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The Pink Panther 2, Steve Martin Brings Back a Classic

Updated on October 2, 2015

The Pink Panther phenomenon started in 1963 with actor Peter Sellers. Seller played Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the French clueless wonder, who somehow manage to solve the crime using unconventional, yet ingenious methods. To show what a clueless wonder Clouseau was, in the first movie it was his job to catch a jewel thief, who was right under his nose throughout the whole case. The movie was a hit and was followed by eight other movies also starring Peter Sellers.

In 2006 Steve Martin became the new Inspector Clouseau, in a relaunching of the Pink Panther series. This was a way of introducing the magic of the Pink Panther to a new generation.

I saw the Pink Panther 2 with Steve Martin and I just couldn’t stop laughing. This is truly some of the best of both The Pink Panther series and Steve Martin. In the Pink Panther 2 you get a true taste of the magic of the Pink Panther. They changed a few things, from the original Pink Panther with Peter Sellers, but they kept the integrity of the movie and Pink Panther mythology.

The movie begins with a robbery at a famous museum. The perpetrator goes by the name of the Tornado. The Tornado only robs objects that are exceedingly valuable and one of a kind. The objects are such treasures, as the Shroud of Turin, and the Pink Panther Diamond.

Inspector Clouseau is part of the Dream Team. The Dream Team is made up of the world’s greatest detectives, who are assigned to find the Tornado. The members of the Dream team are Vicenzo (played by Andy Garcia), Pepperidge (played byAlfred Molina), Kenji (played by Yuki Matsuzaki), and Sonia (played by Aishwarya Rai). Together with they go on their quest to find the Tornado.

In this movie Clouseau also has his special girl. Her name is Nicole (played by Emily Mortimer). She loves inspector Clouseau to, and he love her, but he won’t dare tell her, because he fears she will reject him.

At the beginning of the movie he reminisces about the time they went to a restaurant called La Plata De Nada. This scene is hilarious. When Clouseau goes to choose some wine from the wine shelve he fumbles with the wines as they fall from the self, causing a ruckus and eventually they hit a waiter with an entrée that is flaming and burns down La Plata De Nada. Believe or not, Inspector Clouseau does not only burn down the restaurant once but twice. Both scenes are incredibly funny.

Even the solution to the crime is hilarious in this comical masterpiece. Scene by scene, the Pink Panther 2 gathers in some real big belly laughs. So if you are in the mood for an excellent comedy or just need to laugh and forget about life for a while, consider watching the Pink Panther 2.

Here is a listing of all the movies in the Pink Panther Series, which include both Peter Sellers and Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau.

Pink Panther Films

The Pink Panther -1963

A Shot in the Dark-1964

Inspector Clouseau- 1968

The Return of the Pink Panther-1975

The Pink Panther Strikes Again-1976

Revenge of the Pink Panther-1978

Trail of the Pink Panther-1982

Curse of the Pink Panther-1983

Son of the Pink Panther-1993

The Pink Panther-2006

The Pink Panther 2-2009


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