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The Pancake Hat

Updated on April 8, 2012


One Saturday morning JJ woke up and decided he wanted pancakes. This was no revelation for him because pancakes were his favorite food. He would rather have pancakes than anything else in the world. Pancakes made him happy. Everything he thought about in some way or another concerned pancakes. When he looked up to the sky he thought the clouds above all looked like pancakes. He knew there were several types of pancakes because if they went out for breakfast his Mother would read the menu to him. There was banana pancakes. There was blueberry pancakes, strawberry, cherry and all types of berry pancakes. He had heard there were wheat, rice and even oatmeal pancakes but there was only one type for JJ, pancake pancakes. Sometimes he liked a little syrup on them but that was the good thing about pancakes, you could just pick them up and eat them. You could watch television while holding a rolled up one or you could go outside and play on the swing set with one. They were definitely the perfect meal. This Saturday morning he had spent the night with his grandparents and they always let him eat what he wanted. Grandma asked him what he wanted for breakfast. “Do you want an egg with bacon or do you want cereal and milk?” Grandpa said he was having a bagel whatever that was. JJ's answer was the same as always as far back as his four year memory would let him go. “No I want pancakes please.” Grandma knew but she had to ask. “Sometimes people change there minds.” JJ never changed his mind why would anyone want anything else. Grandpa told him that they were going out to get a haircut and that his Mother wanted him to get a new shirt and a pair of pants for him while they were out. He thought a moment while he was eating his favorite meal and wondered if anyone could make clothes out of pancakes. Think about it. If your shirt was made out of pancakes all you have to do is eat a bite of your arm if you got real hungry. Everywhere you went you would be able to smell you arm or your collar and the smell of pancakes would be there. He would talk to Grandpa about it.

The Barbershop was the first stop. While sitting in the chair the barber was trying to make small talk with him so JJ blurted “ Do you think anyone sells clothes made out of pancakes?” You could hear a pin drop or a mouse fart it was so quite in there. He told him no pancakes would be too soft, after all you could cut a pancake with a fork. Then he continued to cut his hair. Next Grandpa took him to the clothing shop where the saleslady there told him that she had pancake colored pants and a tan shirt but they were made of cotton not pancakes. She even laughed at him. He was very dejected as he went back to Grandpa's house. Grandma greeted him at the door a with a present. She had taken a baseball cap and cut the top off. She then glued a paper plate to the top and fashioned cloth to make it look like pancakes and sewn them to the top. She even sprinkled some maple flavoring on them and they smelled just like pancakes. She had made him a pancake hat. He danced around the room singing I've got a pancake hat. This was the best day, new clothes a haircut and a pancake hat. Who could ask for more.


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