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The N.E.R.D. Entertainment Report for the week of October 5th

Updated on October 5, 2014

New Project News:

Well you've been asking for it for years and your persistence has paid off. A movie based on the popular video game Tetris is in the works!

The Wall Street Journal reported that production company Threshold Entertainment (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat Annhilation) is beginning work on the film which reportedly already has a story in place. The company has yet to find a director or crew for the picture but the company is leaning hard on the fact that the Tetris brand in itself will sell and they state that the film will be a "very big, epic sci-fi movie".

Casting is also yet to be completed but my vote is for the Academy Award winning actor 'that one piece that looks like an upside down, backwards L.'

SyFy News:

The SyFy channel is bringing us an all new televised miniseries with Ascension. The 10-episode show will star Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer in the show which follows a group of 600 people in a gigantic space arc meant to save humanity in the new world when they come across serious and intergalactic challenges.

The series, which also stars Brian Van Holt (The Bridge) and is directed by Philip Levens (Smallville) debuts on SyFy on November 24th.

You can check out the trailer below:

Quick Cast:

--Speaking of video game to film adaptations, this might get you a little more excited.

Deadline reports that Jesse Metcalfe (Smallville), Meghan Ory (Intelligence), Virginia Madsen (Witches of East End), and Dennis Haysbert (24) are set to star in a film adaptation of Dead Rising: Watchtower. Directed by Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) and written by Tim Carter (Mortal Kombat: Legacy), the film will be based on the popular Capcom franchise and follow a group of survivors fighting to survive a zombie apocalypse. The film is being co-produced by the streaming company Crackle and the movie will be released on that website.

D'Agosto | Source

--As FOX's Gotham continues along its path of awesomeness, many of the great comic book characters are present, from the good guys (James Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Harvey Bullock) to the classic villains (Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, etc).

We will be introduced to yet another of the classic characters in Harvey Dent/Two-Face. It was reported this week that actor Nicholas D’Agosto (Final Destination 5) will be joining the series as the famed district attorney.

Actor David Zayas (The Blacklist) has also been tapped to play the infamous gangster Salvatore Maroni.

Box Office Projections*

  1. Gone Girl - $35 Million+
  2. Annabelle - $30 Million+
  3. The Equalizer - $14 Million+
  4. The Maze Runner - $10 Million+
  5. The Boxtrolls - $8 Million+

The Ben Affleck starring thriller Gone Girl and horror flick Annabelle will fight back and forth for first place this weekend although Gone Girl has a better chance of coming out victorious. Annabelle, based off of the horror hit The Conjuring will make a good profit this weekend though, as the movie only cost $6.5 million to make.

Actor Nicolas Cage tried his best to make the reboot of Left Behind into a power player in this weekend's box office but he stumbled, helping the film earn less than $5 million dollars on a $16 million budget.

*numbers based on Saturday's data

This Week's Winner:

Interstellar Trailer Update:

This week another TV spot was released for the upcoming Christopher Nolan flick Interstellar and it doesn't seem to reveal too much more about the content of the film. We are again reminded that earth is running out of food and only Matthew McConaughey can save us. The film, which will be released on November 7th, looks to have the potential to be an awesome movie but we'll have to wait until then to find out.

Walking Dead Prep:

Finally, I'm sure most Walking Dead fans are on their edge of their seats in anticipation of the upcoming season which begins October 12th on AMC. For those looking for a refresher, Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross has created this one-minute round-up to help you get back into the swing of things.



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