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The Passing of William Christopher

Updated on January 1, 2017

MASH star William Christopher has passed away. After trying a new treatment that unfortunately wasn't successful, he was moved to a hospice care facility where he was undergoing comfort measures. Surrounded by his loved ones, Christopher lost his year and a half long battle with cancer on December 31, 2016, he was 84 years old.

The Start of His Career

William moved to New York and began his career acting in off Broadway productions. after appearing in productions such as "The Hostage," Christopher decided to leave New York and seek a career in Hollywood. He landed roles in popular TV shows "The Patty Duke Show," "Good Times," and "The Andy Griffith Show." William also had several reoccurring appearances in "Hogan's Heroes and "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." and "Love Boat."

In 1972, Christopher landed the role of, Father Mulcahy in the TV series M*A*S*H from 1972-1983. When the finale aired on television, the show had become the most watched series in 1983 with over 106 million viewers. Being a man of faith and a real Methodist preacher, William often took on roles of Godly characters. He did a variety of guest appearances portraying a man of faith in TV series such as, Father Tobias in "Days of Our Lives."

A Family Man

William Christopher met his wife, Barbara on a blind date and the two married in 1957. The couple have two sons by adoption, Ned and John. His son, Ned has Autism, which prompted Christopher to support the National Autistic Society. William put all his spare time into helping this charity and it was in 1985, that he and his wife co-wrote a book about what they learned and dealt with while raising their loving son, Ned.

William was a man of God and a true blessing to his family. He devoted all free time to his wife and sons, working hard to provide for their needs. He was known to his family, as well as his cast members through the years as a loving, devoted, hardworking man with a big heart.

Facts & Trivia

  • William Christopher was 5'9
  • William was a charity spokesperson
  • William was born October 20, 1932 in Evanston, Illinois
  • He was married to Barbara O'Conner
  • While in college, William enjoyed soccer, glee club and fencing
  • William appeared in the TV show Murder, She Wrote
  • William appeared in two seasons of the spin off, "AfterMASH.
  • William went on tour in the 1990's performing on stage in the theater production, "The Odd Couple."
  • His family are believed to be descendents of Paul Revere.

William Christopher joins a long list of Hollywood actors and actresses we have lost in 2016. Movies and TV shows alike will never be the some without the talented, well-known actors we have come to know and love. William has defiantly made a positive mark in this world through TV series, movies and guest appearances. He will always be loved and remembered by his family, friends and cast members. RIP William Christopher, you will forever be missed, but never forgotten.


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