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The Only Way Is Essex Mark and Laurens Engagement Party

Updated on December 29, 2011
Mark and Sam meet up for a drink
Mark and Sam meet up for a drink
Mark and Arg arrive to party on horseback
Mark and Arg arrive to party on horseback
Sam turns up with Joey wearing a figure hugging dress
Sam turns up with Joey wearing a figure hugging dress
Lydia is clearly angry with Arg
Lydia is clearly angry with Arg
and the row gets very heated
and the row gets very heated
before Lydia leaves the party early in tears
before Lydia leaves the party early in tears
and just who is Chloe Simms???
and just who is Chloe Simms???

No Essex party would be complete without a few tears and tantrums, and that is exactly what happens on the latest episode of Towie. Mark Wright obviously feels there is unfinished business between himself and Sam Faiers as this week saw them meeting up at their local pub for a cosy drink, what were they talking about?? Who knows? but what we do know is that Fiancee Lauren will not be best pleased to hear about this recent get together.

Mark and Lauren have spent the last few weeks planning their big engagement bash, and although Mark wanted a playboy theme, Lauren got her way and their engagement party became a sophisticated affair. (Affair in Towie......Never!!).

Viewers could be mistaken in thinking that the errrm loved up pair, were in fact getting married when Mark and best man Arg turned up to the party on horseback, Mark was seen looking very pleased with himself and happy to be the star attraction. Following closely behind them in a classic white Rolls Royce was Fiancee Lauren Goodger, wearing what suspiciously looked like a wedding gown?

Rumours have been rife over the last few months that Mark and Laurens engagement is fake and purely done for the shows ratings. They have apparently already filmed their break up scenes which would not suprise me as Mark and Sam clearly have something still between them (and i dont mean Lauren). Maybe the reason their engagement party is so extravagant is because they both know that there will never be a wedding, although i think a much more likely scenario is that the wedding will go ahead in a one hour special, and right at the moment the vicar says those magic words....."Does anyone know any reason why these two shall not be wed." Sam will stand up and claim her man.

The engagement party was full of drama, with Arg and Lydia spotted having a heated row, and Lydia leaving the party early in tears, is this the end for probably the funniest couple in Essex?? Later it would appear that not even Lauren and Mark could get through their special day without falling out, when Mark confesses he still has feelings for Sam which sends Lauren into a jealous rage ending in a huge row between the newly engaged couple. Meanwhile Sam is at the party with new man Joey Essex who is looking 'Ream' in a smart suit, and Sam was determined to show Mark what he was missing when she turned up wearing a tight fitted animal print dress and nude heels. So will Mark and Lauren make it down the Aisle? Or will Sam get her man in the end? and just what does Nanny Pat make of all this drama??

Also in The Only way is Essex, Chloe Simms has always claimed that she is a Playboy Bunny and told about how she worked for Hugh Hefner, however it has recently been revealed that Chloe has been telling Porkies. Playboy have denied Chloe's claims saying "We would never hire someone who has undertaken as much surgery as Chloe has." Playboy also went on to say that they had never heard of the model and she is certainly not on their books nor has she ever posed for the magazine or website, they stated that Chloe Simms has NEVER worked as a playboy bunny.

A spokesman for Playboy recently told The News of The World that Chloe is not there type of girl as she has had a lot of work done, they said that girls sometimes say they are a playboy bunny to promote themselves but Playboy do not want to be associated with Chloe in anyway and will certainly be looking into Chloe's claims as they do not want her damaging playboys reputation. (Damaging their reputation??? Whatever next!!)

Will Mark and Lauren get married?

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