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Gaining Recognition As A New Band

Updated on December 23, 2013

This Hub

It can be hard for any creative people to know where to start when it comes to self promotion and growing their fan base. In terms of music, how do you get gigs and gain fans?

This hub contains a few pointers and a little advice for 'new' musicians and bands, as well as a few helpful websites.

Also in this hub is an interview with a Birmingham based band, The New Ages, as they discuss their music style, song-writing, initial self promotion and getting gigs.

Achieve your goals
Achieve your goals | Source


What are you aiming for? Do you want to gain fame and tour the world? Do you want to sell your music? Or are you content treating your music as a hobby?

It's ok to dream big, but be realistic with your aims. If you have an achievable set of aims, you are more likely to reach your targets and less likely to get frustrated and lose hope. You can reset your aims higher and higher as you achieve your smaller goals and this gives you something to work towards.

Useful websites.

Don't have a full band yet? Need to recruit a new member?

It's often easier to find who or what you're looking for on the internet. These websites are popular sites that allow you to either search for local musicians or many offer a free advertisement service that allow you to post an advert on-line so that you can find that perfect guitarist.

  • Bandmix
  • Gumtree
  • Joinmyband
  • PartySounds
  • BandVacancies
  • BandLink


Internet Promotion vs Live Music

Which form of promotion is best?

It depends what type of music you create and what your aims are. Do you wish to play live music to fans, or would you rather create recordings to sell on the internet?

For most musicians, a mixture of the two forms of promotion will prove most useful. It's also important to have a balance between the two; if you live on the internet and build up a huge following, what use is it if you haven't practised and perfected your music?

Live Music

Some music is simply better when heard live. By playing live you are actually engaging with the viewers; they are caught up in the atmosphere of the gig rather than just clicking a 'like' button absent-mindedly. If a gig is good, it will be memorable and people will talk about it, so repeatedly playing live can build up an active following who have a genuine love of your music. However, this often creates a small following and it can be hard to spread your music to other people who may be interested.

Internet promotion

That said, internet promotion is a good way of getting more people to hear your work. It accesses such a broad audience, that if you manage to engage with them, you will have so many more people who are aware of your sound and activities than perhaps you would otherwise and if these people genuinely like what they see and hear, it is a great way of accessing more fans.

Band Promotion

Band promotion

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr

Sites for Internet promotion

Music promotion.

  • itunes
  • Bandcamp
  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube
  • Amazon

Venues and getting gigs.

To achieve the reality of playing live music in the public eye, many different venues need to be approached. Lots of these places support local artists and set up specific nights for up and coming artists that allow new bands to be heard. The only way to know if a venue is willing to allow a gig is to ask.

The New Ages.
The New Ages.

Listen to the New Ages.

For a taster of their musical style, the bands newest song, 'the forest’ can be found here on Soundcloud;

The New Ages

The New Ages are a newly established four-piece band, based in Birmingham. They play a form of alternative punk rock music with their sound being described as a mixture between the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the Arctic Monkeys.

The New Ages
The New Ages

The New Ages Band.

Dan Berridge
Ludo Roche
Ben Sinclair
Ant Evans

Forming the Band.

The band was originally formed by singer, Ant Evans and guitarist, Daniel Berridge in 2009. However, this first band didn't work out and after disbanding it, they continued writing new songs and playing acoustic nights at local bars together to showcase their old and new material as a duo.

In late 2012 they decided a full band was needed to be able to perform their songs at the highest quality. After a short spell of searching for the right members they recruited a French bass player, Ludo Roche and drummer, Ben Sinclair. They immediately made their mark on the songs, with their input changing the sound and creating the unique style you can hear today.

Putting the Band Together

To discover their new band members, Ant and Dan put an advert on-line to see who would get in touch.

They discovered Ludo on the previously mentioned, 'Bandmix' and found Ben through an advert on 'Gumtree'.

Piper Man
Piper Man


The New Ages use both social media platforms and live performances to promote their music. They play as many open mic nights and gig performances as possible in a variety of different venues. So far, they have successfully played gigs in a number of cities and towns in the country, from local Birmingham and Derby to gigs further afield such as Manchester or London. This contributes to gaining a following that isn't entirely localised to their home town.

An interview with the New Ages.

Here is an interview with Ant Evans, the vocalist of the New Ages.

How did you get inspiration for the name of the band?

We wanted to bring a style of funk rock back into the music scene as there is currently not much of it around. So we thought The New Ages would suggest what we'd love to aim for; a 'New Age' of music.

What inspires you as a band?

The love of music in general. Also bands that have gone before us that are highly passionate about what they do, with amazing live performances.

Which bands in particular inspire you?

We are all driven by rock music so different variations of the genre such as indie and heavy rock. This is what inspired us to write our own form of Indie Rock. We all have our own different musical inspirations, but a few that we all agree on are; The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Jack White, Serge Gainsbourg and Incubus.

Are you currently writing any new music?

We only write and play our own material, we don't play covers, so we are always trying to write new music. Band members suggest new ideas and we jam them out to see if it works. We don't always agree with each other on what sounds right, but when you reach a final song, it's such a worthwhile feeling.

Where do you tend to perform?

We play anywhere and everywhere, whether it be down at the local pub for an open mic night or at larger music venues who are very equipped. We get in contact with any venues we can and try to arrange performance dates that suit everyone. As well as playing local gigs in Birmingham, we try to extend our audience by branching out into other cities too.

What is your aim for the future of the band?

We have always treated the band as a hobby, but if we ever did get a break to make it in the music industry that would be fantastic! It's every bands dream to become an internationally famous and tour the world.

Following the New Ages

If you'd like to know more about the band, or to follow what they have been up to, check out their website:

They are also on a few popular media websites:


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