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The Not-So-Innocent Side of Disney: Bambi, Why Do You Traumatise Me?

Updated on December 11, 2017


There is no doubt that Bambi tops the list for traumatising young children with a scene of his mother being shot, we don't actually see it happening but we get the idea she's died after Bambi calls out her name walking around the woods and she never comes back. Poor little Bambi. A few other scenes from the movie stick out in my mind which also made me feel a bit scared when I was young, when Bambi runs away from man for the first time with his father and mother, his battle with Ronno, his enemy who tries to take his girlfriend away from him, the forest fire and when the dogs chase him towards the end of the film. I guess Walt wanted to teach a lesson of how to cope with death and building character for young viewers and somewhat traumatising them at the same time.

This scene played on my heart at a young age and still does now at the age of 26, the music, the effects gives you a bad feeling. The music suddenly stops as the three of them run off giving the impression one of them has been shot, then it fades out. The first frightening scene for young viewers.

Bambi Running Away

Bambis Mother Death

The next time he is out with his mother she is shot and killed by man. Bambi then wanders through the forest alone and cold calling out for his mother. He meets with his father who says the words, 'Your mother cant be with you anymore' which is enough to leave you crying for the rest of the film. Bambis face right here says it all. Watch the video with caution.

Bambi Crying

Bambis Mother Death


Bambi grows up, gets a girlfriend and bumps into his enemy Ronno, an enemy who tries to steal his girlfriend away from him. Bambi shows right here he'd do anything for Faline, but things get dark very quickly. After a minute of beating each other up Ronno falls down a bank in some water and walks off defeated. Its intensity is enough to scare its young viewers with its dark colours and quick change of events, but this also comes to show Bambi can kick some ass when needs be.

Bambi, Ronno Fight


Dogs aren't vicious creatures but the scene where they chase Bambi definitely gave me bad vibes as a child. Those sharp teeth, angry faces and black eyes scared me when I was young and made me fear dogs for a while.


Forest Fire

Last but not least came the forest fire. The second most intense scene of the film. It made me sad to watch those poor defenceless animals runaway. The reaction on this rabbit says it all really.

Scared Rabbit


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