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The Pausing III - Pause it, with a Vengeance

Updated on May 28, 2014

The third part of 'the pausing', has arrived!

I figured since people have been liking, looking and following a lot more since this series I am doing arrived, I should very well carry on with it!

Basically for the people that are new to this series of 'paused moments', I have been - 80% of the time - pausing at random to answer the door or answer a phone or get something from the microwave or take in the washing or.. You get the picture - I pause, and notice how it is paused and laugh. I feel I need to share them. So - Enjoy!

Khaleesi - Game Of Thrones

Mildly amused as the expression changes. Someone insulted her army. What was said, cannot be mentioned.

David and Nate - Six Feet Under

David and Nate share an odd moment of joy and sadness. I caught it via pausing - the cat wanted to go out.

Walt - Breaking Bad

"Tum tee tum - I AM.. the guy who brushes his teeth in a very weird way.. hope nobody sees.."

Ricky Roma - Glengarry Glen Ross

An amazing film with an amazing cast that did a tremendous job. Al was caught mid sentence here.

Jerry Lundegaard - Fargo

Heeeey I have a great way to make some money.

Walt - Breaking Bad

That's right.. he IS in the bathroom... No, you're wrong. He is sealing and repairing a cut to his leg!

Eleanor Arroway - Contact

Not the best face to pull when meeting aliens for the first time. I could have been worse I guess - they didn't have acid for blood!

Jesse - Breaking Bad

The bells, the bells... the bells made me deaf, yo!


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