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The Perturbed Gleek: Guilty Pleasures

Updated on March 21, 2013

And my job is made infinitely harder by the fact that this week's episode, Guilty Pleasures, was a bit of a place holder episode. A grand total of one storyline was advanced, but since it was a NY Storyline, I'm more than happy to say that nothing of importance happened this week at all. That's okay, of course, because filler episodes can certainly be enjoyable; it's just hard to talk about a show where nothing happens.

NY Nonsense

So despite being kicked out of the loft last week, Santana is back. And Kurt knows that Brody was a man whore. No explanation given for either, of course, because explanations are for suckers. Kurt sleeps with a weird arm pillow which is somehow horribly, horribly embarrassing for him, but when his secret comes out he gets over it in the length of time it took me to type this sentence. The real development is that Rachel finds out Brody was a man whore, she gets suitably mad and breaks up with him (although you'd have thought that would be the case when he moved out with no explanation, but things work differently on Earth-G than on our plane of existence). Oh, and Rachel kind of likes that Finn showed up to defend her honor by psychotically beating up her ex-boyfriend. That's...sweet? I don't know. It happened in NY and I don't care. I'm just happy that particularly story is done with, so we can move on to other terrible NY stories.

Guilty Pleasures

Schu is out with the flu (translation: they have more characters then they can afford to pay every week; Sugar was out, too, but she doesn't even get a shout-out), but that's okay; when Blaine catches Sam stealing pasta, he reveals that his guilty pleasure is making pasta portraits of celebrities (and Duck Dynasty), he convinces the group that they should all reveal their guilty pleasures. This results in a bunch of songs that really aren't guilty pleasures at all, but that may be because I have no problem admitting I enjoy Manilow, Wham!, Phil Collins, and the Spice Girls. In the end, it's all really just a way for Blaine to admit that he finds Sam attractive, but they're bros, so it's not a big deal. That was actually a nice moment, the kind of thing that makes me point at the show and go, "Yes, this is why I hold the show to higher standards."

The Girls vs Chris Brown

When Jake deigns to sign a Chris Brown song, every girl in Glee confronts him to accuse him of being a horrible person in a move that will no doubt get every teenage member of Team Breezy to throw a hissy fit on twitter and start their tired ramblings about how Rihanna must have deserved it (GOD, WHY DOES MY BRAIN EVEN KNOW THIS IS A THING?!?). Honestly, I'm kind of with Jake on this one. Jake, you see, thinks Chris Brown is a POS, as well, but he wants to separate the man from the art. As he points out, they sing songs made famous by crack addicts and people who shave their heads for attention, so why is that okay? Why is it okay for them to sing Rihanna songs when she got back together with a man who beat the crap out of her? It's a double-standard.

Besides, a much better reason not to sing a Chris Brown song is because Chris Brown is an awful musician.

That Lying Trailer

I know that Trailers Always Lie, editing scenes so that things are taken out of context and plaid up for the most drama possible when nothing is really going on, but this week has to take the cake for blatant lying and douchebaggery. Judging by the trailer for this week, you'd assume that Sam's has a terrible secret and is in love with Blaine (he's not), that Marley is pissed off at Jake for, I don't know, murdering a puppy (he didn't), and that Rachel has a full on meltdown when she discovers Brody has been dipping his wick in other tubs of wax (the reality is that she walks across the room and angrily draws a curtain). Bravo, Fox Editors, that was a work of art.

The Songs

Nothing really to praise this week. Most of the songs were serviceable. Wannabe was performed well enough, although those Spice Girls outfits were all sorts of wrong, but the song trumps visuals in my book ninety-five percent of the time.

The other five percent of the time gives you something like Creep, however, which was sung okay, I guess, but was so out of place and so laughable it warrants the worst of the week. The visual metaphor of Rachel and Brody slipping in and out of bed and then running down separate halls (In pursuit of each other? Away from each other? Who the hell knows?) was just stupid.

How Was This Week

Once again, pretty inoffensive.


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