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The Northern Star (Oh My Canada)

Updated on May 5, 2011

My Song For Canada

I decided to write a song for Canada. If you go on You-tube these days and punch in Canada anthems or songs, you mostly get our Canadian National Anthem. Other than that there are a few parodies of what is to be Canadian but nothing really serious.

I wanted to write something for Canada that does not necessarily have to play in a hockey arena. For you Canadians out there. when was the last time you heard the national anthem other than in a sporting event.

Most would respond and say "Canada Day", our national holiday. The point is that it and other songs about our country are scarcely heard until the puck is dropped. Maybe we can have more writers out there produce more songs.

Canadian patriotism is somewhat introverted. We become a little embarrassed if too much emotion is shown about our country. It might be due to our southern neighbor and how they go all out to celebrate their national holiday. Who knows?

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