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The Odd Couple Season 2 Start Date

Updated on March 16, 2016
The Odd Couple Season 2 Start Date
The Odd Couple Season 2 Start Date

Fans are waiting! Those who love The Odd Couple Season 1 will agree: The show brought to TV what had been missing for a long time: clean, fun comedy you can genuinely smile and laugh with. With all the terrible crime shows and way-too-cutthroat reality TV shows on the small screen, I was so happy to watch the full first season of The Odd Couple. Next to the Big Bang Theory, it was the only show I watched, and quickly became my favorite show. I, like most fans, assumed the show would start back up in September 2015.

With the advent of the Fall 2015 season, though, a lot of Odd Couple fans have been asking, "When does The Odd Couple season 2 actually start?" Originally the show was scheduled to air season 2 in the fall, then it was moved to January 2016. Now it has been moved again to April 7, 2016. The first episode will be titled, "All About Eavesdropping." I found it really disappointing that I will have to wait three more months for season 2 to begin, but I will still be looking forward to it. I'm upset that they keep playing with the schedule and delaying the second season's debut. With as much junk as the networks put on TV, is it that hard to put the Odd Couple on?


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The network did not give any explanation as to why The Odd Couple is not airing in fall 2015. Perhaps it is slated for January 2016 because some shows are simply canceled mid-season. The Odd Couple will perhaps take one of these slots up.

Great Acting from Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon

I find Thomas Lennon, who plays Felix Unger, to actually be a better Felix than the one in the original Odd Couple series. Fans of the old show will probably state it is blasphemous to say so! But Thomas Lennon is simply so on-cue with the comedy, so nit-picky perfect, and such a clean-freak when playing Felix, it is just pure entertainment to watch him.

Speaking as someone who was in her late teens when Friends started, and remembering Chandler Bing so well, it is odd to see Matthew Perry not looking like a prep. Matthew Perry's Oscar is messy perfection to watch. His constant look of surprise, 5 o' clock shadow, and smart-Alec remarks serve to equalize the peppiness and cleanliness of Felix. He's just a few steps away from being Oscar the Grouch!

Public Reception of The Odd Couple

The one thing I've noticed about this show is that viewers either love it or hate it. Of course, I'm in the former category. I've seen many comments about how people think it is too typical of a comedy show, too predictable, or even annoying. I could never understand these comments because the dialogue in the show is actually funny and the actors are ideal for their roles.

Perhaps some people would rather watch one of the dozen CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, or Quantico-type shows: dramas saturated with assaults, murders, and other terrible crimes. When I watch TV I want to get away from the horrible negativity of the real world, not get absorbed in it.

The Odd Couple gives me a chance to relax and get away from it all. And with season 2 starting in January 2016, that refreshing comedy will light up my screen once more!

Behind the Scenes of Season 1


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