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The OSCARS: A farce?

Updated on March 5, 2016
Di Caprio:  Addressing the OSCARS throng about environmental issues.
Di Caprio: Addressing the OSCARS throng about environmental issues. | Source
Chris Rock:  Speaking about the so called lack of black actors up for nomination at the OSCARS.
Chris Rock: Speaking about the so called lack of black actors up for nomination at the OSCARS. | Source
Sam Smith:  Was wrong to say he was the only gay ever to be given an award at the OSCARS.
Sam Smith: Was wrong to say he was the only gay ever to be given an award at the OSCARS. | Source
GRAMMY. | Source
OSCAR. | Source

OSCARS and events in general.

I cannot say I have ever been allured by the glitz and glamour and celebs being interviewed on the red carpet at awards ceremonies. I don't care if their movie stars, sports stars, entertainers or what, it all smacks of the unreal and the immoral to me.

When many parts of the world are starving or fleeing war and austerity is forcing many people in the western world today to become poorer and poorer these ceremonies seem a world away from the hard truth of what life is like today for many ordinary people in the 21st Century.

If you like these ceremonies the OSCARS, GRAMMYS, BRITS, fine thats up to you but just don't ask me to like them. That said what I am writing here is a description of this years OSCARS which I have already covered in one or two of my previous articles.

It seems this year the OSCARS have got caught in the trap of political correctness and issues just because all of the actors selected for nominations were white with Chris Rock hosting the evening addressing this issue head on. Whether you agree with him or not he as a black man thought it he would have to address it head on so he could be down with his fellow homies so to speak.

Than you had Leonardo Di Caprio taking to the stage speaking about the planet and the environment - well that's fair enough Mr Di Caprio but then you jet away in a private plane so how big is your carbon foot print?

Then you had Sam Smith on stage who warbled the song to the latest Bond film 'Spectre' saying he was the only gay in the village, well actually he did not say that but said he was the only gay to receive an award at the OSCARS. When after that subsequently he had to eat his words because he was not the first gay (apparently) to receive an award.

The OSCARS for which I already have said I have no time for and other such ceremonies for reasons I have outlined, is, at the end of the day about best actors, best supporting actors, music scores etc not about issues. Making points is ok but are they really relevant at a ceremony like the OSCARS and other similar events.

We know many personalities in the limelight seemingly care about issues and make use of their high profile to highlight these issues such as Richard Gere and his issue over Tibet. But should not such issues be addressed at gatherings to do with the issues they care about. Maybe they could take a leaf out of Jeremy Corbyn's book who attends CND rallies and adresses those issues he cares about there and hardly when hes in Parliament.

So perhaps celebs should leave their issues at the door when attending ceremonies and address them at the gatherings to do with those issues.


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