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The Perturbed Gleek: Light's Out

Updated on April 25, 2013

Lights Out

The power is out so Will's dreams of stadium rock are dashed. He immediately flips gears and it becomes unplugged weak. Look, I have no problem with a week about unplugged songs. In theory, anyway. Lord knows I don't need a full episode of WGWAG songs (see Todd in the Shadow's video below for a proper definition of WGWAG). But if we are going to pretend that Will was set on stadium rock to win Regionals, you can't also pretend that WGWAG songs are an appropriate alternate. And I really have no comment on the fact that the school stays open despite a lack of power for days at a time. Whatever, it's Earth-G.

Ryder and Kitty

Ryder seems to be deeply in love with his catfisherman, despite the fact that she's a known liar and refuses to meet him in real life. He's so in love that he decides to admit to the glee club that he was molested by his female babysitter as a kid. That, uh, came out of nowhere. Sam and Artie get to fill the high standards most recently exemplified by That's My Boy, wherein boys getting freaky with adult females is cool and worthy of being cheered as opposed to being child abuse, which is odd; I can see Sam saying something that stupid, but Artie generally is portrayed as a little smarter than that. This is followed up by the revelation that Kitty was molested, too, which she reveals over meatballs at Breadsticks. I'd like to say the most depressing part of this storyline is that Ryder is willing to choose a catfisherman over a real girl who is interested in him, but really I find that they are deeply hinting that Kitty is the catfisherman herself even worse. It's obvious misdirection, guys.

Obvious and annoying.

NY Nonsense

Santana is a go-go dancer. Sarah Jessica Parker is back and wants Kurt to celebrity wrangle. Her experience helping Kurt wrangle leads her to enroll in Nyada Extension (of course) and dance. It's possible that this could actually make me care about a NY storyline. Not probable, but possible. I do realize I'm giving the short shrift to every NY storyline but there's a good reason for that: they all suck. I also realize that at some point most of the cast will be in New York, since half the Glee club will be graduating in like a handful of episodes (again) and they are gonna have to end up somewhere and I can't see the show splitting its time between New York for Glee 1.0, post-high school Lima for Glee 2.0, and High School Lima for Glee 3.0. At some point, I will need to start caring about New York. But that time is not yet.


Apparently Black Sue is like Original Recipe Sue, except dangerously unstable, trying to convince Cheerios to have their ribs removed for increased flexibility. Blaine and Becky want Sue to come back, Becky apparently not realizing there is no way for her to reappear without Becky being expelled. Sue claims to have moved on (Sue90X, FTW). Sue's adamant she doesn't miss the Cheerios, even though she has admitted in the past (to Quinn, if I recall correctly) that teaching kids was a rewarding experience. I'm actually not sure where this one will go, but that's all right because I am not even sure I know where I would like it to go.

The Songs

Just wanted to point out two songs in they are already plugged back in. Despite having only back-up generators. Nice try, champs.

“We Will Rock You” a la Stomp was pretty fun.

Jane Lynch has an okay voice. Really, she does. But I never like when she sings.

How Was This Week

Nothing great. Nothing awful, either.


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