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"The Mummy" 2017 Movie Review

Updated on July 25, 2017

Movie Poster:

Review: The Mummy

Directed by: Alex Kurtzman

Screenplay by : David Koepp, Sarah Bradshaw, Christopher McQuarrie, Dylan Kussman

Story by: Jon Spaihts, Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet

Genre: Action, Adventure, fantasy, (comedy too)

Release date: June 9, 2017

My Rating: 5.9/10

IMDB: 5.7/10

Verdict: the generation that loves monsters, and hoping for collaboration of other monsters to join this universe


Review (Spoiler Free):

We follow 2 soldiers who are also thieves (who use their weapons backup to take advantage of thieving situations). I don't have a problem with thieves as main characters, but I gotta be on the side of the General (or whomever it was in charge), for not only figuring out their scheme, but also being angry with them.

For punishment, they help an archaeologist (Jenny), go look at the Egyptian treasures down below. And they have only two hours. Not sure how they're going to do anything in those two hours, but whatever, down they go.

They obviously discover the Mummy's tomb and Nick being the smart ass, finds a way to carry the tomb out. Even though the Egyptians put a lot of warning and creepy bugs and other things to keep looters at bay. But we're humans, and we don't believe in the supernatural (or they, in this case), so can't really fault them here.

They take it to the plane and it goes down for reasons explained later. Nick survives, explained later (good explanation, and easily predictable).

I was mostly bored this whole time. I liked the moments with Nick's partner Chris, but otherwise, I was sorta bored.

Then we got to the supernatural part, and weirdly enough, I got more bored. It felt like a lot of other movies about the supernatural that come out these days. I don't want to really compare this to the original (it's a reboot), since this movie is completely different from the original (Which I loved). But still, even with no comparison, most of the movie I was not impressed.

When we met Jenny's employer, I was sort of fascinated with the guy because of his situation (I really wanted to know what was up with his...little problem), but at the same time, it really felt silly.

There were other issues, and the acting wasn't great, especially anything involving the romance, but it was okay overall. Some side characters took the spotlight (for me) instead of the main ones.

What did impress me was the ending. I liked it. It's the only redeeming quality of this movie, honestly. Nick ends up making a cool choice (from my perspective), and it dramatically changes his life. And some others along with it.

I liked where it was heading. I would not mind seeing this story continue, given his new predicament.


Go watch it if you like fantasy, Egyptian mythology and Gods. It's got action and comedy, and it's set in a monster universe, so other later movies with different monsters will probably converge. But, try your best not to compare it to the original. In fact, pretend it's a movie with a different title and different story-line. It will be more enjoyable.

Surviving the Plane Crash:

So in the trailer we see Nick survive the crash. A lot of people were joking about him being superhuman...but I saw nothing surprising about it.

It's a fantasy movie and I immediately theorized that the Mummy had something to do with him surviving.



It did. I was right. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I mean, the beginning of the movie we see the mummy try to kill her lover to put Set (God) into his body. Then When Nick finds the tomb, he keeps having visions of the Mummy. It was the first hint, and I immediately got it. His friend is like "Do you know why you survived the crash?", to which we get a good explanation. I won't say why he survived until the spoiler section.

The Romance:

It Did Not Work.

Honestly, I was really bored with these two together. Hell, it felt like the mummy and Nick being together would be hotter. Haha.

These two just had no chemistry. You have Nick and Jenny turn a one night stand with some ulterior motives into an "I love you so much" (granted, they don't say it, but they act like it). It's a shame, because the story does have a twist near the end (for the better), but it's inspired by this unreal "love".

I say, get rid of the romance, and this story would have been much better.

It's weird coming from me. Usually I never mind a side plot of romance. In fact, I feel it makes the movie more interesting if there is a small dose of romance. But this movie? No thanks. I want zero romance.

The ending does fix this in a way that I can't say, but there's still the hint of LUV (gag). They would be smart not to include the woman in the later films.

I was loving the bromance, though.

Chris was hilarious. In any shape or form. I was extremely upset about his plot arc at first, but then when they did something else with him (can't spoil), I was not only laughing because it was fun, but also glad he had a larger role in the story. But bottom line, their dynamic was great compared to the romance. In fact, I probably liked the movie more because of Chris. He was the saving grace, in my view. And of course the movie twist near the end was also what made me like the movie instead of be bored with it.

Ending (with Spoilers):

Ok time to spoil the good stuff.

Chris, the friend: he was personally my favorite character, and it really annoyed me when he - Spoil - died. Well....for a short period of time.

Then Nick goes a little crazy and Chris is back in ghost form. And their interactions are the best of this film.

Nick: when he survived the crash, I immediately knew it was because of the mummy. And it was. Basically, she wants to use his body to put Set in it and rule the world together (and surprise surprise, Nick doesn't like it). Come on, dude. You're going to be a God, just take a stabbing for once!

Spoiler: He does!!!!! I was really surprised. At the end, he sees his dead friends and stabs himself and becomes a God. And gives his friends their life back. Chris is back to being a live human again, phew. We will see more of him later on, I suspect. What annoyed me was the fact that he became God to mainly save Jenny, that chick I didn't care for. But I guess they didn't want to make Nick out to be a power-hungry freak, so they gave him the noble reason of saving the person he loves. Too bad I didn't feel the love. At all. But whatever, he's a God now. So I guess everyone sort of wins.

At least they don't make out or stay together. It was a nice ending, with him leaving with Chris for another adventure.

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