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The Neon Lights Of Vegas

Updated on August 13, 2010

The Neon Lights Of Vegas

 The Neon Lights Of Vegas

by Chuck RitenouR 9-20-2K5

verse 1:

I said, let's pretend to be lovers if its all the same to you

we can got downstairs for dinner and watch the show if you'd like to

she enjoyed a rare prime rib I had oysters on the shell

It was my first trip to Vegas, I guess she could tell.

verse 2:

She could have been an actress up on the silver screen

She put on quiet a performance that first night with me

but the blood running through her veins must have been cold as ice.

yes, she was one in a million and she was well worth the price.


the neon lights of Vegas draw the moths to the flame

as it burns in the desert turning night into day.

she left me in the morning while I was fast asleep.

and looking back on it now, love has never been so cheap.

the end.


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