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The Musical Collaborations of Drowning Mona | San Antonio Band

Updated on June 23, 2014

Like many, I am a music enthusiast. Although I cannot play a single instrument, nor would I consider myself to be a vocal talent, I do appreciate the dedication, the talent and the passion that it takes to form a band that together can create music that touches the soul. I myself don’t get out much. I have two children, and work full time, so taking a night off to travel an hour to San Antonio to see anyone, is something that rarely happens.

One night, about 5 months ago, the stars aligned and I was able to watch a performance by a local San Antonio Band, Drowning Mona. Not that I knew it at the time, but as far as San Antonio night life is concerned, Drowning Mona is an act that is truly worth following.

I myself, am no groupie, but I must say, after having the chance to have some conversations with a couple of the band members, they are not only some of the most humble, down to earth musicians I have ever met, but have a bond as a group that is admirable.

Lisa Chapman

The Band

Drowning Mona is made up of four essential members. Lisa Chapman (Vocals), Danny Dena (Base), Chuck Fulcher (Guitar), DX (Drums). The band’s combined experiences include sharing the stage with Buck Cherry, 3 Days Grace, Nickelback, Tom Petty, Veruca Salt and Local H, playing at the Viper Room, Whiskey a Go Go and the Sturgis Bike Rally as well as many venues throughout South Texas and the East Coast.

You can find some of their latest and greatest music on Reverbnation. I suggest listening to Plastic People and Blinded.


San Antonio Music Awards

Drowning Mona’s collaborations have earned them various San Antonio Music Awards over the years.

2012 San Antonio Music Awards:
Best Guitarist
Best Female Vocalist
2011 San Antonio Music Awards:
Best Female Vocalist
Best Original Rock Band
Fan Appreciation Award
2010 San Antonio Music Awards:
Best Female Vocalist
Best Performing Band
2009 San Antonio Music Awards:
Best Female Vocalist

San Antonio Rock Band

Drowning Mona is not a band that is for the Easy Listening crowd, but if you are someone who enjoyed the 1990’s Seattle Grunge sound as it merged with creative, emotionally powered lyrics as expressed by some iconic sounds such as Pearl Jam, mixed together with a voice comparable to the raspy styling’s of the late great Janis Joplin, Drowning Mona is right up your ally. I hope you enjoy their breathtaking music as much as I do.

Drowning Mona- Over Now

© 2014 Holly


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