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The Oak Ridge Boys: Their 10 Best Songs

Updated on August 26, 2015

The Oak Ridge Boys in Concert

The Oak Ridge Boys
The Oak Ridge Boys | Source

The Oak Ridge Boys have some great songs!

The Oak Ridge Boys have been around since the 1940s when the group performed as a gospel quartet. There have been various singers who have come and gone over the years as the group evolved. The current make-up of the Oak Ridge Boys consists of Duane Allen (lead), Joe Bonsall (tenor), William Lee Golden (baritone), and Richard Sterban (bass). These guys has been together since 1973, with the exception of several years when Golden was not with the group. Their mix of sound has basically produced the most popular songs associated with the Oak Ridge Boys brand. Let’s look at the Oak Ridge Boys’ 10 best songs.

The Top Ten

10. “This Crazy Love”

This song was #1 on the Billboard Country charts in 1987. The song’s strength is most likely its words which everyone can identify with at one time or another. The music lacks a bit of the harmony that we usually associate with the “Oak Ridge Boys.”

9. “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor”

“The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” has been a commercial success, but the song truly has a powerful Gospel message. The steel guitar featured here is a bit different than most of their songs.

8. “Elvira”

Later generations associate “Elvira” with the Oak Ridge Boys more than any other song that they have done. Not their most beautiful harmony, it is still an easy-listening song with an upbeat feel. (The words are easy to remember, too!) “Hi-Ho, Silver, away!”

7. “Gonna Take A Lot of River”

Listeners get a touch of Bluegrass, complete with banjo, on his light-hearted song. The music video is worth watching, too, since it is filmed on the water.

6. "Bobbie Sue"

This is one of the Oak Ridge Boys’ top commercial hits. As many of the Oak Ridge Boys songs, it’s not 100% country, for sure. And, also, like many other of their songs, Richard Sterban’s bass is the thing that just makes the song pop. “B-B-B-B-Bobbie Sue,” really sticks with you when the song is over.

5. “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight”

This Cajun song is one of the Oak Ridge Boys’s most popular songs. It displays a little different style of singing and instrumentals that is lots of fun.

4. “Just a Little Talk with Jesus

If your toe is not tapping on this old Gospel standard, you should check your pulse. Although many groups have done this song, nobody does it as well as “The Oak Ridge Boys.” Richard Sterban’s bass is the icing on the cake.

3.”Dig a Little Deeper in the Well”

This song still has a strong residue of the gospel roots of The Oak Ridge Boys, featuring the various members at their best. “Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig a little deeper in the well.” The words are worth mentioning, too; there is a lot of truth in the advice given.

2. “Sail Away”

Duane Allen sings lead on this wonderful song. The beat sways just like a boat on the sea, and this one is definitely a romantic song. The sound is new country with a light, lilting feel to it.

1.”Dream On”

“Dream On” has to be not only the Oak Ridge Boys’ best song but one of the best romantic songs ever recorded. The song is a “Prince Charming” song, and women love it. The amazing bass voice of Richard Sterban is featured in this number.

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