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The Originals Recap: Ep. 403 'Haunter of Ruins'

Updated on April 3, 2017
Klaus and Hope in the garden.
Klaus and Hope in the garden. | Source

Previously on The Originals, we saw Klaus battle with his demons while imprisoned inside Marcel's dungeon. His talks with Camille get him through the toughest of his times while the Tunde Blade that Marcel put it inside him causes immeasurable pain and misery. With Hayley's help the Original family awakens and frees Klaus. King Marcel boasters that he could kill all of them, but he lets them go. This week's episode accomplishes a few things: a new antagonist, an insight into Hope's powers, Klaus and Hope's father-daughter relationship, and Vincent's dark past.

After months in a Dreamland, we see the Original family have a day of peace. These light hearted moments provide a brief reprieve from the grave and seriousness of the series in general. Honestly, it was quite refreshing. Around her family, Hope is scared and timid. She's not had time to get used to being around them. Of course, her mother (Hayley) senses the mood and allows her to play in the garden. This is when she bonds with her father, Klaus.

Hope's a tribrid (Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch) and her powers are manifesting. Fortunately, she has a heart of gold and goes around healing butterflies with magic. Klaus sees this and you can feel his heart swell with pride. "The monstrous, Original Hybrid" moniker has no place in front of his daughter. Klaus is a gentle, doting father and will never let anything harm her. He helps with her paintings and immediately brings her into the house when she's feeling cold. He truly loves his daughter.

With the theme of the episode being family, we get more of an insight on the relationships in the family itself. Kol and Rebecca are not used to a normal life with their siblings. Freya and Hayley fight over on how to raise Hope. Elijah picks up where he left off with his relationship involving his niece's mother. And with Hope near him, Klaus has gains a new perspective on his relationship with his sister. Niklaus and Rebecca have always had a loving, toxic (and almost hateful) relationship. However, in this episode they finally have their moment of healing. They forgive each other, mending their broken relationship.

Another thing worth mentioning is the Freya subplot. Throughout this episode, we find out two important things. One, she has completely and utterly lost her moral compass. She keeps this poor werewolf woman captive inside the barn while her and her family sip mimosas. Two, medicine is now a factor in countering the supernatural within the series. Which is a first for the series as a whole.

Back in the quarter, Vincent and Marcel turn their attention to the case of the disappearing kids. Vincent reveals him and his wife (in order to protect themselves) delved into powerful and ancient sacrificial magic. Unfortunately, his wife dies after sinking hopelessly into its darkness. Following a brief battle with a powerful witch, Marcel and Vincent discover that there are multiple totems siphoning off of magic from children. They find all the totems of whom they correspond to except oneā€”Hope.

For anyone who's watched the series, it is evident that the series has pacing issues. Villains are quickly introduced and dispatched off. Surprisingly, the writers have not yet run out of ideas. I love the fact that the new antagonist is a magical threat since the focus has mostly always been on Vampires and Werewolves. However, how will the Original family and Marcel work together to fight this ancient evil? For Hope's sake, they find a way.


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