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The Past Present Future of Hip Hop

Updated on September 25, 2011

Old School vs New School

Hip Hop History
Hip Hop History

Hip Hop from generation 2 generation

Which is better old school or new school?...If I had to pick between the two,that would be kind of hard because both of them bring good music.I grew up with hip hop and I consider myself a hip hop junkie because I can't go anywhere without my music.The old school was totally fun,nobody was dissing anybody.You had the beats,rhymes,the party time lyrics,and real instruments playing in the background, also the performance on stage while on tour had more energy which you don't feel or see that much anymore.With so many hip hop artists back then you didn't have so many one hit wonders either.I'm not saying that there wasn't any at all because there were.Rap was surely outta control back then.I think that the old school really brought the longevity to the rap industry especially with the unity as a group.

With the new school generation they bring a new flavor to the rap game by remixing songs together to bring that different sound,but they use everything digital and not real instruments anymore.It's not authentic and original.The beats and the rhymes don't sound as good because they do a lot of sampling from computers.The new school artists don't tour together not like they use to from the past.Now I'm not trying to diss the new school because they don't sound or do like the old school artists did,but with the new generation they do bring back some of the old school beats that makes you remember where and how far rap has come as culture over the years.It makes you believe that rap is here to stay in the long run from generation to generation.

Comparing Old vs New

100 Greatest Hip Hop Artist

TopĀ  100Hip Hop Artist

1. Run-D.M.C.
2. Public Enemy
3. 2Pac
4. Eric B. & Rakim
5. Jay-Z
6. OutKast
7. N.W.A
8. Notorious B.I.G.
9. A Tribe Called Quest
10. Scarface
11. Nas
12. Ice Cube
13. Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
14. LL Cool J
15. De La Soul
16. Kanye West
17. Big Daddy Kane
18. Dr. Dre
19. Wu-Tang Clan
20. The Roots
21. UGK
22. Boogie Down Productions
23. Slick Rick
24. The Beastie Boys
25. Snoop Dogg
26. EPMD
27. Goodie MOB
28. MC Lyte
29. Gang Starr
30. Kurtis Blow
31. Kool G Rap
32. Eminem
33. E-40
34. Common
35. The Jungle Brothers
36. Whodini
37. Ghostface Killah
38. Lauryn Hill
39. Eightball & MJG
40. Afrika Bambaataa
41. Too $hort
42. Bone Thugs N Harmony
43. Mos Def
44. Salt N Pepa
45. Busta Rhymes
46. Digital Underground
47. Lil Wayne
48. Pete Rock & CL Smooth
49. The Fugees
50. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
51. T.I.
52. Queen Latifah
53. Raekwon
54. The Cold Crush Brothers
55. Redman
56. Eazy-E
57. Talib Kweli
58. Lil Kim
59. Ludacris
60. Naughty By Nature
61. Little Brother
62. Heavy D
63. Geto Boys
64. Jean Grae
65. Cypress Hill
66. DMX
67. dead prez
68. Mobb Deep
69. Digable Planets
70. KRS-One
71. The Pharcyde
72. Missy Elliott
73. Ice-T
74. Lupe Fiasco
75. Brand Nubian
76. Ras Kass
77. Arrested Development
78. Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon
79. The Funky Four+1
80. 50 Cent
81. Eve
82. The Sugarhill Gang
83. Method Man
84. Del the Funkee Homosapien
85. Jeezy
86. Da Brat
87. Big Punisher
88. Schoolly D
89. The D.O.C.
90. X-Clan
91. Big L
92. Diddy/Puff Daddy
93. Mystikal
94. Foxy Brown
95. Kid 'N Play
96. Souls of Mischief
97. DJ Qwik
98. Stetsasonic
99. Treacherous Three
100. MF Doom

From Past to Present


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