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The Only Prince I adored: Prince Rogers Nelson my facebook friend

Updated on October 14, 2016

The Evolution of Prince

Prince on Almost being in Michael Jackson's Bad


Who stood up to the industry and called them out for treating the artist as a slave? Prince! Who literally wrote Slave on his face and refused to remove it? Prince. Who had his God given name taken from a record label and changed his name to a symbol? Prince, again. Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince, the symbol, the Artist, and The Artist formerly known as Prince. Also he was known in my household as the mother's favorite singer. In my mother's eyes he was what a man should look like, he could wear or do anything and she would melt.

I can't tell you how many times we jammed to Prince songs over the years.. Some of her favorites I remember hearing like a gazillion times were, Diamonds and Pearls, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Little Red Corvette, Betcha By Golly Wow, and Purple Rain. Trust me when I say there were many more, but these stick to me for some reason, maybe it was me still being able to hear my mother's voice screaming as Prince utter a note, a phrase, a song, or a word, those experiences never leave you.

One thing that's etched in my mind was as a kid watching the movie, "Pretty Woman" with my Mom and seeing Julie Roberts in the famous tub scene singing the Prince song. I can't tell you guys how many times I reenacted that scene literally in my bathroom as I kid, to be quite honest I almost electrocuted myself a couple of times, but I was fearless and never took into account the dangers. What was most important was jamming to Prince and looking cool doing it.

Journey with me to Kiss with Julie Roberts

A trip into Music

Ok that video just takes me back to a time in music. When it had such appeal and allure. Back in Prince's hay day music was alluring and even erotic, but not in this excuse my French but low budget gutter way. Music was created and recognized with the masses, it wasn't simply made to make a buck or made to simply justify a behavior, it meant something.

Music was timeless, a way of coping with issues, music was the voices of the masses, the stories our world in art form. And it was beautiful, even the stories or horror had just as much beauty and validity as the ballads. These were the stories of our world and most took your breathe away and left you with a sweet melody etched in your brain or an unforgettable hook.

You were actually made to fall in love with songs unapologetically. It was funny because you would be right along with your parents singing these songs. You may have looked at them strangely as you both sang the same songs and loved them. Music was something to appreciate and was timeless. You even delved to find the value in your parent's music.

But our handsome Prince, he stood for freedom, beauty, and love. I know it sounds like a knockoff theme from, Mulan Rouge, but honestly what was more free, beautiful, and lovely than Prince? Examine his artistry, what he truly stood for and I surmise you will be inclined to agree with me.

Prince's Familia

The Fact on Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was named for a trio jazz band. He was interested in music at a young age and taught himself to play the piano, drums, and guitar. He wrote his first song when he was seven years old. As a child Prince suffered from Epilepsy and one day he said he had a divine encounter that left him healed. Prince had suffered from horrible epileptic seizures until that point. He told his mother that he was told he was healed and would never have another seizure again and remarkably he didn't.

Prince was seen to some as different and was just as criticized as he was widely acclaimed. Women of the Prince era will quickly tell you how amazing he is and was while you may find another person that highlights his controversial misunderstood genius. Prince not only wrote and played the instruments for many of his songs. Prince was a little known singer received a lead in the movie, "Purple Rain" which not only gave him a hit song, but he earned an Academy Award. Which he said a beautiful acceptance speech.

Prince was very gracious and a very giving individual which many recount as they remember Prince. You hear stories of Prince helping others and giving music so freely to some, but do not mistake that Prince stood up for the artist. He was a firm believer that as an artist you should be paid for your talent, no copyright salute there at all. I totally agree.

Unknown Prince facts

One thing I find interesting is Prince was not only a musical genius, but he could have been the next Michael Jordan if given the chance. You hear of Charlie Murphy and other celebs that Prince was a beast on the basketball court. Dave Chappelle even did a skit with Charlie Murphy and they reenacted a game of Basketball with Prince and it was widely acclaimed. I have included it in this piece.

Charlie Murphy claimed that Prince's reaction to the skit was very nonchalant. Another radio personality said that type of reaction from Prince in terms of Charlie Murphy was not uncommon. He recounted a time when Prince was performing and saw Charlie Murphy and motioned a similar reaction. Prince as handsome as he was, as beloved by some of the most beautiful women in the world one being Halle Berry.

He would seem to be shy when the spot light was put on him in a non-musical capacity. And his affection for beautiful women was well known. He married dancer Mytai. I can recount watching Hollywood Exes and she was on there. And judging by her living room shrine of Prince memorabilia, she never got over him. I remember her not seeing that it was odd to have a shrine of her exe. They finally were able to convince her to take down the stuff and move on. She and Prince loss two babies together and from the show she never got over that.

I wasn't surprised she proclaimed recently she was, is, and will always love Prince. He did marry after her, but they were too divorced.

Prince Speaks on Name Change and stands up!!

Prince's Oscar Acceptance Speak

Humorous Adult Explicit Dave Chappelle Prince Skit

Prince a legend gone too soon

Prince had beautiful women because he liked beautiful things. His drummer was world renown Shelia E who was hand down the best drummer in the world. It was widely unknown he did date and ask Shelia to marry him, but nothing came of it.

I will say that Prince touched the lives of so many. His songs spoke to the masses. He spoke out for Africa, artist and who never needed voice and didn't have it. He taught us the true meaning of freedom and an artist. He left it all on the stage. Some may say his dress was woman inspired, but I don't agree. I think Prince was not confined to any standard of beauty or dress, he did not have to conform. When you see the freedom he expressed in his clothing, his performances, his music, you can't help to respect the essence of his message.

Prince teaches us that you can not general or stereotype anyone. People like what they like, its their taste not yours. People are who they are, we are not one dimensional and never judge a book by its cover. And stand for something in your life especially if its right. You have to stand up for gifts whatever they are. Will it cost you absolutely with out a doubt. But trust in the one that gave you the gift in the first place. The hit my dear people is nothing compared to the impact you will make and the legacy you will leave. And Prince's legacy is proof of that fact.

Hope you enjoyed my Prince article!!! Gone too soon!! The only Prince I adored.... Prince Rogers Nelson...

How well do you know Prince?

Who was the Greatest Love of Prince Life?

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All About Prince: Tell me your Prince Stories

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Prince was and superhead light years ahead of musical history now, I was born singing the old country blues right into the blues like BIG mama Thornton, then there was PRINCE, I FOLLOWED HIM EVERY WHERE I COULD, HIS ENERGY IS STILL ALIVE ONLY IN A DIFFERENT FORM, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SOUL. I AM LUCKY ONLY THAT I WAS BORN WITH SPECIAL GIFTS, SO I CAN CONNECT WITH HIM AND "SEE" HIM IN OTHER DIMENSIONS A LOT.


    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks Ericdierker, Prince was a one of a kind guy had to pay tribute..

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Well done, it was a good read.


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