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The Perturbed Gleek: Wonder-ful

Updated on May 13, 2013



Artie was accepted into the Brooklyn Film Academy. He’s unsure he wants to attend because his mom is worried about him in the big city, but Kitty throws her vagina at him during a song in order to convince him to give it a shot. He’s still resistant, so Kitty heads to his house to find out why his mom is holding him back and Artie confesses (to Patty Segal) that he’s the one scared of being on his own.

And OF COURSE he’s going to go to school in New York.

Kurt and Burt

Kurt has a million light blue socks and now has OCD. I’m not particularly sure that’s how OCD works (Note from the Future: stressful events actually can trigger the onset of the disorder, so color me shocked; link to proof at the end of my review), but all right. He’s off to go to the doctor’s with Mike O’Malley to see how his condition is progressing and it turns out he’s in remission. Assuming this leads to future Mike O’Malley appearances, I am fine with this. Also, Hi Finn’s Mom!

And in a tiny bit tacked on to the end of the episode, Blaine asks Burt for permission to marry Kurt. Burt says no, not because he’s against gay marriage (obviously) but because people in high school/barely out of high school getting married is generally a horrible idea. Mike O’Malley: Genius.

NY Nonsense

The return of the Evil Gay NYADA Duo has them narcing on Rachel to Miss July about her Funny Girl call back. While she is willing to give her permission for Rachel to audition (this is a thing?), she tries to sabotage her by moving her mid-term to right before the audition. Ah, but she’s actually not a total bitch and the mid-term is just an excuse to have a dance party. I understand what they were trying to go for here, because it’s a pretty straight-forward and clichéd storyline: the bitchy teacher who rides her students ridiculously hard but only because she wants them to rise above the nonsense and succeed. But when July hasn’t been on the show in 12 episodes, it kinda loses its coherency and makes her seem like she’s bipolar.

Cameo Theatre

Mercedes and Mike are back to be vocal and dance teachers. I’m a bit confused, not really on the legality of this, since I am sure show choirs can use whatever means they want to improve themselves, but it seems really odd to me that past members of the group would a) return to help and b) really have nothing going on in their lives to be able to do this in the first place. Mercedes apparently has a hit cd and Mike is going to choreograph her music video but they can still afford to pop back into town on a whim. In a completely random move for this show (not really) they decide to give a plotline to a character was had appeared maybe three times all season and Mercedes’s producer has bumped her cd unless she’s willing to show some more skin on the CD cover. In the end, she holds to her principles and loses her record deal.

Hmm, I wonder where she’s gonna end up…

The Songs

“Superstition” wasn’t particularly good. Mercedes has a great voice, but Superstition just sounded wrong with female vocals.

“You are the Sunshine of My Life” reduced the cast to running circles around Mike O’Malley while he looked dopey. It was an adequate enough rendition, but the presentation was so very awkward.

How Was This Week

Pathetic handling of the NY Nonsense aside, I liked this one. Burt’s relatively brief appearance was its usual awesomeness and everything else did what I needed it to.


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