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See what the poltergeist can do (Part 1)

Updated on May 23, 2011

The Poltageist

There is no way of sugar coating this topic, some ghost hunters find this topic fascinating and want more, the heavy atmosphere,levitation,the dark shadows the biggest giveaway is animals especially dogs as seen below in the you tube clip. This topic is under no circumstances to be taken lightly and used as a circus act.

Other ghost hunters this is a topic they would rather stay well away from, and capture the orbs,mists and white lights. They study the actual paranormal side of things and are admired amongst people in certain circles of professionalism for the research they do do in "The field".

There are 2 types of ghost hunters I've had the pleasure of knowing.

- The group that find the subject fascinating,visiting places of interest documented buildings of history, hauntings and capturing footage. But have respect for the surroundings and are interested in the history and stories of the spirits.

- Then there is the group that have a more aggressive approach to ghost hunting,they don't want to know any history or what happened for the spirit to pass over. They want the poltergeist results full on without consequences the orbs,the dark shadows,mists, the coldness, the strange happenings, going from room to room place to place aggravating spirits. They are after the footage of things going wrong, objects being thrown at them, things being moved. with no respect to anything, footage can be seen but is not to be used as part of a circus act, but please is to be taken respectfully and seriously.

1 thing you do not mess with is " THE POLTERGEIST" They can attach themselves to you, make places they haunt more violent and make an atmosphere so black the bravest of mediums will stay minutes if not seconds. They CAN hurt you by objects being launched at you so accurate and with such brute force it can cause anywhere from stitches to unconsciousness. My advice on this 1 never provoke, IF interested stay (with a professional) watch see n then get the hell out without teasing asking for tricks or dares.

You maybe totally innocently be visiting some body's house, go upstairs to use the bathroom and feel uneasy. Moments later you are hurrying to get back downstairs, and feeling very uncomfortable sensing indescribably heaviness in the atmosphere that you get goose bumps and think that somebody is watching you, as you start to go down the stairs the bathroom door has slammed shut behind you with no window open, which happened to myself recently visiting relatives. But it's the feeling that your intuitive is telling you to run down those stairs get back in the warm room with people and either say "What the hell....." or smile and accept the next offer of a coffee or decline and get outta there. OR do you say something?

1. There are 3 types of Poltergeists The Poltergeist (Interruptions with t.v, batteries draining, dvd players, anything electrical) Physical harm from objects being thrown (i.e don't forget to dodge and duck) general scare tactics. If you have animals always watch them, they see things we don't if they have their hackles raised and are hissing or growling at nothing or at the wall 99% positive you have a guest.

2. The 2nd type of Poltergeist is that of a playful nature, moving things around, hiding things, making noises bumps,knocks, even touching you or giving you a quick poke.

3. Is one of a demonic nature, may not be of a human nature and the worse of the 3 causing physical attacks finding bruises, scratches on yourself , smelling different smells can come with all 3 but with the demonic nature the smell may cause a cleaning frenzy, strange stains on furniture or carpets. Again electrical interference stronger....t.v's being turned on in the night. The feeling of someone heavy sat on your feet of a night, sat on your bed. Apparitions quick flashing lights, dark shadows out of the corner of your eye. But the one main reason people tease and tease what they think is a normal poltergeist is Levitation of objects. These are not circus tricks to be bragged about. Demonic demons often are known to come through Ouija boards and attach themselves to the weakest of the group.

Should you think, suspect feel uneasy have fretful pets etc OR HAVE PROOF there are options are out, there some may seem extreme.

- Confront your fears, sit in silence and tell the unwanted guests you wish them to leave and move on, explain you are the new owners of the home/tenants and basically they are not welcome.

- Get your home blessed by a local priest.

- Have a medium come in, to communicate who they are? what they want?

- Should worse come to the worse there is always the option of an exorcism. Make sure your not banishing some poor little dear just looking for her husband. Always best to check, You would know by the things that were going on.

I'm bemused by people who decide to go off by themselves and taunt poltergeists! There are tours and guides who know listed haunted places like the back of their hands and people often get taunted on these tours. T.V programmes don't help neither does teenagers or curious people dabbling in Ouija boards see previous hub article.

Watch You tube clip real life, you can't get pets to act like this. What ever your taste be wise and be careful.

- Much Love Hazel B

Example of Dogs picking up activity

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