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The New China Sensation: A Cross-dressing Grandfather

Updated on January 9, 2013
When not in drag
When not in drag

It seems that odd things can only happen in Hollywood, SF, or China. Take Mr. Liu Qianping, who is 72 yrs. old, in retirement after working much of his adult working life in the Mao's rice fields and other forced labor situations back in the 1960's-70's. He survived the worse Mao cultural revolution had to offer including famine and meager living, now the 5 ft. 8 inch, 110 lb. man with skinny legs is China's new crazy sensation, thanks to his granddaughter, Lu Ting, 24, who is a startup clothes designer. Her website is Yecoo Fashion Store.

What does her grandpa do? He models her designs for her online. Her sales from the website in China have quadrupled. He enjoys cross dressing into women's clothes complete with a wig. Because of the stardom from the website, TV stations have contacted him and was recently on a TV show that created high ratings. The clothes he choose to wear are all picked by himself from those his granddaughter provides. He has become quite a sensation and frequently does photo shoots and his photos appear in newspapers.

Most of the younger Chinese generation seemed to have embraced the elderly model, it is a novelty to them, while for those in Liu's age range feel it is disrespectful for someone his age doing what he does. But, China is liking what elderly people are doing if it is outrageous, their word for it is: laolaiqiao. They also have a weekly TV show where elderly people do those kind of things.

Daily sales for the outlet he models for, Yecoo Fashion Store, have jumped from an average $160-a-day in May to more than $1,100. Yecoo's site has recorded 250,000 visits. China’s Twitter-like social networking site Weibo has recorded more than 9.6 million searches for “granddad,” how Liu is now known by millions.


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