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The Peanuts Movie review

Updated on November 11, 2015

Movie review, family film, Charlie Brown, Snoopy

My Summary: Charlie Brown has a crush on the new girl in school and looks for ways to impress her. That's it.

The Good: Everyone is back and exactly what you expect. Snoopy rules! He has always been my favorite character in the show and he is no exception here. His quirky humor resembles the original Snoopy in every way possible. He is hilarious at every turn and you never feel at one point he is being de-snoop-afied. All the personalities of the original characters are all perfected and you feel as though you're watching a real Charlie Brown story. There is many easter eggs throughout the film with the piano guy, musical number, lines and so on. They aren't too hard to find but it still gives you a giggle to know what they are referring to. I like how the story is relatively simple since that is what Charlie Brown has always been. The animation is glorious to watch. It obviously is clear there is a bigger budget but you feel the world that Charlie Brown is in. It is young, bright, innocent and quirky.

The Bad: Like I said the story is simple but maybe a little too simple. It is very predictable throughout it all and if you don't enjoy the characters then you won't have anything else to hold onto. Adults may get annoyed with this but it shouldn't be too bad. Again if you don't care for the quirky humor then you might be bored out of your mind.

Verdict: Nostalgic fun

I personally loved Charlie Brown ever since I was a kid. I saw the Charlie Brown Christmas special for the first time when I was 8 and I loved it ever since. Even the story of the original Christmas special has a strong message on capitalism and the meaning of Christmas. This film obviously is not as great as the special but it sure as hell proves effective than most nostalgic films made these days. I don't even want to think about what they did to Goosebumps in the new film. It is a delight for almost all. It is sure to nourish your inner child. I would definitely recommend it.


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