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The Mystery Singer at Fisherman's Wharf

Updated on March 28, 2015


Listen to the video, who is this?

I don't know. It was like something eerie because, well, I know I have heard her voice somewhere before. It was flawless. She was calm and cool as she performed for free and donations. As I stood there, I then recognized the song, well, sort of, I mean, it IS a recorded song but by who? Then I thought, maybe, whoever it was, was a celebrity incognito playing for kicks at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco this day. It HAS happened before. Lots of celebs live in the area.

Usually, there is a sign of some nervousness by those doing this: just setting up and playing, belting out a song that was spot on. No missed notes. Between songs, she said nothing, just prepared her guitar for the next number that was as equally good. You can see star quality in a performance by confidence and perfection. Maybe this mystery signer was a well known recording artist to some, not others. That certainly can happen. Maybe the disguise was misleading, but as she sang, people took notice of her talent, her poise, more and more. She turned heads. I certainly did from across the street as soon as she started to sing. Even others walking by me from across the street, paused to listen. It is this kind of presence that a star has after so many years of honing their talent. If she is just an unknown, she surely will be discovered.

There was another amazing flamingo guitarist further down the road. He was simply incredible and like the woman, a show stopper for tourists who gathered around him. He, too, was getting donations and this guy was much, much older. As I stood there, I was simply amazed at his playing and thought this guy, at some time in his life, must have recorded this type of music. How did he descend into such despair? Playing for money on a street? Such talent is being wasted.

Two professional artists playing for a living is a typical day on Fisherman's Wharf.


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