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TV Shows: The Office: UK & US Versions

Updated on June 11, 2015
Wernham Hogg (Slough Branch)
Wernham Hogg (Slough Branch)

Welcome to the my own personal episode guide for my favorite show on Television: the office.

We have the original UK version, which most find to be superior and the popular US version. The British version knew exactly how long to make the series and they tied up all the loose ends with their incredible two-part Christmas special. The American version was designed to be a much larger show in terms of length and that was just fine....until now.

Where the UK version has the perfect ending to the perfect little show, the US version has already failed in this regard. Why? Because anyone who loves the American version knows that "Goodbye, Michael" should have been the last episode. The original was about an obnoxious boss and office pranks yeah, but it's heart was in the relationships, be it Dawn and Tim or Brent and Gareth. The US version was about a boss who truly loved his employees, really wanted to be a good boss yet was too naïve and ridiculous to be anything more than what he is...himself. The show lives and dies with him in my opinion. When Michael got on the plane, someone on the set should have said, "Okay, we did it."

Roll Credits.

That said, rumors are that James Spader will take over as the new boss at Dunder Mifflin and he was both refreshing and hilarious in the Season 7 Finale.

So maybe I'm wrong.


Just saw the first episode of Season 8....I was wrong.

Free Love on the Free Love Freeway

Non-Title (Season #,Episode #) Highlights / Subplots

  1. Training (1,4) Dawn & Lee are fighting, Rowan's customer care video & role play, Spaceman and Free Love Freeway by David Brent, Tim quits & asks out Dawn
  2. Motivation (2,4) Rachel & Tim, Nickname: Bluto or Mr. Toad, "Simply the Best" tutorial
  3. Charity (2,5) Red Nose Day, Hopping & Dancing, Kissing Booth, Aug-Monster, The Kiss, Redundancy Package, Press Pic
  4. Party (2,3) Trudy's birthday, Management Training Offer, Hide the Dildo, Gareth's crank call
  5. Downsize (1,1) Meeting with Jennifer about merging branches, New guy Ricky gets a tour, Stapler in Jelly, Stealing Post-It Notes?
  6. Appraisals (2,2) Lee's Apology, Dawn's Role Model, Fire Drill, Keith "don't know", The Pub, Neil sets him straight, Original Poetry
  7. The Quiz (1,3) Tim's Birthday Presents, Gareth's Army 'Hole', Mr. Spock Ordeal, "Throwing"
  8. Merger (2,1) Muppets gag, Neil Godwin & staff arrives, Racist jokes with Oliver, Lee pushes Tim
  9. Judgment (1,6) Midgets and Dwarves, Good News and Irrelevant News, The Party
  10. Work Experience (1,2) Donna, Gareth's Porno Investigation, Julie Anderton from the warehouse?
  11. New Girl (1,5) Secretary is hired and head-butted, Donna's Sex Life, Safety Training with Gareth Keenan, Clubbin' at "Chasers"
  12. Interview (2,6) Inside Paper article, Gareth's Toys, Tim dumps Rachel, A Sad End for Brent

Originally I had planned to rank the Christmas Specials as part of the series but it really isn't. It feels much more like a TV movie (except good) and it therefore should be judged separately. for the record, both portions of the Christmas Special would have ranked higher than any of the original 12 episodes. It's one of the best things I've ever seen on television. They a word, perfect.

  1. Christmas Special Part 1 - David Brent is now a traveling salesman, who occasionally does "celebrity appearances" at local nightclubs. he also apparently released a failed pop single / video of "If You Don't Know Me By Now". He continues to visit the offices of Werham Hogg without calling ahead and it's obvious that he is not all that welcome. Gareth is now in charge and Tim's new deskmate is both pregnant and annoying. Meanwhile Dawn is living in Florida with Lee and not enjoying it very much. When the documentary crew offers to fly them back for a reunion, they accept setting up a nice reunion.
  2. Christmas Special Part 2 - Neil invites Brent to the Christmas party and prods him to bring a hot date. Brent and Gareth then search for a webdate. Brent is told not to bring his dog Nelson into the offices anymore. Dawn returns and she and Tim give Gareth a nice wind-up for old time's sake. Brent's blind dates go horribly. At the party, Brent strikes gold with a nice date and even tells Finchy to "f**k off'. Dawn returns in the end without Lee and kisses Tim, they walk out. It ends with a group photo of the old gang.

Scranton Branch
Scranton Branch

Title (Season #) Highlights

  1. Money (4) Michael's 2nd Job, Vikram, Dwight's Bed & Breakfast, Counseling Dwight on the Stairs, Running away on a train w/ Jan
  2. Customer Survey (5) A Coffee Mug Who-Done-It Mystery, Mr. Buttlicker Roll Play Phonecall
  3. Office Olympics (2) Hate-Ball, Employee Bonding thru Sporting Events & Michael Buys A Condo
  4. Goodbye, Michael (7) Last Day, Andy & Deangelo's Salescall, Goodbye Checklist, The Airport
  5. Traveling Salesmen / The Return (3) Amazing Race Pairs: Michael & Andy, Jim & Dwight, Ryan & Stanley, Phyllis & Karen, Pam Wins Art Contest, Dwight Quits, Oscar Returns, "Rockin' Robin" ringtone, and Staples
  6. Drug Testing (2) Joint in the parking Lot = Urine Tests, Pam "JINX's" Jim, Clove Cigarettes at an Alicia Keys concert, Dwight turns in his Uniform, Security
  7. Cafe Disco (5) Erin and Michael finally bond, Lynn & Kevin, Phyllis' Back, Pam & Jim don't Elope
  8. Broke (5) Michael Scott Paper Company Buyout Showdown
  9. The List (8) Robert California's "Winners" lunch. Angela & Pam both pregnant, Andy is Boss
  10. Threat Level Midnight (7) Michael's movie starring the entire 7-year cast, 1st fight with Holly
  11. Niagara (6) Andy's hurt scrotum, Mental Pictures, Youtube Dance, Dwight & Isabelle, Kevin's shoes
  12. The Search (7) Where is Michael Scott? Holly with Dwight & Erin, Gabe's Cartoon Caption Contest
  13. Branch Closing (3) Scranton Closing, Meredith's Last Day Sex, Creed's Clearance Sale, Josh Quits! We Did It...?
  14. Women's Appreciation (3) Demerits, Flasher/Pervert Sketch, Steamtown Mall, Men are in the Ladies Room, Michael Dumps Jan
  15. Casino Night (2) Two Dates, Wedding Bands, Toby's Revenge, Creed Wins a Fridge, Jim's big confession, They finally kiss!
  16. The Client (2) Worst 1st Dates, Truth or Dare at Chili's, Threat Level Midnight Script, Michael closes and kisses Jan, Dinner and Fireworks but not dancing.
  17. Beach Games (3) Position at Corporate, Manager Olympics, Coal-walk Confession, Andy Bernard floats away
  18. The Alliance (1) Meredith's Birthday?, Dwight & Jim form a Survivor-like Alliance
  19. Sexual Harassment (2) Emails Fwds, Packer / Warehouse Jokes, Pam's Mom, A Blow-Up Sex Doll, Two Lawyers?, Anatomy with Toby, Retirment from Comedy
  20. The Deposition (4) Jan vs. Dunder Mifflin, Trash Talking at Ping Pong, Lunch with Toby
  21. Business Trip (5) Winnepeg with Andy & Oscar, Kelly & Ryan break up with Darryl, Pam Returns, Telling Off Wallace
  22. The Fire (2) Michael Scott's 10 rules of business, Cheezy Pita, "Who would you do?" and "Desert Island Picks", Billy Joel song
  23. Classy Christmas (7) Holly Flax returns, Dwight's snowball revenge against Jim Halpert
  24. A Benihana Christmas (3) Goose, Carol Dumps Michael, Bathrobes, Margarita-Karaoke vs. Nutcracker Christmas, Rebound
  25. The Job (3) Jan's New Boobs, Dwight's New #2, Jim Dumps Karen, Job Goes to...Ryan
  26. Conflict Resolution (2) Baby Poster Controversy, Dwight "Fart" - Security Risk, Redacted Complaints, Dwight goes ballistic, Group Photo, Transfer request
  27. Booze Cruise (2) Skipper & Gilligan, Dance contest, Roy Proposes again, Jim dumps Katy, Boat is Sinking?, Jim tells Michael about having a thing for Pam
  28. Local Ad (4) Michael's Dunder Mifflin Commercial, Sue Grafton, Dwight's 2nd Life, "Oh D!"
  29. Stress Relief (5) Dwight's Fire Drill, Stanley's Heart attack, Pirated DVD with Andy, The Roast
  30. The Merger (3) Coupon Greeting, Dwight meets Andy, "Lazy Scranton", Tony Quits / Fired, Jim Dating Karen
  31. Halloween (2) Fire Someone, Dwight's (Martial Arts) Resume, Pam Pushes Jim to Take the Job, Creed vs. Devon, Trick-or-Treat
  32. Back From Vacation (3) Hey Mon! Steel Drum, Topless Picture of Jan, Dwight consoles Pam
  33. Happy Hour (6) Oscar & Matt, Date Mike meets Donna and Pam's friend, Isabel returns
  34. The Christmas Party (2) Huge Tree, Michael's Bonus, Yankee Swap, Bob Vance, The Teapot, Kelly kisses Dwight!?
  35. Business School (3) Dwight vs. The Bat, Is Jim a Vampire? Guest Speaker: Michael Scott, Ryan to the Annex, Pam's Art Show
  36. The Dundies (2) The Ladies Room Wall, "Oh Yeeaah", Pam's Drunken Kiss, Tiny Dancer
  37. Michael's Last Dundies (7) Nomination Delivery, Dumping Gabe, Rent song
  38. Prince Family Paper (5) Undercover, Hillary Swank is Hot?
  39. Garage Sale (7) in Warehouse, Michael's Annex Proposal
  40. Phyllis' Wedding (3) Altoid Test, Phyllis took Pam's Ideas, Dwight the Bouncer, Scantonicity, Michael Big Toast, Pam & Roy Again?
  41. Survivor Man (4) Toby's Retreat, Alone In the Wild, Jim's Office Birthday Dilemma
  42. The Convict (3) Prison Mike, Martin Quits, Andy Courts Pam
  43. The Injury (2) Foreman Grill, Dwight's Car Crash, Disability Awareness with Billy the Property Manager, Concussion & Cat-scan
  44. Counseling (7) Toby's Sessions, Pam is Office Administrator, Dwight vs. The Mall
  45. Golden Ticket (5) Willie Wonka Promotion, My Idea! Kevin Gets Love Advice about Lynne
  46. Performance Review (2) Jan's Remorse, Dwight thinks it's Friday, Employee Suggestion Box
  47. Nepotism (7) "Nobody But Me", Luke Arrives, Erin & Gabe, Pam's Failed Elevator Prank
  48. Dunder Mifflin Infinity (4) Ryan Returns as Boss, Jim & Pam are officially Dating, Gift Baskets
  49. Business Ethics (5) Meredith's Confession at Holly's seminar, Time Theft Stopwatch, Trysts in the Warehouse, Holly's Bad Day
  50. Email Surveillance (2) IT Guy or Terrorist? Jim's Karaoke Party, Improv Class, Dwight & Angela?
  51. Dream Team (5) Waffles, Bowling & Vikram, Soccer after work, Meeting with Nana, Workspace
  52. Shareholder Meeting (6) Re-Cyclops Day, Jim puts Ryan in Closet Office, the Limo
  53. Take Your Daughter To Work Day (2) Pam Seeks Kid Approval, Mr. Poop, Stanley Yells at Ryan, "Fundle Bundle" video, Teach Your Children - Michael & Dwight
  54. Scott's Tots (6) Michael bonds with Erin, Employee of the Month
  55. The Duel (5) Michael tells Andy, Wallace's Office Pasta Meeting, Angela Dumped by Both
  56. Launch Party (4) Pizza Hostage, Dwight vs. the Computer Website, Take A Chance on Me
  57. Ultimatum (7) The Roller Rink, New Year's Resolution Board
  58. Whistleblower (6) Jo Bennett returns, Dwight Buys the Building
  59. Andy's Play (7) Sweeney Todd, Erin Babysits for Jim & Pam
  60. Gay Witch Hunt (3) "Big Tuna", Gay-Dar, Cold Feet & Frozen Lunches, Roy's DWI, Oscar outed
  61. The Manager & the Salesman (6) Jo arrives, Andy's Valentine's
  62. Michael Scott Paper Company (5) A "Run-down", Pancake Luncheon, Andy & Dwight like Erin
  63. Fun Run (4) Meredith Hit By A Car, Dwight Kills Sprinkles
  64. Branch Wars (4) Stanley Leaving, Karen's Manager in Utica, The Finer Things Club.
  65. Training Day (7) Meet Deangelo Vickers, Andy is the Funny Guy, Michael's Reverse Hug
  66. Double Date (6) Andy vs. Dwight 'favor wars', Parking Lot Punch
  67. Goodbye Toby (4) Holly Arrives, Phyllis takes over Party Planning, Jan's Pregnant, Ryan gets Arrested, Andy Proposes instead
  68. The Secret (2) Dwight Investigates Oscar's Illness, Hooters, Michael Blabs, Gil
  69. The Delivery (6) Ultra-Feast, Dwight & Angela Baby Contract
  70. Weight Loss (5) Pam's in NYC Art School, Andy's wedding plans, Ryan the Goutee'd Temp, Jim's Proposal in the Rain
  71. Dwight's Speech (2) Michael's public speaking tutorial, Speeches from World's Greatest Dictators
  72. (7) Hay King, Angela meets State Senator, Commission Cap on Sales
  73. Lecture Circuit (5) Michael & Pam Tour, Pam & Karen Closure, Kelly's Birthday Party, Meeting A.J., Holly's Secret Letter
  74. Night Out (4) in NYC with Ryan, Rest of Staff Locked in at Night
  75. PDA (7) w/ Michael & Holly, Jim & Pam have office sex, Erin & Gabe's office Treasure Hunt
  76. Initiation (3) Shrute Farms w/ Ryan, It's Pretzel Day! Phonecall
  77. Koi Pond (6) "Do Not Mock" List, Pam & Andy Go On Cold Calls
  78. Ben Franklin (3) Bachelor Party in the Warehouse with Elisabeth, Historical Speaker named Gordon
  79. The Chair Model (4) Jam & Michael are broken Up, Parking Spot Drama, The Blind Date
  80. Company Picnic (5) Holly & Michael: Dunder Mifflinaire, Volleyball, Pam's Pregnant
  81. Safety Training (3) Andy returns as Drew, Warehouse vs. Nerf-Ball, Office Betting Games, Shunned, Jumping Off the Roof
  82. Secret Santa (6) Erin's 12 Days of Christmas, Phyllis is Santa Claus, Michael is Jesus Christ
  83. Diwali (3) Cycling & Shots in Stanford, Proposing to Carol, Karen takes Jim Home
  84. Search Committee (7) Interview candidates to replace Michael, Gabe sent home, Phyllis & Erin's Paternal D.N.A. test
  85. The Fight (2) Dwight's Desk in the Men's Room, Michael's Perfect Storm of Paperwork, Pranking Ryan, The Sucker Punch, Dojo and Dwight promoted to ARM
  86. Viewing Party (7) Glee Party @ Gabe's House, Dwight helps Pam
  87. Job Fair (4) Jim, Andy & Kevin play Golf, Everyone Else Walks
  88. The Sting (7) Enter rival Danny Cordray, "Bullfrog in Love" song
  89. Heavy Competition (5) Dwight's Dilemma: Michael or Charles,
  90. The Chump (6) Prenatal Contract Arbitrator, Sleep in the Warehouse, Meeting The Coach
  91. Health Care (1) Dwight cuts everything, Michael's big surprise
  92. The Seminar (7) Andy hosts convention for Small Businesses, Playing Scrabble vs. Gabe
  93. Casual Fridays (5) Salesman Mutiny Meeting, Pam or Ryan? Meredith is way too casual
  94. Secretary's Day (6) Cookie Monster, Michael tells Erin about Andy & Angela's engagement
  95. Cocktails (3) Michael the Magic, Party at David Wallace's, Love Contract, Karen's Many Ex's, Pam is Assertive but Roy Freaks Out!
  96. Did I Stutter? (4) Pam's Glasses, Ryan's Warning, Andy's SUV
  97. Michael's Birthday (2) Donuts, Kevin has skin cancer? Jim & Pam go shopping, Ice Rink with Carol
  98. Sex Ed (7) Herpes/Cold Sore = Phonecalls, Andy on STD's
  99. St. Patrick's Day (6) Dwight's Mega-Desk, Darrell's office, Jo Holds the entire office Hostage
  100. Diversity Day (1) Chris Rock routine leads to sensitivity training with Mr. Brown which is his name.
  101. Product Recall (3) Jim Dresses as Dwight, Kelly Trains the Accountants, Andy Dating a HS girl, Press Conference Disaster, Dwight Dresses as Jim
  102. Dwight K. Shrute, (Acting) Manager (7) "The Fist" uprising, Gabe's crying promise, Jo's manager search committee
  103. The Surplus (5) Photocopier vs. New Chairs, Dwight Takes Andy & Angela to Shrute Farms
  104. China (7) Pam vs. Dwight (New Building Owner) and asst. Nate
  105. Gossip (6) Parkour, The Interns, Pam's Pregnant, Andy is Gay? and Stanley Hudson's Affair
  106. Costume Contest (7) Darryl goes over Michael's Head, Danny Cordray, Popeye & Olive Oyl
  107. New Leads (6) Salesman is King! The Dump with Dwight
  108. The Inner Circle (6) Deangelo Vickers' first and last day as boss
  109. The Negotiation (3) Roy Attacks Jim, Dwight the Hero, Toby's Ultimate Punishment, Woman's Suit, Darryl & Michael Get Raises
  110. Two Weeks (5) Pam vs. New Photocopier, Security Escort exit, Pam Quits to Join Michael
  111. The Promotion (6) Sharing Manager duties, Pam wants cash, "What does a bean mean?"
  112. New Boss (5) Charles Minor, Party's cancelled, Jim's Tuxedo, Michael Quits Dunder Mifflin
  113. The Coup (3) Movie Mondays, "Call of Duty" Sabateur, Fashion Show At Lunch, Pancakes with Jan, Ruse & "Hug It Out Bitch"
  114. The Carpet (2) Jim to the Annex, Kelly becomes Kelly, Matchmaker Jim, Ed Truck, Packer's package
  115. The Christening (7) No Food, Michael & Andy: Mexico Mission?
  116. The Lover (6) Michael Scott & Pam's Mom Helene, Surveillance Mallard, "Even Harder"
  117. The Convention (3) "The Bus", Party in Room 308, Pam's Blind Date, Dwight's Room Key
  118. Crime Aid (5) Office Sex leads to Robbery, Phyllis Helps Dwight with Ultimatum, Springsteen Tickets?
  119. Valentine's Day (2) Phyllis' Day! Dwight Bobble-head, Conan & the Fake Tina Fey, New CFO David Wallace, "The Faces of Scranton"
  120. Sabre (6) Gabe Lewis Arrives, Jim & Pam's Daycare Center Disaster, David Wallace's "Suckit"
  121. Baby Shower (5) Astrid is Born...before the shower, Long Distance Relationship strain, Dwight vs. Stroller, Michael & Holly
  122. Basketball (1) Office vs. Warehouse over who works Saturday, Jim & Roy rivalry begins
  123. Grief Counseling (3) Ed Truck Dies, Potato Chips, Bird Funeral
  124. Todd Packer (7) returns for a Desk Job, Andy & Erin's computer
  125. Employee Transfer (5) Darryl, Holly and Michael drive to New Hampshire, Holly & Michael break-up, Dwight going to Cornell?
  126. Body Language (6) Donna visits the Office, Kelly Kapoor enters Minority Executive Program
  127. Boys and Girls (2) Women's meeting upstairs, Men meet "the others" in the Warehouse, Union
  128. Hot Girl (1) Dwight Shrute buys a Purse, The Espresso machine, Katy needs a Ride Home
  129. The Meeting (6) Jim Meets with Wallace About a Promotion
  130. Blood Drive (5) Lonely hearts on Valentine's Day, Lunch with Phyllis & Bob Vance
  131. The Cover-Up (6) Dwight tails Donna, Andy & Darrell's Printer Fire Video, Cheating on Me
  132. Frame Toby (5) Toby's Back from Costa Rica, Planting a Caprese Salad, Jim Buys Pam a House
  133. The Inner Circle (7) Deangelo Vickers is the new boss, Ass-kissing and Basketball
  134. Mafia (6) Mob Insurance, Kevin cancels credit cards, Coalition for Reason, "...I send it back"
  135. The Banker (6) Compu-tron, Highlight Reel / Clip Show
  136. Moroccan Christmas (5) Meredith's Hair on Fire, Dwight Sells Princess Unicorn Dolls, Phyllis Outs the Affair
  137. Dinner Party (4) Michael & Jan host dinner, Multiple Vasectomy, "That One Night" by The Hunted
  138. Pilot (1) A complete ripoff of the original UK pilot, I can't even watch it.

My Friend's Bobble-head Collection!
My Friend's Bobble-head Collection!

Question! Will you answer my poll?

Who is the funniest character of them all?

See results

100 Best Moments From 1st 100 Episodes


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    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 

      8 years ago from Scotland

      I just could never get into the American version and didn't think it was at all funny, whereas i think the UK version is one of the best and funniest things i've ever seen.

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      8 years ago

      I have watched every Office Episode from the UK and the US.

      I took me several years to watch more than a few minutes of any episode US.

      I kept trying and failing to enjoy. Then the entire series became available on Netflix and I started at episode 1. As the characters developed, I started to appreciate the show till it became a favorite.

      I watched all of the US version first, then I went to the UK version. Usually the UK versions are better than the US versions, but not for the Office.

      The UK version didn't have the number of episodes as the US. They also didn't have a robust cast as the US version.

      The US version supporting characters can hold the show very well, while there is a scarcity of supporting characters in the UK version.

      Even though I picked Dwight as the funniest, the rest of the pack wasn't far behind. He had more of the attention on the show each week.

      good luck on your poll, I have not had much luck with poll participation from the hubbers.


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