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The Perturbed Gleek: Feud

Updated on March 16, 2013

I hesitate to call myself a Gleek, if only because I think that imparts a level of commitment that I frankly don't have to the show. If it was cancelled tomorrow, I would not bat an eyelid. I watch Glee mostly because my wife does. If it weren't for her, I would not be here every week. Having said that, the reason I am inspired to, for lack of a better term, review these episodes is because every now and then, the show gives you something you wouldn't expect. A plot line, a performance, a joke, an actual MOMENT where it shows you what kind of show it could be. And make no mistake, Glee could be something great. Most of the time, it is complete and utter crap. But every now and then, you find a nugget of something worthwhile, and it's those nuggets that interest me the most.

To save my sanity, these reviews will mostly focus on the general plot lines. If I focused on every single bit of miniature from this show that drives me nuts, we'd be here, well, forever. And no one wants that. So far as the songs go, the vast majority of the time the songs are fine. I wouldn't dare say they usually top the originals, but mostly they are inoffensive and autotune doesn't bother me, and I'll really only point a song out if it is noticeably good or bad.

Schu & Finn

Schu is seriously the worst teacher ever. While it's perfectly understandable that he has issues trusting Finn, he goes way overboard in dumping all over the kid. Regardless of the fact that Finn is an adult, Schu is still in a position of authority, and even with Finn a year removed from being an actual student, Schu treating him like garbage is still pretty much the same as Schu treating one of his students as garbage. He's really a sad, pathetic, failure of a man; and I am pretty much okay with that characterization of him. The show should really focus more on his utter failings and how he basically is living vicariously through all of his students. I am also completely OK with the fact that things are not fixed by the end of the episode; don't worry, they will be by the end of the season.


The theme this week was feuds and they were all pretty much manufactured out of nothing. The writers realized they had enough money for the budget for Unique to show up this week and Ryder continues to be Finn 2.0 by being enough of a dumbass to deny that Unique identifies as a woman. This is not a terribly awful idea but it might have helped if there had been any indication at all that he felt this way before. There was no foreshadowing, of course, because the idea was concocted five minutes before the script was due. Then Sue decides that she needs Blaine to be a Cheerio and decides that forging his name on a contract, making fun of his homosexuality in public, ruining his parent's credit (in a way that makes no sense at all; why would taking out credit cards in Blaine's name have any effect on them?) and putting cement in his hair gel is an appropriate way to blackmail him into being a cheerleader. Then she battles him in song and wins and its revealed it is all part of Sam & Blaine's plot to destroy Sue's career or something. But I guess the fact that his parent's credit is ruined and all that other stuff is fine.


It's only a matter of time before ever single student who graduated from McKinley High migrates to NY. They'll all probably live together in that damn loft, too. Of all the parts of Glee that I dislike, you can pretty much put everything that happens in NY at the tippy top of the list.

Rachel's pregnancy was a false alarm, but Brody is still a gigolo, and Santana and Finn know about it. Santana has decided that she likes people this week, even though she explicitly says she hates that and her boobs are full of rage, which is admittedly a great line, but her characterization has always been all over the place. Once again, the idea of someone who generally likes Rachel and Kurt but fronts and gives them a hard time because they are family is a good idea, but it's written so poorly that it is just not believable here.


As I said, only the truly good or truly awful get mention here.

The mash-up of Bye Bye Bye and I Want it That Way was great. Not the songs, they're both perfectly fine boy band songs (which is to say that they're catchy and don't offend my ears), but the metaphor of Schu and Finn actually fighting while singing was a great visual.

I Still Believe/Super Bass between Blaine and Sue was atrocious. He was fine, I guess, but Sue's side was just awful. It's hard to think that you could make an already bad Nikki Minaj song and sound worse, but there ya go.

How Was This Week

Relatively inoffensive, so far as Glee goes.


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