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The Only Way Is Essex Series 2 - Mark Wright proposes to Lauren Goodger

Updated on February 17, 2015

Is Mark and Lauren's engagement a publicity stunt?

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Towie - Season 2

Shuuuut Uppppp! The only way is Essex also known as Towie is back with a new series.

The first series saw love rat Mark Wright playing all the Essex girls off against each other, while Amy Child's was seen doing her Vajazzles and dating on off love Kirk until he started dating Model Lauren Pope.

Mark Wrights sister Jess formed girl band Lola, and club singer Arj was finally reunited with girlfriend Lydia who he decided to buy a pig named Mr Darcey. And who can forget Nanny Pat who loves to look after everyone with her delicious cooking.

We saw tears and tantrums, love triangles and plenty of glam and bitchiness. It was just like a British version of The Hills except the cast were not being paid.

This year they are all back with a vengeance, more glam and orange than before and this time they are all getting paid for the show. Although I am not sure they need the money after constantly appearing in magazines and TV shows since the reality shows popularity.

Series two kicked off last night with Jess Wright telling her family that she wants a boob job, not because she needs one but because she wants to be able to wear dresses without bras.

Kirk was out looking for a new car and after taking a beamer for a test drive, he invited the sales woman Gemma out for a drink to meet his Dad. Gemma said she is looking for a man who is older than her and a bit of a Geezer.

Amy was working in her salon and was seen giving Belgium Playboy bunny Chloe Simms a spray tan which was quite natural but still a little bit orange. Chloe revealed that Mark Wright had sent her a naked photo text of himself (How vain) and said she was quite impressed with how well endowed he was.

Meanwhile the flat below Mark has become available and so Arj asked Lydia if they should move in there. Lydia is not impressed with the idea of living underneath the bad influence of Mark but says she will move in there if Arj passes his driving test. After 105 lessons and 13 theories he should really know how to drive by now.

Sam and her sister have just opened a boutique called Minnie's and invite everyone who's anyone to the grand opening including two passes by who cheekily offered to pose naked in the shop window to attract customers.

At the boutique opening, Nanny Pat bought along a pineapple hedgehog while playboy bunny Chloe bought along her cousin Joey who is like a younger version of Mark. Joey asks Mark for permission to ask his ex Lucy out, well Joeys actual words were 'to lay it on her'. (Nice!)

Lydia and Arj turned up with Mr Darcy (the pig) which had its feet painted in red nail polish to match Lydias, but that wasn't as funny as when Mr Darcy decided to pee all over the Boutiques new laminate flooring.

After the Boutique opening we saw the cast in Marks nightclub where the playboy was seen telling his sister that he loves Lauren Goodger and wants to stop messing about with other woman and make a proper go of it with her. Mark then asks to see Sam and privately tells her that his heart is with Lauren and they cant see each other anymore.

Has Mark turned over a new leaf?? Watch this space. The car sales woman Gemma was also in the club getting acquainted with Kirks Dad Mick, and all seemed to be going well until Play Bunny Chloe stepped up to the bar and seemed to take an instant shine to Mick. Which one will get the sugar daddy remains to be seen.

We didn't actually see Lauren Goodger in the first episode of Towie but I am sure we are about to see plenty of her in upcoming episodes as it is rumoured that Mark Wright is set to propose to his on off girlfriend of nine years in front of cast and crew at The Sugar Hut nightclub.

People are suspicious about the engagement and it is rumoured that they are doing it for a six figure magazine deal. Mark and Lauren have already secured a magazine deal with OK where they will reveal their 'true love'. We will just have to wait and see if Mark breaks Laurens heart all over again.


Mark proposes to Lauren

Mark has appeared very confused and emotional on season 2 so far. He is hearing that his ex Lauren is moving on and he doesn't like it.

When his Sister Jess tells him that Lauren is getting her 'Mark' tattoo removed, he tells Jess that he is thinking of asking Lauren to marry him. Later Lauren is having a drink with her sister and is telling her that it is definitely over between her and Mark.

That is until Mark walks in and asks to speak to Lauren in private. While outside Mark surprises Lauren with a marriage proposal, and despite everything she has just said about them being over, Lauren accepts.

Returning back to the bar, Lauren tells her stunned sister that she is now engaged.

The rest of season 2 centres around Mark and Laurens engagement much to the annoyance of all their friends and family. It would seem that the only people happy about the engagement are Mark and Lauren themselves, who are too caught up in their little wedding bubble to even notice.

The pair hold a lavish engagement part which is more like a wedding. Just as well really, as it is doubtful this pair will even make it up the isle for real. Mark and best man Arg arrive to the party on white horses, while Lauren arrives in what would appear to be a wedding dress.

During the party, Mark tries and fails to make a speech about how much Lauren means to him. He gets very emotional, even when talking about his ex conquests including an ex glamour model. However he does add that none of them compared to Lauren. Aww (sick bucket anyone??)

If Mark and Lauren even make it up the isle remains to be seen.

The rest of season 2 will be mostly about Mark and Lauren planning their wedding, dress shopping, house hunting and buying a puppy together.

There will be make ups and break ups and plenty of tears. We will also see Mark playing referee between his family and wife to be.

While all this is going on, there is a new kid in town and he goes by the name of Joey Essex. With Mark out of the picture, Joey will be seen trying it on with both Lucy and Sam. But with all the attention now on Joey, how long will it be before Mark starts missing his old life?

Marks Engagement Speech (@The Only Way is Essex)


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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Thank you Cogerson i am pleased you enjoyed it. The music video is funny, but i cant get the song out of my head. Im an Essex :)

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Thank you for your comment Bronte, yes i suspect it is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and i am sure we will see Mark back to his cheating ways by the end of series 2 lol :)

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      As always a very interesting and informative hub...and thanks for including the awesome video..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      awww it is so cute that mark and lauren are engaged, but is it for publicity coz' i don't think it should :D


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