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The Office -- Will Ferrell Debuts As Michael's Replacement

Updated on April 15, 2011

God, I Hope Not

Wasn't sure how I felt about Will Ferrell as the new boss of The Office. He's been dropping hints in the press about not minding becoming a regular on the show. God, I hope not! His DeAngelo didn't fit good in the role.

To be fair, it started out good. Michael and DeAngelo met at a bar, neither realizing they were meeting the other. Then you had them both on their cell phones talking to each other and not realizing they were talking to each other. So it seemed like Michael had met his soul mate. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

When he got to The Office things fell apart fast with DeAngelo being revealed as a very nasty man with none of Michael goodness and quirkiness.

DeAngelo deemed Andy the office funny guy, but the only way to make Deangelo laugh was if Andy was falling or pouring hot coffee on himself. 

Deangelo also showed his nasty side in regards to Jim and Pam's baby.

Hopefully, DeAngelo is only the transitional replacement and not the real one. Ferrell has no chemistry with the rest of the cast. It'll just be a bad fit.

So if not Ferrell then who? They had Jim being co-boss with Michael and it wasn't a good thing. Dwight was trying to sabotage Jim as boss. And Jim became boring not being able to be one of the guys in the office.

One possibility could be David Wallace. Last we heard the man was out of job and having a bit of a mental meltdown. I believe last time we saw him he was warbling the song, "Suck It". 

Another former boss was Jan. She also went off the rails when she got involved with Michael. Who could forget her accusing David of canning her because she got breast implants. Or the dinner party she and Michael hosted.

Of course, my favorite replacement idea is Ricky Gervais, who played the Michael Scott role in the british version of The Office. They had Michael and him met earlier this season. With RG in the part, you'd have plenty of new material to play. You could play up the whole lost in translation thing between the british and the americans. 

All I can beg of the powers that be behind The Office, please take a pass of Will Ferrell. He just doesn't fit.


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    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 6 years ago from Sunny Cali

      He is hilarious, I seen him in a few movies.