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The One In Most Movies

Updated on July 19, 2016

The Trope

In a lot of movies there is talk about THE ONE. The One is to save everyone or destroy everything.

Being The One has to deal with being born a certain way. The One is often told that they are the One by someone who knows noting about them.

This person seems to have a ordariy life. The person thinks they are alright. There is nothing wrong with this person. But, one day someone decides that the one person needs to change their life to be someone else.

The Change

The change happens when others want to change their lives. The other people do not know much about the person they are seeking out. All they know is that the person that going to help or hurt everyone has the answers.

Once the One is approached many find out that the ONE does not know what is going on.

However, the other people in the story have already mad up their mind. They want change.
The change is going to happen with or without the One.

The One Made to Fallow Along

The one is given little chance other then to fall the people that abduct him or her. In some cases, the One might die if they don't fallow the people in charge.

The movie, Wanted, has the One be forced to fallow directions. The man has problems with his daily life. Instead of getting him physiological help, the people that help him into his destroy push him into another life.

In, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker is told that he must save everyone. Luke is the only one that can help.

Most of the time, the One is lied to by the people who abduct him or her. If they do not do 'The Supposed Right Thing' the One is threatened.


The training happens after someone tried to brainwash them into becoming the one. In the book, Harry Potter, Harry is brainwashed into helping. Other people often tell him which witches are evil. Harry is being conditioned to help out at a later date.

Along with the brainwashing the main character gets some training to defeat the opposite team or the enemy. The enemy is basically unknown. It does not matter if the enemy is right or wrong. The 'good guys' direct the One on how to harm the 'bad guys.'

Save the Day

The One often is only given enough to fight someone. The One is so brainwashed that they think they are doing right. In the Matrix, the One is doomed to try to leave the matrix itself. Each time the One fails.

In the end, the character is stuck in a world very different then their own. The people that called themselves the 'Good Guys' had no idea how things would turn out.

New Reality

The new reality is often very different from the old one. However, the One gets to be called a Hero. They don't always have to deal with the clean up of the new reality.

In Star Wars, Luke does not have to call the dead Stormtroopers parents, telling them their their child died. He does not have to tell phone anyone. He does not have clean up the space junk.

Harry Potter was never told if all the Prisoners that escaped where back in prison. A lot of people escaped. Not everyone joined the bad guys.

The hero is made to believe that what they are doing is the right thing even if they are doing wrong.

At the end of the Hunger Games, the main character is forced to decided which is the greater evil to fallow. She is given a good ending no matter what she choose to do.


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