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The Perks of Being a Robot

Updated on April 8, 2011

Ever get tired of day to day routines? Frustrated with love and other emotions? Have you ever wanted to just live with no worries?

I'm sure that at some point in our lives we've all felt this way...some of us more than others. This is why being a robot would be absolutely perfect. Complete contentment would come from being a heartless machine.

First of all, robots do what they're programmed to do. No more decision making. What to make for dinner? What outfit to wear to work? What car to buy? Or what house? No more stressful deciding. Robots don't have decision making skills. They do what they're programming says to. Personally, this sounds rather appealing. I'm so tired of choosing what drab outfit to wear (as if it matters) or what food to eat. In the big picture of life these decisions don't mean a thing. So why waste our time and energy choosing them? Why not be a robot and have them chosen for us?

Robots can accomplish so many tasks without much effort. Who doesn't want to clean your kitchen, do laundry, and vacuum the floor quickly and with ease? I know I do. Robots are programmed to always be on the move. Constantly go, go, go! And they really don't get tired from all their work. Maybe at the end of the day they'll need their battery charged, but hey...that's as simple as the flip of a switch or a plug in the wall. I feel like I would always be ahead of everything if I was a robot..and it would be so effortless. Less effort equals a happy me (and happy you I suspect).

How many of you have been heartbroken? I mean really full on heartbroken. Maybe a girl you loved in high school ran off with her new college boy. Maybe your wife of 5 years cheated with her handsome younger boss. Or maybe even the boy you fell in love with went back with his cheating ex-girlfriend because she tricked him into pregnancy and he thinks "real men" stick it out for their children even if that means sacrificing his own happiness for life. Whatever the case may be....robots know none of it. Robots...with their bodies full of wires and computer chips and other metal objects...don't know what a broken heart feels. They will never know. And to me, this is the best quality that robots possess. No emotions....Or at least no negative ones. I'd like to be a robot programmed for only positive emotions....

Obviously these are just a few perks of being a robot, but hopefully it made you think about the endless possibilities. The sky is the limit for my little android friends.


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    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

      Something for thought!Voted up, welcome to hubs,