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The Most Underrated Rock Bands of All Times

Updated on December 7, 2014

The world of rock knows many legends. Some of the most influential artists have been creating their masterpieces in this musical style.

Yet, many talented rock musicians remain underrated. Some of their art is little known. Others are known for one or two songs, while their entire discography demonstrates exceptional ideas and music.

Which are some of the most underrated rock musicians and bands? Though this is a personal opinion, some of the artists to be mentioned truly deserve more popularity than they have managed to achieve.

Uriah Heep

When thinking about classic rock and rock and roll, most people name Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Deep Purple.

Uriah Heep often remains underestimated, though the band is probably one of the most influential creators of this musical style. The band is popular, yet it hasn't gotten the type of recognition that its music truly deserves.

The band’s entire discography is worth a mention, though most people can recognize only a few major hits like Easy Livin’ and July Morning.

Deep Purple

How many Deep Purple songs can you name? Anything apart from Smoke on the Water? Though Deep Purple has a huge body of timeless work, many of its masterpieces are not known to the general public. Even rock lovers find it difficult to name more than a few of the band's tracks.

The popularity of Smoke on the Water has given direction to Deep Purple’s entire art. So many other amazing music pieces by the band remain unknown to the mass public.


Megadeth is probably one of the most quality bands in the heavier rock genre. Yet, it has never managed to achieve Metallica’s popularity. Why has Megadeth remained so underrated?

For one, the band lacks the commercial side that Metallica managed to achieve, once its original albums gained success. From underground band, Metallica quickly transformed into a main stage monster.

Megadeth managed to keep its music away from the mainstream. This has cost the band some popularity, though their true fans remain devoted.


Extreme is an amazing band, which people are generally unaware of. Probably some can recall one single – More Than Words. This is it. Most of Extreme’s art remains unknown.


You probably heard Love Hurts. Do you know who performs the song? Do you know any other songs of the band?

Nazareth was one of the many bands that appeared in the dawn of rock music. Unfortunately, most of Nazareth’s art remains underrated.

Motorhead - Killed by Death



Motorhead rank among the pioneers of heavy metal. Frontman Lemmy is one of the most influential musicians in rock style, yet Motorhead’s music has never gained the popularity that it deserves.

Lemmy is an amazing songwriter and some of Motorhead’s music should feature among the must-listen for every rock and metal fan. Hellraiser, Orgasmatron, No Voices in the Sky are just a few of the amazing Motorhead creations.


The German band has produced some really quality music that is familiar to a selected group of die-hard fans.

Just listen to emblematic track Metal Heart and you will know why Accept is truly underrated.

These are just some of the fabulous and talented rock musicians that deserve your attention. Take a second look at their art and you'll probably be surprised by the quality and the depth of the music. Are there other rock bands that you believe the world has underestimated? Share your opinion in the comment section!

Accept - Metal Heart


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