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The Old vs. New trailer for Star Wars

Updated on April 18, 2015

First off I am excited for the new film this Christmas. As far as the trailer goes I wouldn't say it is bad or anything but honestly I think it could have been better. The first trailer I think got me more hyped than this one. The monologue of the first trailer combined with the mysterious man with the red lightsaber looked much more suspenseful than just the passing of a lightsaber from father to son and a bunch of quick cuts. I will admit the image of Darth Vader's mask was eyecatching but other than that nothing else stuck out to me. It was underwhelming to say the least and I now don't know what to think of the film. I'm not going to make useless gripes and say the stormtroopers look dumb or the title looks weird. For a Star Wars trailer and considering we already have an epic teaser trailer to go off of I don't think this trailer did any justice for the film. In a couple of days from now I don't think it will matter.

As for the first trailer I believe it was what we needed as Star Wars fans. I have always been a Star Wars fan ever since I was 8 and even though I had my skepticism in the past I have to say when the first trailer came out I was hyped. That first glimpse of the guy walking through the forest just stuck with me ever since I saw him. The atmosphere, location, and even the light-saber all looked badass. He reminded me of Darth Maul and I liked Darth Maul but my only problem was that he didn't do or say enough before his final fight. I want to get to know a villain before they have their final fight and Darth Maul didn't say anything so even though his fight was awesome it could have been a lot better had he been able to do more. The other part was at the end where the Millennium Falcon appeared and I just lost it. That might be the greatest shot of the film and you can bet I was ready to see this film after seeing that. If you think about it we haven't seen that ship since 1983 in the last original film. Now we get to see it again. Now this might but a little late but I loved the first trailer and if the film can be more like that than the second it would be awesome.


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