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The Muppets Most Wanted The Muppets are back in a really good but not great movie

Updated on July 9, 2015

A scan of my blu ray version

the scan of the blu ray box
the scan of the blu ray box

I give the Muppets most wanted a

4 stars for Muppets Most Wanted

I got Muppets Most Wanted about a month ago on blu ray. I enjoyed the original Disney reboot movie (a joke is made at the beginning that this is in fact there 7th sequel to their original movie, although it is a direct sequel to the last one) and wanted to watch this one. While this one is fun it lacks a bit of a charm. Ironically just like the Muppets sing at the beginning the sequel is not has good has the original movie.

The movie begins right where the last one left off. The Muppets have saved there theater and are now figuring out what to do. Since they are still there then someone must have green lit a sequel. After a song and dance about what to do for a sequel Kermit is approached by a man named Dominic Badguy (is explanation around this corny pun is pretty funny) and he recommends a worldwide tour for the Muppets. Meanwhile unbeknownst to Kermit his evil twin Constantine has just broken out of the Gulag and is out too pull off one of the biggest capers mankind has ever seen, and Dominic is his number 2. Constantine and Dominic manages to set Kermit up to take Constantine’s place back in the Gulag and Constantine takes over the Muppets letting them do “whatever they want”, which if you know the Muppets means absolute anarchy has he and Dominic set out to rob Europe of all its priceless treasures. Meanwhile Kermit stuck in the Gulag makes friends with his guard Nadia and starts to help her reform her annual light hearted Gulag review. Meanwhile Sam the Eagle and his European counterpart are trying to solve the mystery.

One of the things I have notice since Disney bought out the Muppets is that they are doing their best to return to the classic Muppets my thoughts on that is, great. Something that almost destroyed the Muppets in the 90’s was the idea that Hensons dead so therefore Kermit could no longer be the star. We saw a lot of the original cast pretty much push to the side and almost forgotten about. But no longer is this a case, in this sequel we finally see the focus on the classic Muppets. Not Walter, not Rizzo, and none of whoever the heck was the MC of Muppets tonight from the 90’s. It’s all the classic Muppets and they are now center stage. In fact there is a joke about this with Rizzo and Kermits nephew leaving because there not getting any screen time (you won’t be missed by this Muppet fan). What they did with Walter though was interesting, he’s now one of the gang but he’s no longer center stage and the movie knows it. He’s got a few key scenes (first one next to Animal that realizes there has been an amphibian switch) but they don’t spend too much time on him in this movie.

Like most Muppet movies there are a ton of cameo guest star appearances that go in and out has soon has you see one and usually there jokes are pretty funny. The songs though are really good and catchy. From the ironic 4th wall busting opening number about how the Muppets are now doing a sequel, to Nadia singing to Kermit that’s he’s in the big house and he’s here to stay (she sings like it’s an exclusive hotel he will never be able to leave) which is not only catchy but funny. My favorite and it does show that when it comes to the old fashion puppeteering there is no better people then the Muppets is Dominic and Constantine’s song about how Constantine’s number 1 and he’s number 2 and until the day Dominic can get his due it’s “dance monkey dance”. All the songs here are really good.

Of course I have to spend some time on my favorite sub plot Sam the Eagle trying to solve the crimes committed by Constantine. Normally Sam is brushed to the side because he’s a one note character. He’s a prudish American patriot good for a small joke or two and not much else. Here he’s got his own sub plot where he has too team up with a European Interpol agent and the jokes rage on between the difference between the two cultures. Between Sams overly inflated ego and willing to push himself too hard, then his partners need to take a break and go on vacation before the case is officially over. The jokes are hilarious and it’s nice to see the character get use for more than just one scene.

If there is one thing I don’t like about the movie though would be the villain in Constantine. He’s got this ridiculously slow voice and accent that grates after a while. And don’t get me wrong there are jokes about his personality in voice in there, but after the first little while dealing with him he gets a bit old.

The Blu Ray

The Blu Ray has the extended cut of the movie which I would say is actually better than the original cut. Normally extended cuts aren’t has good because the reason for the cuts were sound ones when they were made. The movies usually now seem too long and off pace in these extended cuts. Opposite with the Muppets they cut off a lot of funny jokes, one linear, and actually the pacing seems to be disrupted without these small bits then with them it’s kind of ironic. An example of the pacing being off is in the original cut at the end of the extended cut when Dominic and Constantine are being hauled off Dominic starts to sing that he’s number 1 now, in the original cut you still hear the last bit of that song and it’s now out of context and just seems weird when you hear the last line of the song. Stick to the extended but it’s worth the extra 10 minutes to sit through this movie. There is also the Statler and Waldorf cut (aka the two old guys in the balcony) basically they fast forward through the movie just stopping at their jokes. And even though it’s less two minutes it’s still too long to sit through for these guys.

Final Recommendation.

What can I say about this movie it’s not the best the Muppets ever made, definitely not has good has it’s prequel but it hits all the right notes a good Muppet movie should. A bunch of quick cameos check, 4th wall breaking joke in almost every scene check, a lot of catchy songs check, and two grumpy guys willing to poke fun of it all double check. If you’re a fan of the Muppet Show it’s definitely worth checking out the Muppets Most Wanted.


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