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The Murky world called, “Mumbai”

Updated on July 6, 2017

Let us take a look, at "Bollywood" by the book

Friday flashbulbs, welcoming “glitterati” in town

Fools fumbling, for autographs around

“Sir, one picture please, I will bow down on your knees”

“Sir, bless my beloved son, tell your bodyguard, to lower his gun”

“I will inflate your hollow ego, and forgive your past filled with crime”

“ One picture with my child? Madame look to your right, one last time?”

Magazines run glossy. “Moments captured, for drool”

Top billing, bullies billboards, distributors welcome, “surround sound”

What defines the race?

The “freshest, prettiest” face

Talent, we dare not judge, your “6 pack abs, you dare not budge”

Pull in crowds, “push off” in that Mercedes, sit back, and “laugh out loud”

‘Poses and Pouts’, signing tongue tied fans

“Prada and Powder”, rev up those vanity vans

Levity, behold. “Life is bought. Life is sold”

The vain, get insane, the rest of us simply get old

Advertising still spells, “IN YOUR FACE, bold is gold”

Don’t simply “be human”, be very stone cold

Know each day, who’s hand you shake?

In Tinsel town, the only truth, is to be very fake

“Sexist” this land, and that murky producer's glare

“Need to get a leg up? Shake each leg, better comply, naked and bare”

“Casting couch”, merely a start. "Denial", their only “weapon” in tow

Crave famous dreams to turn real? Grave those nightmares, above and below

Forget your friend, forgive your foe.

Make a “To do list, tick those to bow before, and get to know

“Public Relations”, the savior indeed

Marketers decide, “Who” graces, your news-feed!

Spare an hour, accept a flower, “Come on Love, you made a star”

Publicity spells Possibility, “greater good”, is reduced to “greed”

See them dance, on your silver screen, or walk that overrated ramp

“Moolah” determines each “Monk”, who plays “virtuous”, who gets to play“vamp”?

“Fashion is Fusion”, for culture is norm

Film, no more, just “another” art form

Commerce plays cupid, “Us audience plays stupid

Audience wants more. Another redundant love story, out that door!

Old wine in a new bottle? Mumbai loves churning it full throttle

“Item numbers”, stand to win.

Lecherous men stand to grin

Music, and dance, a few dialogues thrown in, for free

Motion picture, simply reduced to, ‘“Give them what they want to see!!!”

They are insulated “public figures”, you better pay their inflated “power packed” fee

Celebrated, the “Cast and Crew”, performing this silly riddle

As a pampered “talk show” host, stands, right in the middle

Television a bridge, for “celebrity and common folk”

“Grab that cup of coffee, let us get catty, simply gossip, and mock”

So they flash, those “dental destined” smiles

Walk with aplomb, carry those “funny” hairstyles

Gyrate each hip, to make “us” audience flip

“Item numbers”, the trash they serve

In the name of, “Celebrating a woman’s curves”

Important, they are, according to ”coverage”each hour

Sit back, buckle up, as they spare us a while

Paparazzi always make it worth each mile

Obvious gestures, meant to look, and sound cool

Ask them the President’s name,”guess who is the biggest fool?”

Magazines run glossy, moments meant for “drool”

Instagram handles they need, or “Out of fashion” they shall turn, indeed

Have the right publicist behind, time for you, to reign and thunder

Have the right people ahead, get away, with deceit and murder

They are blissfully unaware, of who pulls each string

This goes beyond politics, “right, or left wing”

A million dollar smile, a billion dollar frown

We decide each head, which wears the "coveted crown"

Friday flashbulbs, welcome “glitterati” in town

Fools fumbling for autographs around

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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