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The Perils of Celebs on Twitter - a cautionary tale

Updated on May 31, 2011
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Ok, so here I sit at 6:35AM having not slept at all because just as I turned out the light in the wee hours here on the east coast and lay my tired head down on my fluffy king size pillow in my comfy king size bed that awful Adam Lambert started a mini Twitter party with a guessing game about what kind of tattoo he got yesterday.

"Do you all wanna guess what I got?"

"(this should be fun)"

"A UNICORN?! really guys? Seriously?"

You'd think I would just turn off the ringtone for Adam's tweets so I could get at least a few hours of sleep but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I lay there giggling like an idiot every time I heard the familiar "chirp chirp" from my phone and gleefully grabbed it to see what bad bad Adam was doing this time to screw up my life.

Then, just when I had finally reasoned with myself that I really did have to sleep at some point, and was again beginning to doze, that lousy rotten Adam Lambert tweets a PIC of the damn thing!!!!!

" Based on drawing by Hans Haveron and tattooed by Kevin Lewis! "

So what do I do? What power does this Twitter madman have over me? I jump out of bed, boot up my computer to take a look at Adam's latest ink job and add my tweets to the flail already ensuing amongst other Adam Lambert fans around the world on Twitter!!

It's not the first time I've succumbed to the magical pull of Adam's nocturnal tweeting. I mean, does the man ever sleep? Doesn't he have anything better to do than invade my home in the dark stillness and beckon me to these late night rendevous knowing full well I have not the will to resist? Oh, dear. Seems not.


So I blame Adam for causing me severe sleep deprivation on a regular basis resulting in me walking with a sway and stumble, talking to myself out loud, laughing at nothing in particular, driving recklessly, and other various behaviors that make people think I'm either drunk or schizophrenic.

Yep, celebrity tweeting can be a dangerous thing. Somebody better put that bad boy Adam Lambert away somewhere where he can't wreak such havoc in the lives of us ordinary people. Or at least pass a law that prohibits celebrities from tweeting in the middle of the night in their country of origin. The world just ain't safe with that bad bad Adam Lambert loose tweetin' in it. ; )

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    • profile image

      perfectway76 6 years ago

      LOL!! Love your sense of humour! That "rotten" Adam! :D

      I'm one of the people who have a phone too, his tweets come to my phone and I'm ALWAYS woken up! I wouldn't have it any other way. What's more fun than a 3am twitter party?

    • profile image

      lcarter 6 years ago

      That was a really fun read Katie - love your sense of Ha Ha! Thanks!



    • profile image

      bealze 6 years ago

      Being part european part insomniac I tend to be awake for most of Adam's twitter sprees, I think the fans aren't the only ones who get a lot of late nights.

      It is also very easy to say 'just turn off your phone' but then you miss out of all the squee and flailing with the other fans. I woke up this morning to see I'd missed all sorts of epic and by the time I saw it, everybody else was pretty much flailed out. It is boring squeeing about that precious photo or an actual lyric from the new material all by yourself. One of the best parts of 'fandom' is enjoying stuff with other folks with similar interests and passions.

      For some reason, nobody in my house gets nearly as enthusiastic about an adorable baby they don't even know or five words from a song we haven't even heard as the folks I talk to online. They clearly have no sense!

    • profile image

      SoozinCA 6 years ago

      I'm with Oceanna - I have a cell phone with which I can only send and receive calls and texts, and I don't keep it near my bed at night. It means that I'm frequently out of the loop when that bad boy Adam is having a Twitter party, but then it also means I'm getting some sleep, and also getting some work done, both of which are probably good for me. I hope Adam can forgive that I miss so many of his tweets, but then he's never directed one to me so I don't think he really cares that I'm not there at his beck and call in the wee hours of the morning, he has his rakastan for that!

      Which reminds me, I just noticed today that someone who works where I do has the same last name as Sauli, could they be related somehow? I wonder if it's a really common name in Finland, while being very uncommon here.

    • profile image

      Anna Z 6 years ago

      LOL! Thanks Katie, this article made me smile! Sleep deprivation, giggling in the wee hours of the night/morning, all part of the exciting Glambert experience! I can't wait to see what that beautiful "bad boy" Adam Lambert tweets next! = )

    • profile image

      Judy 6 years ago

      Katy ,you're not alone LOL ! I have never in my life been more distracted by a celebrity and I'm loving every minute of this fabulous fandom ! Love when Adam sends messages,it makes you feel connected ! Can't wait to see what happens next !

    • profile image

      Oceanna DeLaMer 6 years ago

      I have avoided having a phone that I can use Twitter on for this reason. I adore Adam for allowing us a glimpse into his life through his tweets (same with some other celebs). It is OUR problem that we cannot control ourselves. Although I think he secretly gets a hoot out of driving us all to complete distraction. The pull of Mr. Lambert is strong for those of us caught in his spell. But in the grand scheme of things, we LOVE it and his energy! That is why we do it. I get to be glittery, glam and a little bit crazy and I have him to blame. Heh. "Oh, she's one of those Glamberts". Watch out world "those Glamberts" are a powerful bunch. Albeit swaying, stumbling and sleep deprived we are gifted with the most wonderful energy that will allow us to reach to our highest potentials. And we have Mr. Lambert to thank for that.

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      Why don't you just turn off your phone?