, you see these
Niggas wit the weed leaves, you need these
Hill biggas to bust trigga, sicka sicka
The rhyme spitter spittin over the transmittor
I got double platinum records on the wall
While you got double cheeseburgers in yo toilet stall
Cats wanna try me, you must be high
Cause you havin fuckin +Illusions+, no lie, what you usin?
Gimme some of that shit (shit), you fakin it
Any little title you got, I'm takin it
You can't have it, you didn't earn it
Spit on yo name, shit on it, and burn it
Suckas wanna floss and play the big boss
What movie you livin in and how much did it cost?
What role are you playin? I'm only sayin
You're the record gettin played and I'm DJ'i

Immortal Technique has some of the most grimey, hard hitting, political, and heartfelt rhymes I've ever seen. Yeah so what I'm saying is that he can pretty much write anything he wants and it works for him. You Never Know, Dance With The Devil, and Crimes Of The Heart display his storytelling skills which rival some of the greatest rappers of all time, while songs like Obnoxious, Point Of No Return, and Death March can't be classified as anything other than classic bangers. If Immortal Technique was on a major label everybody would know who he was.


Immortal Technique - Hollywood Drive By

I won't let your wack rhymes redefine lyricism
For a whole generation with their fathers in prison
You live inside the image of an era that's gone
Like government officials tryin to justify Vietnam
I leave niggas traumatized, like they mamma died
And they was responsible for the driveby homicide
And i don't market revolution, I live it
What you think cuz you fake, everyone else is a gimmick
Jealous bickering, industry slaves, the nerve of you
Like a child prostitute, born into a life of servitude
Until we murder you, making the red carpet burgundy
The psycho realm in the streets, where I prefer to be

Immortal Technique - The Point Of No Return

This is the point of no return nigga you better believe this
Mary Magdalen giving birth to the children of Jesus
The evolution of the world, bloody and dramatic
Human beings killing monkeys to conquer the planet
The kingdoms of Africa and Mesopotamia
Machine gunnin' your body with depleted uranium
This is the age of micro chips and titanium
The dark side of the moon and contact with aliens
I started out like Australians, criminal minded
Broke into hell, tore it down, and built a city behind it
South Paw, murderous, methodology nigga
Remember that I'm just a man don't follow me nigga
Cause once your past the point you can never go home
You've got to face the possibility of dying alone
So tell me motherfucker, how could you die for the throne?
When you don't even got the fuckin' heart to die for your own

Tech N9ne is the number one selling independent artist in the country for a reason. His base style is that of rapid fire lyrics something like Twista but better in my opinion. However he can slow it down and spit normally, he can rap over rock and roll beats, hyphy beats, fast beats, slow beats. In essence hes an all around mc that can do it all and sounds better than the majority of platinum selling artists while he does it.


Tech N9ne - 2 Piece

Don't you run up when I'm wit a bitch Mumblin bumpin some shit Talkin bout rap when I'm just beginning Chump, I don't do battles and this rap will outshadow ya spit Nothin's compatible with this wickedness When I'm eatin' some niggas just keep beepin' I guess they just heat seekin' when it come off with disrespectful talk You geeks weak an the Nina's the beast chief You heathens ain't street deep so keep beefin' and get yo head tore off

Tech N9ne - Crybaby

You say you better than rappers on radio, man that's false chop try to run up on me, cause a benzo will never be in your car slot try to step up on the scene, my infra-red beam's right at your soft spot if you was on TV and balling you wouldn't grown and trip he keep hatred, envy, and bloodshed on his lip Tech got long cream with chrome things on his whip He want to stone nein with a chrome thing on his hip But just know your hip will not stop the hop cause when you look at the big picture, my block pops alot daily so keep on thinking my clock stops the shots and I can quickly bury you in your Osh Kosh B'Gosh, baby

Jin is a great battle rapper that has taken a couple of losses recently but that's to be expected because he actually battles a lot against top quality competition and still wins more often than he loses. The old "battle rappers can't make good music" excuse doesn't apply here because when he isn't battling Jin is making hot songs, the only problem is that like the majority of the rappers on this list he isn't on a major label.


Jin The Emcee - No More Fans

Its like I went to sleep last night and things were all fine
woke up all of a sudden everybody rhymes
thats how the shit seems
everytime I turn around all I hear is "yo let me spit sixteen"
is it me or do I gotta sign on my forehead
that says “wanna get signed? just rhyme go head!”
all this rappin got me stressin
I wonder if this only happens in my profession
like when Jordan had the number one spot
you think they ran up on him like you gotta see my jumpshot
I don’t know maybe its just me
but you should need a license to call yaself an emcee
you must be jokin right you aint dope or tight
and peep what happened last night at the open mic
when they called for heads to go up and spit
the whole club got on stage aint that some shit

Jin The Emcee - Carpe Diem

I can show you the ropes I can even loan you the quotes
but if it ain't in you why even continue
to pose like your whole style is authentic
I smell a fraud the aroma is deep scented
I re-invented myself with the help of nobody else
yeah I did it solely for my health
not the rollie on the shelf or the 6 digits
the fame and fortune is highly ficticious
only exist to those with sick wishes
to achieve it they often act a bit vicious
and maliciously mislead the youth
I steer 'em on course cause my pen bleeds the truth
YOFAM the alternative to the street route
I use both hands whenever I reach out
that way you ain't gotta look hard to see em
and live by these two words (what) Carpe Diem

Dr.Dre met Bishop Lamont on a video shoot for one of The Game's music videos back in 2005 and signed him instantly. Its obvious why,Bishop Lamont puts The Game to shame, oddly enough the label mates are currently beefing which should give Bishop the exposure he needs to take the west coast and the world by storm. If that doesn't do it, he is said to be heavily featured on the forever in the making "Detox" by Dr.Dre.


Bishop Lamont - Do it

Are the lambs still crying clairece? I terrorize you tie you down with bed sheets Sexorcise you exorcise you like a priest Then flick it like holy water across your booty cheeks I got that motion like the ocean Lie you on your back in a three wheel motion Ride you like the track yeah track locomotion Now lick me girl I'm a human love potion.

Bishop Lamont - I'm A Soldier

Yeah you whack why you even record? You couldn't be hot if pac wrote for you through a Ouija board And Big did the hook, trick, loser, look Your lifes like a parking space it might get took I bid hoops, I beg ya pardon With the pen I spot more characters than Todd Mcfarland They marvel at my imagery from here to D.C. You can trace all you want but you'll never be me Mcs these days be rantin and ramblin In button ups lookin like Jay Z's stand in I guess its just a sign of the time When you can rap and sing over the same beat 3 times I Wish I was Lil John And sell every artist in the game the same freakin song You can agree to disagree your still wrong But it doesn't matter I'm so hot you gotta sing along

Mostly known as the guy that ghost writes hits for your favorite artists, Mad Skillz aka Skillz has a sick flow in his own right. Even though some years he won't drop more than one track (Rap Ups), when he does put something out its hot and he proves that he deserves his name.


(Mad) Skillz - Ghostwriter (Live Version with names)

First of all, I ain't even want to make this shit
There's a lot of rap cats out here faking the shit
I'm a ghostwriter, I'm the cat that you don't see
I write hits for rappers you like and charge 'em a fee
Yo don't get me wrong dog, it's the cheddar that counts
But fuck Puff Daddy cause his fuckin check bounced
You thought Foxy Brown little single was hot?
I wrote that shit five minutes in a parking lot
I'm the one that your man Mase had to go and get
Cause he smoked too much la, couldn't write his own shit
Now Will Smith , he on my answering machine sick
Hollaring in my phone, Skillz, can you write to this
Sure, for stacks, nigga, I can make your act bigger
But fuck Jermaine Dupri cuz I ain't never get my plaque, nigga

(Mad) Skillz - 2 Up 2 Down

You ain’t gotta ask me you know what I’m bout
Get your whereabouts fuck it then I’m airin you out
I keep a big bank roll front pocket no doubt
I can’t even close the shit its like Mike Jones mouth
I'm equipped with the tools to put dudes in they place
Yeah you gave me your cd but at least I kept the jewel case
Niggas looking but it ain’t in the cards
To find a rapper this nice that ain’t in the graveyard
I know I’m wrong Keep listenin
Shit maybe I’ll rhyme six feet deep to get some competition.

All I here is this crap about "I'm bringin the west back" well the last time I checked Xzibit is from the west coast and I can't name one bad album the X man has dropped. I'm really not sure why Xzibit gets left out of the conversation when people talk about good west coast rappers because he's pretty high up there in my book and would get my vote over The Game any day.


Xzibit - LAX

Hit like a heavyweight, breathe deep, meditate
Make the whole crowd get loud, make 'em levitate
I ride through my city like a presidential candidate
L-A-X, Phantom double-R, and accelerate
Stack build elevate, crash through the prison gate
Generation hate, appetite to eliminate
X-Man don't spit rhymes, I ventilate
Traffic contraband, yeah banned through the interstate
Got a sick flow - didn't know? Let me demonstrate
Renovate the game, new nigga that you love to hate
The left hand lands and the right hand devastates
Have part of your face replaced with a metal plate
Irate, get snatched to a better place
Let the detached decorate with the yellow tape
Detonate, drop bombs, make the earth shake
In Brazil with a half mill' in the briefcase

Xzibit - X

The first day of the rest of my life
X stand behind the mic like Walker Kronkike
Y'all keep the spotlight
I'm keeping my rhymes tight
Lose sight of what you believe
And call it a night
This ain't the light-weight, cake mix shit
That you're used to
Teflon territory you just can't shoot through
You gon shoot who? (Who?)
Not even on your best day
Rollin' the Wild West way, givin' it up
Leavin' the whole world stuck not givin' a fuck
Laid in the cut now we break through in the rut
Hennesy and Orange Juice baby fill up a cup
Quick to grab Mary Jane by the butt and squeeze
Loosen up, let your hair down, and join the festivities
Overcrowd the house like lockdown facilities
Bitches be quick to give me brains while I post the range
Going up and down my dick like the stock exchange

Theres a lot of reasons Cuban Link hasn't gotten a fair shot in the music industry but he more than deserves one. If your listening to officer Ricky or Rat Joe you need to put their cds back on the shelf where they belong and pick up a Cuban Link Cd, you won't regret it.


Cuban Link - Hotel

now u can catch me in a hotel or a motel up in the winterhaven
if ur crew keeps acting up
nigga i'm gon smoke your friend
now on the real why yall niggas frontin
ya'll dont realy want nothin
ya'll was just stuntin hard like
ya'll grew hard all of a sudden
frontin like ya was gunnin
when ya wasnt bustin nothin
i seen it comin
you must have thought i was tryin to duck em
like i was scared of sumthin
son i been prepared for huntin
ever since i bear my cuttins
nigga i aint scared of nothin
i'm shuttin ya down ya niggas aint nothin but clowns
fuck around ya gon end up stuffed in the ground
runnin around like ur the largest pinga
when u got the heart of cringa
you fallin off somebody holla timber

i'm up in room 112 where the playas dwell blazin a 'l'
one on one aint no way in hell i'm takin a l
we can take it from the lobby to the in front of the tel
get locked by babylon and face off in a cell
aint no referees to stop me from breaking ur grill
so brace urself papi u aint gettin saved by the bell
i'm in my hotel wit real niggas straight out of jail
so if i blaze i know well that ya snakes gon tell
i dont ned no help for ya crabs i crack ya whole shell
its sad ur still grabbing onto Pun's coat tail
u mad cause u whack and ur albums wont sell
if u lying then u buying ur rhymes at wholesale
oh well do what u gotta do cause i'ma do what i'ma do
dont worry botu no charges becasue nigga i aint tryin to sue
i'm like the prodigal seen throughout the chronicles
readin to get inside of u cheating to try to hide the truth
lyrics will body u and end ur career
dont pretend for ur peers i remember ur fears

People love Asher Roth and seem to think he's the next great white rapper. Yeah.....not so much, Copywrite has a better flow and lyrics and hes been in the game longer. Plus Copywrite can more than hold his own in a freestyle battle which I'm pretty sure Asher Roth would get murdered in a battle.


Copywrite - On My Dick

It's Copywrite! Not the type to borrow I'm scheming
Shut the fuck up and listen to the following meaning
A role model for those willing to follow a demon
of one night stands of hoes willing to swallow my semen
O.H. ten. Where the fuck y'all at?
Now say 'Fuck you Copy!' "Fuck you Copy!!", motherfuck y'all back
Wanna shoot me cuz I called your man wack
But you bear no arms, therefore can't clap
Better respect your boss and accept the loss
That I.Q. rock sets metal detectors off
You got juice? That's pulp fiction
Pick up your girl and get brain in the car like Jules and Vincent
Too fatal, unable to crash
Sluts I introduce to anal call me a pain in the ass
Buy a drink for a bitch that I think I'm a hit
Then I finger fuck her. If my finger stinks, I'm a split!

My crew don't give two fucks on the scene to ball
Twenty deep and two bucks between us all
We ain't come to dance we came to see you brawl
And while y'all fighting I'm taking your chains keys and all
Hoes glance, no romance. We stick cock in 'em
Slow dance with hoes strictly to pick pocket 'em
Y'all bought the bar out, but can't be drunk
Cuz I pissed in your brandy while y'all was dancing to, Ante Up
That ain't Cris y'all drinking
It's piss y'all drinking

Now these weren't in any order and there are a lot of people I didn't mention who can easily be considered as underrated. This is just the list that came to mind for me when I thought of underrated rappers. Crooked I, Chino XL, Az, Ras Kass and anybody else i haven't mention but can murder a mic. In the end its like Jin said, you should reward skill and not just buy an album because 100,000 other people did and the record label payed to have the song played 30 times an hour. If you play crap over and over again, its still crap.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I wouldn't say Cypress is "B-Real and then theres everybody else" - I mean he's clearly the better rapper but Muggs created a sound, created a style with the production. That's why you constantly see House of Pain songs labelled as Cypress Hill on the internet and vice versa; Everlast and B-Real have a few octaves between each other when they rap, but everybody recognizes that as a Muggs beat even if they don't know his name.

    • mosaicman profile image


      8 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

      Jin couldn't make it because he couldn't make a whole album (which is more than just battle rhyming). You must come up with a concept (like Midnight Marauders, De La Soul is Dead, Ready to Die). However, Mad Skillz is bananas! He is one of the best lyricists. Good food for thought.

    • profile image

      lil wayne ring tones 

      8 years ago

      I respect that opinion. Everybody has his own taste. Those who like Lil Wayne love him for his style, music, energy and enthusiasm. :-)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      chamillionaire , ludacris and nas are my favorite of the decade

    • michael1mars profile image


      9 years ago

      Unfortunalty Jin's albums flopped I liked his battles cuz a lot of times he went of the top but his songs aren't that hot.Here's a few rappers that are underated you forgot to mention.Cassidy and Juelz Santana theses 2 are by far the best with punchlines and methapors.Another battle rapper Murda Mook is actually good on tracks but still needs some work.Trae Da Truth,Canibus,Lupe Fiasco,Method Man & Redman their awesome but people are sleeping on them.Joe Budden except he bitches too much and causes too many beefs and isn't making any albums so it isn't really helping him.I'd say the most overated are Drake,Lil'Wayne,Gucci Mane,Nicki Minaj(she is just horrible),OJ Da Juiceman,Soulja Boy and his stupid S.O.D money gang and they all suck real bad.

    • BSLIONS profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Richmond, Va

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      no canibus word 4 word what?

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 

      9 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Chamillionaire is one of my favorite rappers. Xzibit is dope too.


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