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The Movie Outlook For The Rest Of 2015!

Updated on September 16, 2015


This article will cover every movie that is going to be released from this coming week all the way to the last week of the year and while none of these films have been released to the public yet yes I do know I am a wizard and understand I don't know what these films will look like and or be like in the end so much like on the NFL network how they say something like "Aaron Rodgers will pass for 400 yards and 4 TD's today" and be totally off could happen. Its never a bad thing to speculate.

The first film is being called as "Johnny Depp's return to form" in "Black Mass" as he plays gangster Whitey Bulger and with him in the lead and the all star cast when you first heard of this film it was almost a take my money now type thing. But now its become more where critics have come out and said the acting in the film is exceptional as you figured it should be but the story is hard to find someone to "Root for" as people would say since a lot of the cast could be considered villains and the last time I heard that used was The Departed and I didn't mind that movie at all. So I will be checking out that film this weekend and hoping it does live up to expectations because I don't believe Depp wants people to think he can be Captain Jack forever and he is more well rounded then that.

The other film coming out the 25th is The Maze Runner:The Scorch Trials, While I haven't read any of the books or really know any information on this I do know that this series does make money since when the first film came out it spent a string of weeks at number 1 and people continued to see it over and over and with many calling out at the obvious downer to the mention of a sequel at the conclusion of the first film it does sound like this will push limits and be more action packed then the first. I recently read an article that they had to tone down certain scenes involving children being captured since it reminded people too much of torture and it would have immediately given the new film an R rating and whenever I hear that stamp thrown down it sparks my interest right away. So it will also be interesting to see how it fares against Black Mass and how many adults will go out and see Black Mass compared to teens and the younger audience going to see the Scorch Trials.


Everest is being released on September 25th and when I saw the first trailer for this film on a glorious IMAX screen it totally made it worth the price of admission and something that needs to be seen in the same format because at times there may be times where you catch yourself holding your breathe for the characters since the intensity of the film is so over the top. Everest is another one that has an all star cast with people like Jake Gyllenhaal,Keira Knightley,Jason Clarke,Josh Brolin and theres many more going down the list that pop up and its just something you have to witness for yourself when you watch it.

The Green Inferno is a film that almost didn't happen..I know weird to start it that way but its true. I remember seeing the teaser for this and getting excited that Eli Roth has found another vision to creep us out with in a big bad way and then about a month after the teaser being out everything about the film went dark. Apparently the film couldn't get everything it needed to get on the right track to be released, Until Jason Blum and Blumhouse productions came into play. Blumhouse productions is like a monster in Horror and suspense right now and having them take on the project is like the perfect marriage to be had. The film has had screenings recently and it was reported that many couldn't finish the film and some even had to leave because they later vomited in the garages by the exit doors, Talk about a different movie going experience.

The Intern is going to be one of those films where you might want to do or see something else and your girlfriend will want to drag you to see this film. It has that feel that "The Devil Wears Prada" did and before you poke me with the sexist card go watch the trailer again because it resembles the two films the producer made and the big intriguing factor is if two Oscar winning people can create a great story and surprise people instead of making this just another cheeky comedy that it seems to be.

Lastly for the month of September is the film Stonewall, This film is something that is made by director Roland Emmerich, Yes THAT Roland Emmerich and if your a history buff then you already know what this film is about and after watching the trailer and the talent involved in the film this one could have the speed to equally inspire and win over a lot of people when its all said and done. I will post the trailer below so you can get a sense of what I mean but this film could yes be consider what some say as "Oscar Bait" but the way the trailer was done and the story is put together impressively well to some I have seen lately.


October 2nd

October 2nd starts with Legend and if you haven't heard of this film yet then you need to go to Youtube and search for the trailer like NOW. It stars Tom Hardy twice, Yes twice as he plays twin brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray and it just tells the story of their start and how they became two of the biggest criminals in British history. This trailer is out there and goofy, But it is in the best way possible and does everything in the best way as well. If you could call Black Mass the "Serious Gangster Drama Of The Year" then Legend is the more comedic one and that isn't a bad thing at all.

Sicario is another film thats getting a lot of heat as of late starring Emily Blunt,Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin among others about the escalating war involving the drug trade between the United States and Mexico. I saw a quick tease of this on TV and it was all I needed as a film of this nature can't have that light and fun nature to it and if there is humor it should only come rarely but this only seems to hit you hard and often. It did remind me of the same feeling and flair that Oliver Stone had in Savages and it got me very interested.

This next film could have the fighting chance to become the "Bread winner" for the rest of the year in The Martian. Now when I first saw the trailer for this film I did say out loud in the theatre "Great cast" and really listened and followed the story and what entailed through it all and by the end I will yes admit to everyone who reads this that I did say that I thought it looked like "Interstellar On Mars" with the weird coincidence of Damon being in both films and Damon is the one stuck in Interstellar so I mean just a first glance thought. But after being shown at TIFF and other festivals for people many people are in high praise for this one and since being shunned for Prometheus director Ridley Scott seems to know where and when to bring it still at his age and according to the earliest of early reviews The Martian sounds like a home run.


The 9th might start out with a bit of a hiccup as Eli Roth's second effort is released in "Knock Knock". Watching this trailer on first reaction and by the end of it it makes you never want to be nice to someone again like ever. But I mean for someone to think of the concept and be able to think put two gorgeous women in your house while your alone and basically have you cheat on your wife then have them turn out to be complete psychopaths. I was intrigued by the Keanu Reeves factor of all of it since he did bring it all and then some in John Wick but this film just seems like something where it could be like The Strangers and a great home invasion film but on the other hand it could be the opposite and totally miss.

The 9th also brings in the fantasy adventure "Pan". This one has a very packed cast with Hugh Jackman playing Blackbeard and a lot of other people like Rooney Mara playing Tiger Lilly and Levi Miller playing Peter Pan himself. I did enjoy in the trailer that Pan asks Garret Hedlund in the film his name and he responds with "Hook" or whatever the full name is but having that thought that everyone knows in the theatre what he becomes but having the other side of the coin for this isn't a bad side to try for this. When other footage was shown at San Diego Comic Con some were so amped in anticipation for the other films coming up they wanted to pass it off but it could be something for the much younger audience to get into since the last kids film to come out is the Scorch Trials and that isn't even technically considered a "Kids" movie.

The film "The Final Girls" is something that could turn out becoming like "Cabin In The Woods" or it could become much like the Piranha reboots and be one big campy mess. But by the feel of the trailer it has a very promising feel with a young girl who is still grieving over the loss of her mother who happened to be a "Scream Queen" back in the 80's and by some weird accident her and her group of friends are transported into her last film with her mother to try and outlast the killer and play out the film and sort of play it out the way it was meant to be seen. Now I know when you read that your thinking BORING!!! or cheese beyond belief but if you watch it and give the film a chance then you might get a different opinion from it.

The Walk stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as Phiplippe Petit and his historical walk on the high wire across the two towers back in 1974. I know a documentary was done on the subject I believe the film was called "Man On Wire" and that one was garnered with much praise as it was the raw material being shown. But having big time director Robert Zemeckis tackle this project just amped up the excitement and showing for things like "Back To The Future" and "Cast Away" Zemeckis can handle scale in his films and make it look grand and beautiful in one perfect shot.


Room is another one of those films that garnering a ton of awards buzz after getting screened at festivals and for the film being 2 hours long and following the story of a mother and her son Jack who nothing about the world except for the room he was raised in. Now if this film is completely and 110% in that room then yes it will be interesting to see where there story takes shape and everything but on acting alone Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are getting nothing but glowing reviews for this one.

Goosebumps was one of the few films that was knicked by the Sony hacking tale and after all the drama that came with that part of me wondered if the film would ever see the light of day. But now we have a few posters and 2 trailers so its inching closer and closer. It does star Jack Black as the classic author RL Stine who did take over much of my childhood with these books and part of me wonders after watching both trailers if the studios is really crossing their fingers and hoping that the Nostalgia part that played so well into the Straight Outta Compton success will work for this as well? Because if the film itself is complete garbage then nobody sitting in the theatre is going to care what characters you put in the film.

Crimson Peak is Guillermo Del Toro's fantasy horror film that has been much talked about since Del Toro has spent a ton of time working on it with a full rostered cast and even had to leave projects to help finish it. The first trailer for this film was very deceiving since it looked like it was more of a period piece drama then a horror film and then last night I saw a TV spot for the film and getting a few shots of the ghosts that lurk the house and they do look very out there and creepy. I don't know if this was worth Del Toro leaving and dropping the Silent Hill franchise over or completely putting the breaks on other films like Pacific Rim 2 or Hellboy 3 but he did get a great cast.

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg team up together again for "Bridge Of Spies". After hearing the rumors of Hanks and Spielberg just being in a film together again already had butts reserved in seats because at times those two can do nothing but create perfection. If you have watched the trailer already then you understand the story about how Hanks basically has to go behind enemy lines and risk his life and how one simple act could happen and change everything and it is a very nerve racking trailer and it seems the film could be the same way. This one could have a flag for it that says "Oscar Bait" painted on it because they normally always make those films but the film has to deliver upon release to see where it all shakes out in the end.


After all the waiting and even the longer waiting for other states since this film is getting an earlier release in LA and New York. Steve Jobs will be released. Michael Fassbender will be playing Jobs and yes the film does look like The Social Network and every other film that Aaron Sorkin has helped write in the past couple of years but hearing the story of how Jobs built the giant company known as Apple is interesting none the less. Also interesting that some are bashing his writing style this time around since the film is almost in play format with 3 stage presentations so Sorkin almost wrote the film in 3 acts and some arent happy about it but with the cast attached and Fassbender manning the ship I think its safe to say this one will pay off.

Paranormal Activity 5:The Ghost Dimension is the 5th and LAST installment in the series and for someone who lost interest in this series of films by the 3rd one I am happy they are cutting their losses now instead of what Saw did and going all the way to 7 and even trying the 3D route as well. I watched this trailer once and again for someone who is almost one foot out the door on this its hard to be interested but if you like the other ones I bet you'll enjoy it and I have a feeling everything will get tied together in one big bow in the end.

Rock The Kasbah stars Bill Murray,Bruce Willis,Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel and the story is about Murray being a music manager who has seen better times and while on a vacation in Afghanistan he finds a girl with a voice good enough to manage and gets her in on an American Idol type show except its in Afghanistan. While watching the trailer for this one I chuckled a few times but it didn't have the zing a Bill Murray film should have and I kept thinking to myself I really hope he's not doing this for a check.


Scout's Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse is going to be one of those out there and off the wall comedic films and you can tell thats where the story and director was trying to go by the trailer. It isn't a bad thing because with films being so serious some people do need some crazy comedy in their life and this is exactly the film for you in every which way possible.



The 6th will mark the release for Spectre and the more news and footage that gets released the more Bond fans and even moviegoers around get more amped up for this film. Some wonder if this is going to be Daniel Craig's last go around as the iconic character as he has mentioned it could happen since Skyfall definitely did look like a taxing film to do and this one was no different as he injured himself during filming causing a delay. Both trailers for this film have been outstanding and its something that would be a surprise if it didn't make tons and tons at the box office and become a success.

The Peanuts are finally getting their shot on the big screen! The Peanuts Movie is also coming out on that date and while some might call that foolish because many will go see Spectre that weekend but I mean older couples would go see Spectre then the next day take the kids to see Charlie Brown and the gang. This film did try its best to looks as funny as possible and yes it was cute in a very "Peanuts" way which is good because thats how it should be.


If there was ever an award for a film for the rest of the year that will make the most money box office wise it will be Mockingjay Part 2. There is no ifs ands or buts about it. It is the last film in the "Hunger Games" franchise and when people went out to see the first part there were reports of people going out to see it at noon and having to get tickets for 6 PM showings since it was completely sold out until then. I know people hate the comparisons because the films weren't considered "Good" but the Hunger Games franchise can most definitely be considered part of that class of book phenomenon's like Harry Potter and Twilight that made 300 million dollars sometimes in a week worldwide and did outrageous numbers because the fanbases are outrageous as well. Its not a knock to compare them either because if they are part of the club that means they make bank just like those 2 do as well.

Another one coming out thats not as known is "Secret In Their Eyes" starring Julia Roberts,Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I did report on this film in this most recent news I did and it is a revenge drama film about Robert's daughter getting murdered and the killer basically getting let off for it but over time Roberts won't let it go and it becomes an obsession of hers and looking into it more and more they find out more details and there is one part in the trailer where no matter who you were its almost like seeing an ex for the first time because that feeling happens to everyone and the director nailed it in the trailer.


The Night Before could also be considered that other off the wall comedy of the rest of the year along with "Scouts Guide" that is just going to make you laugh so much your side and cheeks may hurt by the time the credits roll. It stars Seth Rogen,Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie as best friends celebrating the holidays before they all have to go back to the boring lives they have carved out for each other and make new memories on top of it. Now the beginning of the trailer had me thinking "Another boring Xmas movie" but then when they pulled the BIG card and played Runaway by Kanye West on the giant piano it pulled me in close and had me laughing until the end. It did very much have a "This Is The End" feel to it without all the despair and destruction but all of Rogen's fans loved that film so if they are one in the same this one should work out just fine.

Creed just seems like a film that cannot lose..It stars Michael B Jordan as Adonis Johnson and yes Stallone is in the film as Rocky. The film is one of those that does everything right and also has made major leaps and bounds by every trailer it has released. Some have had questions regarding the story of the film and how Jordan's character does connect to Apollo in the end but at the end of those questions is "I don't care I'm seeing it anyways!!" This film has already garnered that much hype and praise and could even get some trophies to top it off as well.

Victor Frankenstein is one of those films where if someone were to ask you "How would you feel if someone took the look and feel of the Sherlock Holmes films and just used the Frankenstein story instead??" Well thats what happens in this with James Mcavoy playing Frankenstein himself and Daniel Radcliffe playing Igor and when you get a chance to watch the trailer it has that fun feeling that Holmes brought but also that feeling like "This isn't possible" as well much like Van Helsing had which is the scary side of it.

The Good Dinosaur is Pixar's top secret project that nobody really knew a lot of until this past year when it was revealed what the plot of the film would be about and then when the teaser came out it definitely did grab at your heart strings because it was made for kids so it is a cute film to see. When you watch the trailer there are funny moments like the big moment when the "Big Bang" happens and everything was changed forever you just see it pass over the dinosaurs heads and they look back and keep eating which I thought was simple and funny to add in there without mentioning what could have been.


The Danish Girl is Eddie Redmayne's chance to stand out in the Oscar crowd and possibly win Academy Awards in back to back years. It is even more of a scene for him this year since he basically did the role of Stephen Hawking without even blinking it seemed but this time he is taking the reigns that have been handled by the likes of Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie and even Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry and playing a different gender and trying to earn that illustrious trophy. This one does have that "Oscar Bait" tag all over it as well or else we might have seen it earlier in the year but if the role for Redmayne wins him another Oscar more power to the guy.

The other film on this date is "I Saw The Light". I personally am excited for this film since many know Tom Hiddleston as Loki and consider him a comic book movie guy forever and always. But now is the time to shake that off and see him knock out a biopic role as Hank Williams and in the one scene he tweeted out to everyone where he did show him singing for about a minute he does a damn good job of it. It has the look that Walk The Line had and being able to know the story of Williams will be worth the price of admission enough.



On the 4th we get to see the first team up of Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in a very high dramatic role before they take on the Assassin's Creed film that is under one of the biggest microscopes I have ever seen. The film in question is Macbeth and after watching the trailers and seeing the posters for the film. While it is a history piece it does have a very grim and dark tone to it and not like menacing and scary but the lighting on set was never at its highest when they shot the film and its a gloomy one. But these are two actors that always deliver at what they do so seeing them take on something like Macbeth will be fun and hopefully it will be one that can live on for a little bit as well.

Krampus was one I did cover a bit on my news stories so I will briefly go over it. After watching the trailer again I mean I do believe I will see it since there is no killer fish going after Adam Scott and David Koecher this time but I hope this film isn't so convoluted and all over the place as the trailer makes it out to be. It will definitely be a breathe of fresh air to see something raw and violent on the screen around the holidays but the real question is will it be worth the high price of admission?

Life stars Dane Dehaan and Robert Pattinson and before you shut it down because Edward Cullen is in it just hear me out and listen to the story as to why I decided to put it on the list. The story involves a photographer for LIFE Magazine who gets the opportunity to hang around with and spend time with James Dean before he passed away. Dehaan would play the role of Dean and when you look at the poster I get it why they would choose him over going with Pattinson for that choice. But the story this one could have attached to it could make it a dark horse for the season for sure and while having Cullen in it could make it something thats bad since his last great movie was The Rover but he can't be bad forever.


The Heart Of The Sea is basically what you think it is if you watched the trailer even though it doesn't straight out come and say it all over the place. It is directed by Ron Howard and its the story of Moby Dick and when you see the poster and the flashes of the gigantic whale shown on screen its almost like the new godzilla under water and for me that isn't anything to mess with at all. For all the comic book movie fans as well it will be a early time to see Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland on screen together before they suit up as Spidey and Thor.

December 18th

I know some of you I mean if not everyone reading this were waiting for this one to come up but if there was a time at all for the champion to come in with his chest sticking out and holding his titles high up in the air talking smack the way Ali did back in the day its something Star Wars Episode 7 would be doing right now. This film has so much hype surrounding it that I am stunned that places like MovieTickets and Fandango aren't releasing tickets for midnight showings now because if they show that film all night long on every screen I have a feeling for the first 3 hours every screen will sell out completely in some areas because this movie is SUCH a big deal. It will break that record that I believe is held by Fifty Shades Of Grey and I don't even want to start listing numbers for first week but while Jurassic World was a great gift this year once we hear a wookie that first week sales record is DONE.

Another film does come out this weekend, The film Sisters starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and this is another one that shows that the only thing thats funnier then an Amy Schumer film right now is a comedy made by these two ladies. They absolutely destroy everytime they host an awards show and this film looks like they are going to win at making a film together as well its just a bummer they couldn't come out a week before since their counterpart is going to be number 1 for a while once it is released.


The Will Smith sports drama "Concussion" comes out and after watching the trailer for all the problems that the NFL has going on right now that the commissioner basically lost a battle he could have won to a QB and it is surprising they want to tackle their other big issue involving Concussions. I am not going to go into details about what happened to players in the NFL who have been effected by this but this film does want you to know about it whether you like it or not and Will Smith doesn't do a bad job at all playing the lead role in the film.

Joy shows Jennifer Lawrence back at work with David O Russell and Bradley Cooper with what seems to be the weirdest way ever to make a trilogy of films with the same two people. Joy is about the story of a family that spans four generations and how Joy became the founder and handled the business dynasty over time. This film does add Robert De Niro as well which add that "Weird trilogy" theory or those 4 must REALLY like working together. After only seeing one trailer that was composed of shots and footage that didn't say much. A lot of plot lines told more of the story then the trailer did so seeing more on this will be appreciated down the line and the possibility of Oscar business for this is possible since the committee loved American Hustle and Silver Linings so much.

The last film of the year is the remake to Point Break. This film I almost left off because I can't watch it and take the film seriously since watching the original film with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze and while its not Oscar amazing it has its own type of amazing attached to it instead. While watching this trailer two things stuck out that were something of red flags to me. There was no indication of the "Ex Presidents" in the film and I am not sure if they are dropping that all together but I really hope they don't since that group is an integral part of the original. While at first glance I did totally pull a Heath Ledger/Jared Leto in the casting of Bodhi and just thought it couldn't be done but the new casting isn't as bad as someone completely obvious and wrong for the film and the last scene in the first trailer was something Bodhi would have done in the original and had me reacting to it. The last part is that this movie could kill and make the money needed but at the same time people have said time and time again that Point Break doesn't need to be remade because it has already been done with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker so many years ago and now they are up to having made 7 of them in the Fast and Furious series. Now I know that series is heavily based on cars the first film is very close to how the original Point Break is perceived so this one is a very cautious go for me.

Takes The Cake

Some of the films I believe will "Take The Cake" and receive the GOLD award for the rest of year would be films like:

Star Wars The Force Awakens,Creed,Steve Jobs,Spectre,Mockingjay Part 2,The Martian,Everest and Black Mass

These Films while not all could be chosen will be remembered when January 1 rolls around as great GREAT films.

Reeks Of Award Smell

Now the header may be deceiving but this award is the SILVER award and is something that could show up later on during "awards season" and something that could get noticed along those lines.

Stonewall,Room,Bridge Of Spies,Joy,The Danish Girl,I Saw The Light,The Walk,The Heart Of The Sea,Secret In Their Eyes,Pan,Concussion

While some of these films might head scratching as you read them but there are many MANY categories during awards season and things like Pan and The Good Dinosaur could get technical awards if successful.

Gets The Job Done

This is the BRONZE award and these are the biggest bulk of films that I will see just to see and will like the title states "Get the job done".

The Night Before,Krampus,Sicario,The Final Girls,Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse,Sisters,Life,The Green Inferno,Victor Frankenstein,Crimson Peak,Goosebumps,Legend

These films could end up on the SILVER or GOLD lists by the end of the year for sure but for now for how they are being presented and they JUST make the cut.

Honorable Mentions

These are films that if I don't see them in theaters they will be seen ether from Netflix or rented somehow but I am not in any rush to head out to see these unless its my last option.

Scorch Trials,Peanuts Movie,Point Break,Macbeth,The Intern,The Good Dinosaur

Don't Feel Bad If You Don't See It

These films again could be hits of the last half of the year and they could end of on this list for sure and be the worst of the worst.

Knock Knock,Rock The Kasbah,Paranormal Activity 5...

2016 And Beyond!

As I have stated in many articles and many weekly news reportings that next year could possibly be the "Year of the superhero movie" whether you as the moviegoer like it or not it is being anticipated to see at least so many superhero films starting in February with Deadpool and almost having them coming out on a monthly routine until the end of the year and then becoming a much of the same every year until 2020 when both Marvel and DC slates are over. On the other side of things you do have a crap load of Star Wars coming at you too with Episodes 7,8 and 9 coming out continuing the iconic story and then you will have the side stories as well almost making it have one Star Wars film a year. The other big releases for next year are The Jungle Book which just released a very well made trailer. In April we will see Demolition from Jake Gyllenhaal and Jean Marc Valee who made Wild and Dallas Buyers Club and has almost garnered himself the "Indie director of the moment". A week before Dawn Of Justice The Divergent Series:Allegiant comes out as well so for the fans of that film series and books will be excited for that one.The same day as Deadpool sees the release of Zealander 2 which almost seems like "why" to some but to me its like Ben Stiller's Ron Burgundy..If you play the character THAT good then why not. The early part of the year shows off Quentin Tarantino's newest "Hateful Eight",Ride Along 2,London Has Fallen and Kung Fu Panda 3. In May a few weeks after Civil War destroys the box office comedy tries to find a home there with the second Neighbors film titled Neighbors 2:Sorority Rising and if its any funnier and crazier then the first one it should be a treat.

What Film Are You Most Excited To See Throughout The Rest Of The Year?

See results

Stonewall Trailer

The Final Girls Trailer

Legend Trailer

Creed Trailer


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)