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The "New Lorde" Is Actually Good

Updated on March 5, 2017
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I'm an 18 year-old undergraduate Psychology student from Greece, with a passion for movies, TV shows, music and people(sometimes).


So, Lorde just dropped "Green Light", the first single from her upcoming sophomore album, along with a new music video on Thursday, March the 2nd, 2017. While I see the response to it being mainly positive, the comment section of her music video has turnt into a battlefield with people being disappointed that her new music sounds different than her old stuff. Some people even blame this "change" on Lorde's friendship with Taylor Swift! I'll go ahead and try to explain why their argument is invalid.

About Lorde

Lorde is a pop artist. "Dream pop" is the actual genre she appertains to, but it's still pop.

Her first album, Pure Heroine , was released in 2013, when Lorde was only 17 years old. It featured some quite relatable to most teenagers lyrics, acompanied by Lorde's low voice vocals and a dark, "goth" vibe, some would say.

Three and a half years later, Lorde is now 20 years old, she's experienced new things, has gone through new situations and, naturally, that's where her inspiration during the writing process was drawn from.

About The Song

As she admitted during a radio interview on "The Edge", her new song is ultimately a break up song with a positive vibe on it, proclaiming that, at the end of the day, things are going to be just fine.

The actual song starts with some minimalistic piano music and, right before the chorus, a chord change and a melancholic but joyful beat comes up, in a way that it feels like it's a song inside another song. It still features Lorde's iconic extreme low notes but yes it feels different than her old music, simply because it is different.

Why It's Good

It is well known that people grow up, they become smarter and wiser, they change. It is irrational to expect a person, and specifically an artist, to get older, to change, without their art changing as well. Lorde just wanted to figuratively talk about her first major heartbreak through this song and feel herself while doing it, so she adaded a beat. She wanted to give us something to dance and lose ourselves to when we're feeling down but then we realise that "Hey, I'm going to be okay!"

When you try and put some thought on the subject, both the song and the music video are unique and beautful in their own way.


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