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"The Other Woman" Movie Review

Updated on March 27, 2015

"The Other Woman" Movie Review

"The Other Woman" was a movie I thought looked interesting and it has a cast of actors that I typically like. I like Natalie Portman in "Star Wars", "Gardenstate", "Black Swan". Scott Cohen in "The Tenth Kingdom" (probably my favorite miniseries ever) and "Gilmore Girls" is wonderful. Lisa Kudrow in "Friends" and "P.S. I Love You" always makes me laugh. I started watching "The Other Woman" knowing nothing about it. I suppose if I'd actually bothered to read the description I likely wouldn't have bothered watching it, but I didn't mind seeing it the one time.

"The Other Woman" is literally about the other woman, as in the woman a married man cheats on his wife with. The other woman is played by Natalie Portman of course while Scott Cohen plays the adulterous husband. What could be interesting about a other woman you ask? I suppose it's interesting because typically in movies about cheating you see the woman at home who finds a sign that her husband is cheating on her. In this movie you see it from the homewrecker's perspective. You see how she first sees the man, likes him immediately, and her pursuit of him. You also see the results of their relationship and how they get married and how she becomes a stepmother.

At first I disliked the other woman. I viewed her as a horrible person who was just crude to her stepson and just a homewrecking loser, but as the story progresses you learn more about her. I wouldn't exactly say I felt sorry for her after learning more, just a little sympathetic.

The point of the movie seemed to be that you shouldn't expect to get everything you want without repercussions and that sometimes things just happen in life. It might happen that your marriage might go down the toilet and your spouse might cheat on you. It might happen that your spouse and you might get a divorce. It might happen that your spouse and you won't have a perfect relationship always due to conflict no matter how much you love them. There's every liklihood that something could run into a wall in your marriage or relationship. Nothing in life can be absolutely perfect.

I recommend this movie for people who like films like: "Temptation Confessions of a Marriage Counselor", "Brothers", "Closer", and "Stepmom". If you have been recently through a painful divorce that involved cheating or you are someone who went through a difficult pregnancy you'll want to skip this movie or wait a little while until you're fully recovered from your divorce or pregnancy to see this movie. I give it a two and a half out of five stars. It was a well acted drama and I liked seeing Natalie Portman and Scott Cohen acting together, but I disagree with cheating on one's significant other so that left a bad taste for me throughout most of the movie. It does give an interesting seldom shown in movies perspective from the other woman so that does make it a good watch for that reason. It also has another important point in it concerning baby health, but I won't say more than that so you can find out if you want to give it a watch.

The Other Woman Trailer

3 stars for The Other Woman


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