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The People's Choice Awards -- Awkward And Cringe-Worthy

Updated on January 12, 2013

Granted, I haven't watched The People's Choice Awards in years, but I don't remember it being so bad before. I get since The Big Bang Theory is the big CBS show at the moment, they decided to have someone from it host, but maybe Kaley Cuoco wasn't a wise choice. She really didn't have the charisma to pull off hosting the show. It was kind of akin to James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting The Oscars. It was not good. And Cuoco wasn't helped by some of the supposed comedy bits whomever wrote for her wrote.

I think they tried to do an opening monologue akin to what Billy Crystal has done with The Oscars. Only with Crystal it's funny and amusing, and the bit about Cuoco having to learn to be tough was just lame. The only slightly funny bit was the zombies dancing to Gangham Style, but that was about it. It went on too long and it was a relief when it was over.

The stuff written for the presenters was also very awkward and cringe-worthy. The only presenter to rise above the much was Ellen and she knows how to squeeze humor out of crap. The other presenters, unfortunately, didn't have that gift and their appearances just came off as awkward and lame. I don't know who they hired to write the comedy bits for the show, but they need to never hire them again.

The presenting of the awards was also bizarre. When Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were on stage I thought they were doing a bit when they were talking about their show winning. Nope, they actually won without the other shows they were nominated against being read. They were called on stage to present an award and without any pomp or circumstance announced they'd won an award, too. They actually got lucky, as some didn't even make it on stage and were shown in the audience and mentioned they won an award. Some others who won more than one award had their wins smooshed together as the announcer announced they'd won this award, too. It's just came off rather bizarre.

Yes, the People's Choice Awards managed to squeeze everything in their allotted two hour time frame, but a lot of awards and award winners ended up getting the shaft and not having their moment in the sun for winning. The voters who voted for a particular star or show that won also got shafted by not being able to experience that moment in the sun, either.

CBS needed to either expand the show to three hours or the People's Choice Awards need to cut down on some of the categories. For instance, best fan group could have been cut out. The fan groups that got nominated are going to vote for themselves, so the award was pretty unnecessary. Cutting out unnecessary awards and that over-long awful opening monologue might have freed up enough time so everyone who won an award could have had their moment of coming up on the stage and accepting the award they won.

It's pretty sad when watching the reaction of the fans on Twitter that mass-voted and were convinced they'd win a particular category and then were crying foul when another group out-voted them was more entertaining than watching the show. Then there were cries of the show being rigged because all the ones that won were there to collect their awards and some of the people nominated didn't bother to show up. I think it's pretty obvious the winners are told in advance they won so they'll show up to collect their awards.

Before the next PCA comes around they really need to overhaul the categories and the show. If there was an award for worst awards show, The People's Choice Awards would have won it hands down.


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