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The Perturbed Gleek: Sweet Dreams

Updated on April 18, 2013

Well, it sure was better than last week.

The Worst Teacher in the World

Will is an awful, awful teacher. Choosing an absolutely awful set list, enticing a college student to drop out in order to help his team win a singing competition, lashing out when his students rightly point out he’s an idiot? The man is by all means a failure living vicariously through his students and constantly doing things that try to glorify himself above his students and he has done this consistently since the very first episode. Yet I hold out hope. It’s probably ridiculously misplaced hope and I will probably end up hating myself for this, but I can dream that Will’s latest epiphany (that he has let his dreams of stardom distract him from what really matters) will stick because he actually apologies to his students. So maybe it will stick. Maybe.

College Boys

Finn’s living it up at college (THE University of Lima – where the Harlem Shake occurs every hour on the hour, it seems) with Puck as his mooching roommate. I can get behind that, because Finn and Puck joining a frat by virtue of simply hosting a wicked party and making grilled cheese sammiches with an iron is pretty funny. Sadly, that is ruined by Puck having a revelation during a fourway that they need to dream big and achieve and make something of themselves. But, hey, that plot actually makes sense and junk, so let’s go with that till the writers get tired of it.


So, last week I suggested the gun going off would have no actual consequences. What I meant to say was that the show would recognize no worthwhile consequences. The kids at Lima have PTSD (which makes sense), so they act out with shenanigans (which really, really doesn’t). Sam has become his own twin, Unique wants bigger boobs, Tina has gone steam-punk, MIT is courting Brittany. Admittedly, each of those is kind of amusing (some more than others), but that is not how PTSD works. And then Black Sue deduces that Blaine used his magic gay magic to make Sue bring a gun to school and get fired. So, yeah, screw you, Glee.

NY Nonsense

Rachel is nervous about her Funny Girl audition. She sings with her mother, calls Finn for advice (advice that is surprisingly wise coming from a guy who demands bikini tops as the admission price to an indoor slip-and-slide), and then nails her audition (something I typed before she even sang a note, the ending was that pre-ordained). Inoffensive so far as NY plots go this week.


"Next to Me" wouldn’t have warranted a mention here normally (Rachel did fine, and honestly that can be said about most Rachel songs, no praise nor complaint usually needed), but Idina Menzel could sing LMFAO songs and I would still applaud.

"Don’t Stop Believin'", yet again. I’d rank this the lowest of the three times the show has done it, since this is really just the Rachel show, but I’ll never complain about Journey.

"Outcast" is no "Loser Like Me," but I enjoyed it.

How Was This Week

Aside from my complaints about the fallout from last week, I liked this one.


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