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The Mystery of Flight MH370

Updated on October 17, 2014

Our flight departed on the same day as MH370 for Beijing. Upon arriving none of us were aware of the crisis about to unfold. Family and friends were initially confused regarding whether or not we were for reasons unknown on the flight. My long-time boyfriend admits to having a moment of pure panic wondering if the reason for lack of any contact was because our plane was the one missing. For myself, I discovered the news while watching CNN from our Beijing hotel. Since the announcement I have followed the twists and turns of one of the greatest aviation mysteries of our time. Flying home on a Boeing 777 brought home the question of why such a plane, which appears so safe, could suddenly have disappeared.

While the search remains ongoing NOVA has released a documentary on the plane's final moments and the theories surrounding its disappearance. The film seeks to understand how a plane could just suddenly disappear in a world where radar is assumed to cover a flight's every move. Why Planes Vanish asks more than where Flight MH370 is. NOVA seeks to understand how this happened and what can be done to prevent a second mystery.

Why Planes Vanish

Like many of the documentaries on MH370 NOVA goes into theories and the final flight timelines. Search efforts are detailed as the plane continues to elude even the world's best. If this were the the entire documentary this hubpage would not have been written. What truly made 'Why Planes Vanish' a documentary of notice is it goes farther than looking at MH370. NOVA seeks to understand the why for the safety of aviation travel. The safety net of GPS, radar, and satellite use has been broken. All of these and yet a plane mysteriously vanishes with no explanation as to why. The switchoff of the plane's transponder begs the question as to why it was done and should transponders be altered to keep from manual switchoff in the future. If we cannot unravel the mysterious vanishing of Flight MH370 then how do we prevent another plane vanishing in the future? Finding the plane's black box could take years, even decades, the answers will never be easy ones. NOVA ignites the interest of the viewer and leaves one with a new wonder on just 'why planes vanish.'

"Goodnight Malaysian 370": The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight 370
"Goodnight Malaysian 370": The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight 370

Written with the aid of a pilot this book examines the flight of MH370 from the very start. With interviews from the pilot's own family new information is presented in this compelling work.


Mysterious Final Moments of Flight MH370

Initially the events surrounding the disappearance of Flight MH370 were kept secret from even the family and friends desperate for news of their loved ones. Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lampur and was set to arrive at Beijing International Airport on March 8th 2014. Malaysian airlines initially listed it as delayed but the truth was the flight had signed off on contact with Lumpur ATC and never contacted Vietnamese ATC like scheduled. Details released later state the flight's transponder had been switched off. Radar picked up the flight making a sharp westward turn along the Malay Peninsula. Satellite 'pings' were picked up from the aircraft for seven hours after initial contact was lost over the Indian Ocean, west of Australia.

Malaysia Flight MH370 -  Lost in the Dark: In Defense of the Pilots: An Engineer's Perspective
Malaysia Flight MH370 - Lost in the Dark: In Defense of the Pilots: An Engineer's Perspective

The theory I believe most would be the innocence of the pilot's who did their best to navigate a flight in a horrible situation. The plane's final satellite readings are said to be consistent with the time when the flight's fuel would have been exhausted.


NOVA with Theories Examined

NOVA makes no exact claim over the cause of the flight's disappearance. Top experts give and debate possible theories over why the plane acted in such an unusual way. There are those who believe it may have been an act of terrorism. Some believe in the 'hypoxia' theory. The pilots passed out from lack of oxygen leaving the plane on autopilot until it finally ran out of fuel. Others consider the unusually high amount of batteries the flight was carrying could have contributed to a disastrous event. The Boeing 777 is known for its very high safety rating but incidents have occurred which could have led to the plane having problems. Radar indications seem to initially show the plane to be descending unevenly towards Penang Island. Questions over the pilot and co-pilot emotional stability have also been raised. The debate goes on with no end in sight until further information can be found.


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