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"Nastradamus" Song review - by Hip-hop artist Nasir Jones

Updated on March 7, 2012

Smooth lyrics here, but the original song wasn't released, Why?

By Nas - Nastradamus Hip-hop song
By Nas - Nastradamus Hip-hop song | Source

Hidden messages in the Video

If you look closely at each frame of the video the Rap artist Nassir Jones created, you will also see shadows, as well as the image of the Twin towers, as well as him staring at a image on a video screen within the video itself.

I liked the video to say the least, but how did so many things in this video actually project what was to come, if it was just a kind of twist on a world renowned prediction, that the real Nostradamus claimed years back in antiquity.

Still to this very day I look at this video to see even more, with people being shown and displayed as they pointed up towards the sky in the video several times, and even Nas himself points up. The question I ask here is, what are or were they pointing at there?

Puzzling it may be, but I think this one deserves a deeper insight, overall inspection and observation as to how these happenings and occurrences we see here in such a video was placed there almost mapping out things to come, & what was the main purpose of such graphical displays?

I was amazed and only look to find more answers to things such as this nature, because it leaves me to think what if, each time I replayed the video over the last two years or so.

Are these clues to unlocking what appears to be a conspiracy of epic proportions? whom, many Americans believe today, from watching Fahrenheit 911, & by viewing many Youtube videos such as the 9/11 documentary Loose Change, a deep question to ponder on I suppose.

In the year 1999, I was still in the US Navy at the time going on my 2nd year actually, and something very peculiar had arose all of a sudden in the hip-hop arena.

It had appeared that a rapper by the name of Nassir Jones, or formerly known as Nasty Nas, Esco, Escobar or just Nas today, had come out with a controversial song titled "Nastradamus", which was obviously a play on the prediction makers name from many years back in the year 1566 known as Nostradamus.

I was surely surprised to see that such a song was being crafted at the time and released to the public, because it was going to be similar to that of his actual predictions. Little did I know that after its original production back in early 1999, Nassir decided to redo it and postpone its production, which I had discovered years later he actually did.

His original release of the first song he made was promised to be like the worlds end times song, just as Nostradamus had predicted, but for some reason it wasn't done that way after the official release of the song came out.

I was amazed to see how empty the song appeared to be, and the lack of his true essence or usage of powerful words, or lyrics as Nas had done previously on all his songs prior to its release. Now maybe something had happened in the making of such a powerful video, that the production was suddenly halted, as too the original lyrics of the song itself.

Looking deeper into the video when I had got out of the navy in Oct 2008, with my younger brother, after seeing a video about Nostradamus on youtube I was blown away by what I saw. Youtube didn't actually exist back in 1999 it was founded in Feb 2005, and so this may be the reason why this new occurrence & connection in watching both videos even came about, to my attention.

What I had discovered is that if you freeze frame many of the parts in the Nastradamus video you will see the apparent subliminal messages, as well as under skirting of lesser word play as to what is to occur soon. This song was produced 2 years prior to the actual ungodly September 11th event, in 2001, which claimed the lives of many victims. For some odd reason I've felt that there's a connection here, between this video, the real Nostradamus prediction, and the horrifying event.

Bonus track - "Patience", by Nas & Damian Marley

The influential Rapper Nas, has actually grouped up & joined forces recently, with a cool well known reggae artist whom goes by the name of Damian Marley, who actually is Bob Marley's biological son.

They came up with a cool song called "Patience", this song to me, is inspired by the struggle that many African American's have faced throughout history. In dealing with issues of social prejudice, class differences, oppression, poverty, racial divides, political tensions worldwide, dealing with historical lies, folklore, mysticism, humanity, superstition, science, ancient antiquity, philosophy, morality, and mostly about survival.

There's many other humanitarian themes about global issues here in this video, most great historians have even chosen to place focus, and major emphasis on throughout the pages of our time on earth as human beings.

I present to you a video like no other above, and these two videos seem to actually tie into one another, which makes me think there's much more to it all than meets the eye. Amazingly both videos are separated by many years, a whole 11 Years to be exact. Wow!! now isn't that something indeed, how the numbers game plays out.

What is your take on this video song review

Do you think there's a connection between the Nastradamus song in 1999, and the Nostrodamus prediction back in 1566 & 11 years later.

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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @Manqoba, I don't think the same, the original content was actually set out to be a sort of similar prediction to the original Nostradamus prediction, but I truly believe the director of the film decided to blank such a portion out for some odd reason, so as to leave it up to the imagination, and so that subliminal messages can stand in the greater form of imagery, as videos always are formulated to do.

      Thanks for reading and sharing with me here your thoughts were well accepted indeed.

    • profile image

      Manqoba 5 years ago

      I also understand why the original song was not released, it's content must have been disturbing to others or revealing greater things to others.